Don't bring a snowball to a water fight - Original Audio

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j ross : Am I the only one admiring the old architecture in this videos wishing I lived there instead of a bunch of new fancy glass window covered sky scrapers and Starbucks cornered streets lol

o誰來版 o : 笑死 哈哈 不過橋上的真的很過分 不應該這樣丟他們的 QQ

badasspuppy : The world needs more of this

S:7 Fernando Тигр : Are those kids were even taught how to do a simple responsibility called respect?

Clyde Pubill : Nothing worse than getting wet in cold weather. 😀😀😀😀😀

Livereater00 : um, why is there a boat in a river during winter with a water hose in the first place?

CouriusPL : #savage

Tomatoo : But, isn't it still a water fight?

Captainbinkman : 5 years and still best thing!

Nemoris Inferioris : Fucking Fedoras

ben green : Sterilise anyone found wearing sportswear as normal dress.

Paxon57 : Rip random people

Alice Kuroame : It was just a prank bro. Chill...

JourneyTotheTruthandTotalRandomness : Dudes laughing ruined the video.

Toasted Joe : You would get shot for that in the U.S.

Nafees Mustafa : There's only a month left till 2018 and I'm watching this here for the first time.

Sherry Setliff : Have some fun.

SUPER DUPERS : Older Patient Men. Brilliant.

Smokey Bear : As a Liberal, I find this highly offensive. The only thing those kids were doing was having fun. Now they are going to be very sick all because of these sorry men on the boat who couldn't take a joke. Absolutely pathetic boat boys.

Lauri Wirén : What place is this? Idiotville?

Pagan Pilgrim : chav repellant!

Aleksi Sw : Quite scrumptious indeed.

Deziel606 : Who are those people? Bridge cleaners?

Max Larsen : lucky it wasn't me on cargo ships, real fire hose.

Simon Fafard : Lol 😂

ghostofmars83 : Awesome!!!

Hoovy : *DESERVED*

XXXHoodooXXX : Satisfying.

CrabbedLeaf : Yee lil bastards

The Daily Twitch : That would legit be me down there

Todd Smith : proper use of .gov smackdown on punks

One Wear Reviews : real human *BEAN* checking in

Chris Walls : Ha h ha ha ha.

Flamel397 : Best video so far on YouTube 😂😂

Ian Woodfield : they lucky they didnt cause a car to crash on that bridge for their stupidity... not only those idiots on the boat but the idiots throwing the snow balls, how long do you think one would last in that cold water if you made one slip over board?

MetroVerse : I feel like everyone in the comments are in on some inside joke.. from what I've pieced together, it seems like it has to do with reddit.. why does it feel like these reddit users are from a different planet or something? They seem to have a different language lol.

Trey Pohe : Lol, *INSTANT KARMA!*

JR_113 : I mean they asked for it

neon the party cat : This made my day XD

wEt SpOnGe : *FuCkInG aWeSoMe*

TheMoskis10 : yo who tf is reddit?

harry mccc : Leeds

Truman Douglass : cheeky cheeky send one home to the boys for me

Przemysław Krasiński : So satisfying :D

Oscar Ward-Lasckey : is that york?

Dougiewoolley 05 : Vid starts at 1:10


All Videos : Got the control

Timmy Mallet : Leeds city centre

JT : hahaha