Inside the Thief's Market - in Mumbai

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vasan 43 : If u want more techy things ,you can go to Richie street in Chennai which is in south part of India ,one of the biggest tech street in India 🤷then y won't u give a try

Sheerios : This guy is perfectly fit for Nat Geo.

kid wish : Everyone looking at the camera lol

FiteMeM8M8 : i think i've found every person who has beaten me on 8 ball pool...

Adnan Khan : Sometimes those people who ask for dollars don’t want extra money but just to see outside currency : Go around the Andheri street shops, if you want used or new mobile phones. It's a location for getting mobile phones, and digital services for the people who are PC illiterate. Mumbai is too large to explore all on the short trip.

Tyson Corcoran : You got stared at waaayyyyy too much lol. Those people are probably thinking, "What the hell is this man doing!?!" Other 50%, "nice camera, your shoe is untied!"

Van Allen : im looking for wall-e

MATHEW CHERIPURAM : 4.00 am on a Friday morning, that's when the stolen stuff comes in..guns, shoes, gadgets, everything. It's never sold in the shops,just outside them, like the guy mentioned. As a white man, you will never be shown that market. Just some friendly advice, if someone picks a fight with you say sorry and run, unless you want to be a kebab by morning.

dajay2k : Hustler tried to cell him his phone lol

Vinod is Here : Chor Bajar (thief's Market)

Ex0n : The electrician in me is constantly screaming..

CopiousMuchFun : one mans culture and vibrancy is another mans abject poverty and toil

BlueGang The men in blue : Now the youtubers be like ..if you want subscribers then say something good about India or take a trip to India and upload a vlog. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Oliver Nielsen : Am i the only one who is noticing that, all these people are looking at this white dude talking to a camera, as he is walking down the street, like "what the hell is he doing?" Haha

pramod apte : What he wants to really cover in this vdo. Absolutely no direction and theme.

TECH MAN : i live in pakistan and pretty sure what the shop keepers are blabbering

keine031 : show vegana pls

Kihsomray : Can you go to Ukraine? They have a market and all kinds of stuff there too.

Flex Pino : I heard several questionable voices that sounded like the same guy over my phone claiming I owe money to IRS.

pantslizard : I want to see the part of the market that sells slaves and machine guns... ;>)

Melissa Tavarez : I'm actually surprised you didn't get robbed in the Thief's market, specially waking around with a very expensive camera!

mz204455 : The thumbnail picture looks exactly like furiouspete.

Jack Rogers : So when are you gonna make your own iPhone X??

MikeTheMGTOW Monk : 6:13 Please no

Rafaela B. : He got some creepy people stares lol, the beauty of countries like Brazil (my country) and USA is that anyone can mix with their population, if you're black, white, asian, mexican, arab, it doesn't matter, you won't get people staring at you like you came from another planet. That being said I know most of those people were just curious but it must be annoying to feel like you're an alien.

Jay Playz : I kept replaying the intro

Gowtham S : nice video man ,come to south india then only you can conclude about indian have a decent pople also

Nidhi Goyal : I think the next time you come to India you should accompany with a local guide who knows Hindi and English well. You don't know how much it will help you. They know lots of things which can't know by yourself

Naiyera Taj : Y don't u buy anything.......🤔

Praveen Alwis : 3000 indian disliked

Rayyan Javed : The similarities between Karachi and Mumbai :')

dwho3 : sees people struggling to survive in poverty , sitting on a road with a hammer trying to get copper and its " wow good for the planet"White privilege

PowerTrain : For electronics there's lamington road and Manish market in Mumbai

Mitchell Bass : Still got your kidney?

Stephanie Murray : I spent a whole day there and as a woman ( blond blue eyes! ) i had to take pictures with tons of boys ,,,, and some really seedy men !!!

harivardhini ponlingam : Those who are Indian here like this comment

It's Logical : damn I born in this country but never seen that , that hooks in that's guys back wtf !!

Don'z Lockz : Thanks for sharing as I won't ever be going there.🍺✌


TD Nator : You know he was abusing you at 05:12, right?

wiyokto christian : go to Indonesia :)

Kuntal Banerjee : British colonial! Not anymore. You shouldn't have said that.

Human First : 3 ships full of gold was carted away from this country specifically from Kerala when British left India (east India company was a cover up name) ....that money was shipped to England and the banking system was designed. Every single invention you name it ....was patented by Einstein..max mueller, sir this sir that ...they stole original Vedas and took Sanskrit experts with them who were never to be seen. And look at these people how everyone respect and salute to a white guy. Internet age is catching up people will know it later or sooner. Everything came out from bharat

vwr32jeep : One of the few places I have zero interest in visiting.

SUN JY : Omg, this is how Mumbai city looks like? That’s super poor than I imagined, you lived in China, you know what I am talking about.

Superpower Dragon : feels like africa

ShoeString Movies : Would love for this to be a series, exploring different markets in the world! Like if you agree!

mohaideen khader : I'm an Indian and tis video doesn't makes me good

Umang Panchal : bro did you like india plz tell me