Inside the Thief's Market - in Mumbai

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Zeeshan Muhammad : beep.mp3

Kippykip : Damn the cars are beeping more often than GTA 3

Muhammad Arif : Please do a checkup, you might have lost some of your body parts..

Adam Cook : "The smells are amazing" - yeah right

Michael Fancher : 5:58 So THAT'S what Sandra Bullock has been up to...

Mahendra jain : Wrong word its not choor bazar , its shoor bazar as british changed the name due to there bad hindi accent , theft market is wrong word you plz change the name for Noizy bazaar as its noisy .. Dude your some wrong information's getting too much impact one thing items are not theft items mind you ....Bigfan i like your videos keep going dude .....

Alpine : India is not recycling for the “good “ of the planet,they are doing it for $$$. They will dump the toxic waste in a river etc.... India has one of the highest pollution rates.


Pitabasha Acharya : Love it the way he says, "Yeah-Yeah-Yeah-Yeah"...

Ashish Rebello : Fun story. Someone once hit my grandfathers car (this was in the early 1990s). He front bumper came off so he decided Chor Bazaar Would be a nice place to fix it. He went and got it fixed but by the time he came home. He realised his back bumper was missing.

Norman Seirro : good god most indian dudes are creepy af

Randy Hendrix : No wonder indians want to study in the west..

IMNOTA : The silence would be so funny if every car horn ever in India stopped working.

Chris Grillo : There is no way in hell I could live in such a crowded place... I need my room, my space, my quiet spot...

PowerTrain : For electronics there's lamington road and Manish market in Mumbai

Jan Jaan : I’ve never been to India.... I’ve heard all kind of negative things about it..... watching this video and how friendly people are...... I think..... I’m just gonna go and have a look for myself.

Adam Pine : I'm surprised people actually want to be on camera there...

David Nieves : Really.....This is a Video about ..............YOUR FACE...THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME.

Sergio Silva : Scotty, found your YouTube channel thru Linus Tech Tips and i'm happy i found it. Love the videos i seen, in special the ones in those china markets. Man, loved those markets, my kind of stuff. I'm loving your videos and the way you show things. Keep posting, that i will keep watching 😁. Keep the nice work. Cheers from Portugal...

KingDeMota : i think i've found every person who has beaten me on 8 ball pool...

jaycoleman11 : Has no one in India seen a volgger? Everyone in the back is looking at him like he's crazy.

SANKOFA X : The average indian is quite dark skinned but their Television is filled with super-light-skinned people

icyrycie official : Come to the North East India you'd be amaze

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : Recycling good for the planet? Wrong, reusing is good for the planet. Recycling barely does anything.

vasan 43 : If u want more techy things ,you can go to Richie street in Chennai which is in south part of India ,one of the biggest tech street in India 🤷then y won't u give a try

Jeevagan S : Did they steal anything from you while making this video?, then why the F you're calling its a thief's market.. what if I come to your home and make a video and titled as One Day In A Thief House..

Fed Reserv : Horrible, filthy, crowded place. Never understood people who pay to go to poor places to see how real misery look like?!

Hit Hard Gamer : To those people who are commenting like "I'll never go to India" and "India is Poor and Dirty" and so on... I'm glad you guys will not be visiting India, so that our people will feel safe that they are not judged by some random person, just because they work hard, wearing dirty clothes and the surrounding is dirty. I'm not pointing out people from other countries, even most of the Indians who are rich enough may not be aware of these kind of places and they do give a weird look, if they happen to visit these kind of places and these kind of poor hard working people You guys live in the wealthy part of the world and Can you assure that there aren't any thief in your countries? Can you assure that there aren't any hard working people in your country?? Can you assure that there aren't any exploitation in your country??? India is a developing country and the sad thing is that Indians are exploited a lot by their own people. And this happens all over the world. No one can deny this truth. So try to respect people, atleast try not to humiliate. Some people may laugh at my English, my channel by comparing themselves with the no of views. Go ahead. Sometimes it is best to ignore some kind of people and that will make one's life more happier.

vegarosa69 : I guess people that had a nice upbringing (had plenty of luxuries and lived in a nice place) love to visit nasty places where poverty is everywhere. I grew up poor and have no desire to visit places like this. Nothing to see there other than people struggling to make a living.

Kihsomray : Can you go to Ukraine? They have a market and all kinds of stuff there too.

John Eli : Hinduism makes India weird

Biscuit Boys : Don't title this video as thief's market ... That's their fate Wht to do ... u foreign guys don't know about indian politics .... government will do whatever they need they won't mind people comming in the way ... If the people stand against the government they will cut all the basic need of those people .... They have no work any where so that's y they ar doing this .... I am a guy from different city but this video makes me feel anger

tredstone : I'm surprised the city is that full of people . I thought they all went to the UK.

usynn stradler : they all need a nice tasty juicy beef steak

UcHuK RaVeRX : Lucky you my friend, that they won't sell your kidney's..

Suhel Pa : Stop defending India, we all know it's trash. Do something about it instead of crying on the internet about the reality.

bigspook999 : "The smells are amazing here"'d

pse hunter : Watching this vid made me want to get a tetanus shot. I could smell that awful place through the screen thank good for America 🇺🇸

Mubarak Moallin : I like the title name of the market 😂😂

Don'z Lockz : Thanks for sharing as I won't ever be going there.🍺✌

rakka1 dude1 : your brave, im NEVER going to one of these places.

Just A Person : *HYGIENE*

abhishek kumar : I'm from india

All Time Great God : Wow, im pretty surprised that the taxi driver didn’t scam you. I’ve literally caught so many drivers trying to cheat white people. Its really common here. Use uber if you can, or download an app that lets you know the real cost especially when you ride “tuk tuks”(actually called auto rickshaw in India.)

kid wish : Everyone looking at the camera lol

Jack Jowett : I’d kill for one of those rolleiflex cameras.

NeonJohn : So they are both the victim, and the violin..

Zaid Manna : Each and Everything

Stephen Hartley Brundrett : It looks like a nice country i want to visit but aint they very demanding or arrogant or is that pakistan ? I dunno im from uk so dont understand because brown peeps have a bad name here in uk its sad to see but its true they havent helped themselves be liked at all. & i salute these people that fix mend use recycle as i love too 👍

Jack Rogers : So when are you gonna make your own iPhone X??