Inside the Thief's Market - in Mumbai

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Sheerios : This guy is perfectly fit for Nat Geo.

rixille : "Oldest shop in the market" - Says every shopkeep ever.

Hit Hard Gamer : To those people who are commenting like "I'll never go to India" and "India is Poor and Dirty" and so on... I'm glad you guys will not be visiting India, so that our people will feel safe that they are not judged by some random person, just because they work hard, wearing dirty clothes and the surrounding is dirty. I'm not pointing out people from other countries, even most of the Indians who are rich enough may not be aware of these kind of places and they do give a weird look, if they happen to visit these kind of places and these kind of poor hard working people You guys live in the wealthy part of the world and Can you assure that there aren't any thief in your countries? Can you assure that there aren't any hard working people in your country?? Can you assure that there aren't any exploitation in your country??? India is a developing country and the sad thing is that Indians are exploited a lot by their own people. And this happens all over the world. No one can deny this truth. So try to respect people, atleast try not to humiliate. Some people may laugh at my English, my channel by comparing themselves with the no of views. Go ahead. Sometimes it is best to ignore some kind of people and that will make one's life more happier.

Alpine : India is not recycling for the “good “ of the planet,they are doing it for $$$. They will dump the toxic waste in a river etc.... India has one of the highest pollution rates.

Muhammad Arif : Please do a checkup, you might have lost some of your body parts..

Ashish Rebello : Fun story. Someone once hit my grandfathers car (this was in the early 1990s). He front bumper came off so he decided Chor Bazaar Would be a nice place to fix it. He went and got it fixed but by the time he came home. He realised his back bumper was missing.

SANKOFA X : The average indian is quite dark skinned but their Television is filled with super-light-skinned people

Liam Gallagher : Why do people in India honk their horns so damn much?

bigspook999 : "The smells are amazing here"'d

Jan Jaan : I’ve never been to India.... I’ve heard all kind of negative things about it..... watching this video and how friendly people are...... I think..... I’m just gonna go and have a look for myself.

michael roberts : You should visit the thief's market in the USA. I think it's called wall street.

EAmami : All of the hateful comments on here are just shocking,what do you get from spreading negativity?

Norman Seirro : good god most indian dudes are creepy af

win2008workstation : @0:50 - SIR, SIR, SIR. Listen. Your cow is parked illegally. I'm going to need you to MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-ve it. Thank you.

Randy Hendrix : No wonder indians want to study in the west..

KingDeMota : i think i've found every person who has beaten me on 8 ball pool...

gwen. com : Why's it called thief market when the only theft I saw was paying $1 for a cab

vegarosa69 : I guess people that had a nice upbringing (had plenty of luxuries and lived in a nice place) love to visit nasty places where poverty is everywhere. I grew up poor and have no desire to visit places like this. Nothing to see there other than people struggling to make a living.

Tanongsak Mhuentoei : India has not only that part. India is a very beautiful country from the North to the South and from the East to the West, friendly people. l have been there many many times. Love from Thailand.

Adam Pine : I'm surprised people actually want to be on camera there...

John Eli : Hinduism makes India weird

Vismirit : comment section is full of stereotypes I live in India and I love everything about it ...... so screw you all !!!!

jaycoleman11 : Has no one in India seen a volgger? Everyone in the back is looking at him like he's crazy.

Shashi kanth Tadoori : Good but we have many better places in India ,please explore more you will surely love

Rohan Khosa : One problem in India is... EVERY DAMN PERSON STARES AT YOU!!!! ITS SOOO CREEPY!!!

rollin stones : 3:00 we are eco friendly also when it comes to pollution India's per Capita in pollution is less than USA,China,Australia etc :) And when we are being called poor!It's okay we are happy with it. we enjoy democracy to the fullest even the animals do :^)Also if You see in the video everybody is smiling no one is sad for their state also we have festivals every other day and all of the community celebrates it happily

David Nieves : Really.....This is a Video about ..............YOUR FACE...THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME.

oJackOfSpades : We had very different experiences in India. I had to navigate myself around scammers wherever I went, had to haggle prices (because they´d charge me up to 12x the price at first), corrupt police officers threatening to take my phone and my laptop unless I payed them an amount of money, EXTREAMLY BAD hygine and much more unwished stuff going on... however the people can be really nice. Met a mother who had trouble carrying her bag with fruit across a street so I helped her out and she insisted i´d come meet her family and wanted to give me a place to stay... a kind of friendlyness you´d never seen in the west. Unfortunately though 1 extreamly nice person can´t compensate for billions of scammers and thiefs.

Jay Blade : I take my one dollar and build my own hotel!

Exca Libur : smells amazing? are you sure? aahaha

usynn stradler : they all need a nice tasty juicy beef steak

nikhil parab : Extremely vibrant.. full of life .. no body can't be alone or depressed here..there is something for everybody literally everybody... He has shown just a small part . Trust me There are few apartment costlier than paris. The daily financial transactions in city are in billions much greater than many clean countries's yearly transactions. City has it's own senses ,feeling desires and aims. It automatically absorbs u as if sugar melts in milk. Trust me city will take care of u like mother,if u have been in it.

Daytona Sixty-Eight : Giving the cab driver $1 US dollar converts to about 70 Indian Rupees. Which is roughly about 3x to 4x the normal cab fare you would pay and just over 3x the average hourly wage in India. So basically giving $1 US dollar was a lot of money for that cab driver. The cab driver is aware of this exchange rate and asked the guy in the video for $1. The guy is surprised thinking it's cheap but in reality he was "ripped off" because he over paid. But hey, it's a dollar and not everyone is aware of how currency exchanges work.

Jonathan David Valencia : "the smell is amazing in here" that says a thousand words lol

n0ka : I always see indian people as very friendly in travel programs etc

KinzDarell : The cows aren't a livestocks tho. It's their gods XD

MR. DHAL : Dont judge india by going into poor parts of india ever come to seawoods grand central

Speedy Rax : hi, the origin story of chor bazaar is when british ruled this subcontinent,they came at this bazaar and noticed that it's too noisy and loud so they said "bohot shor hai" means its too noisy and it sounded like "bohot chor hai" means there are so many theif , some of the englishmen had to learn hindie(local language) . and because of their accent shor (noise) sounded like chor (theif) .......from then some how the market named after chor bazaar.....amazing video by the way ..... loved it...and pardon my english.....i am a bengali.

RadarUser : 1 dollar = 64 rupees. Typical rickshaw ride is 10-15 rupees. You made his day!

hotaruxx : wow india is such an amazing place

Racing Rivals : 7:08 is it me or this guy look like will Smith like if you see the same

AyebeeMk2 : slave labour to save the planet! (you did not notice the slave master in light blue @ 2:32 ? wakey wakey!

Jeevagan S : Did they steal anything from you while making this video?, then why the F you're calling its a thief's market.. what if I come to your home and make a video and titled as One Day In A Thief House..

vwr32jeep : One of the few places I have zero interest in visiting.

Kresna Wijaya : dont go to india!

El Pendejo : I am disappoint, you were in thieves market yet you stole nothing. Ali babba is very saddened by this, he was looking for a 41st thief, you did not make the cut

Justin X : Come to the North East India you'd be amaze

Sergio Silva : Scotty, found your YouTube channel thru Linus Tech Tips and i'm happy i found it. Love the videos i seen, in special the ones in those china markets. Man, loved those markets, my kind of stuff. I'm loving your videos and the way you show things. Keep posting, that i will keep watching 😁. Keep the nice work. Cheers from Portugal...

Ajoy Chatterjee : please a video of Kolkata

star series : If you are a foreiner then you will be taller than everything in India