Inside the Thief's Market - in Mumbai

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Recommend : Go around the Andheri street shops, if you want used or new mobile phones. It's a location for getting mobile phones, and digital services for the people who are PC illiterate. Mumbai is too large to explore all on the short trip.

Poopy Butthole : Take a shot every time an Indian looks over his shoulder at the camera....Take an extra one if they seem annoyed. XD

Angelo Goreham : If anyone was wondering the one Indian guy who was hammering a square box of sheet metal one side was smaller and the other was larger.what it was is a transition fitting for a residential furnace most likely by the size and what it does is comes off the furnace and connects to the duct work when your changing one that breaks in someone’s house and what he was doing is making a hem flange so you can screw it to the furnace.that was actually a sheet metal fabrication shop and what he does all day is make different duct fittings for heating and air condition not many people know how to fabricate by hand like that anymore cause in America mostly machines do a lot of the work they measure it cut it some bend it so then you only need to grab some no body off the street to hammer it together I learned how to fabricate by hand and I feel like it’s a lost talent or something you just don’t see that anymore with all the machines these days.

The_reptile_Collector : Oh yes we have phones so why u want Oh um just to look *puts phone back We no sell phone

PowerTrain : For electronics there's lamington road and Manish market in Mumbai

YUSUF DIALLO : A dollar is a lot of money in some countries

mattchoo : Guy at 0:16 had knife fidget spinner things

John C : Stopped halfway in, I couldnt stand all the honking

John Campbells : Holy starving cow

ShoeString Movies : Would love for this to be a series, exploring different markets in the world! Like if you agree!

Jonatán Iván : All those people trying to be on camera.

Rohan Khosa : One problem in India is... EVERY DAMN PERSON STARES AT YOU!!!! ITS SOOO CREEPY!!!

Bruce Kirk : Dude bought his own taxi with that dollar

Tech Tranquilizer : everyone gives him such dirty looks

Nidhi Goyal : I think the next time you come to India you should accompany with a local guide who knows Hindi and English well. You don't know how much it will help you. They know lots of things which can't know by yourself

Big Baller : OK India is bat shit crazy.

Jeff Ruiz : How far was that taxi ride?

Cod God : They arnt making stuff, just hammering shit

TheAbyssLord : Go and look for India Dse Dab Kid.

your subscriber : *The man with BEARD is back...* 😍😍

Pigheadlim 288 : FURIOUS PETE IS THAT YOU?????

randy H. : People like to stare lol


DefcoTheOne : Why does everyone give you the angry look?

Cal : 0:15 fidget spinner

Vinod is Here : Chor Bajar (thief's Market)

Spreadsheet User : I do not intend to be offensive but I clicked on the video to see the intricacies of the Mumbai market not the producers face the entire time along with self centered commentary. The 10-20 frames ( <1sec) of the vinyl records was a good clue of how quickly anything that could be interesting would go by. The video appears to be about the producer and his ego not really that much of the Mumbai marketplace.

ganesh deshmukh : Great video. I missed meeting you. hope to meet you next time in Mumbai. But please tell it Before in other videos, that you are going here so your subscribers can meet you.

Jonathan Iannone : psh

Rawkicks : I love that Gucci print cab

Tyler Fray : 6:34 u see a goat in background!

joshua maxam : everyone you pass looks at you 0.0 interesting

Renārs Požarnovs : this mens said the smales in india are great

lousku : "Selfie? Selfie? ... This must be the tool area of the market."

MUSAIB Wadkar : How much did you get robbed?

Elden Sword : Heaps and heaps of dystopian-esque, filth and garbage is "culture" - Okay...

pantslizard : I want to see the part of the market that sells slaves and machine guns... ;>)

Rafaela B. : He got some creepy people stares lol, the beauty of countries like Brazil (my country) and USA is that anyone can mix with their population, if you're black, white, asian, mexican, arab, it doesn't matter, you won't get people staring at you like you came from another planet. That being said I know most of those people were just curious but it must be annoying to feel like you're an alien.

thesens8 : I see a Scotty video, I click. It's simple.

clobbyhops : American money? In India

King Bhai : India 🇮🇳😎👍🏻

RAJsWork : I did enjoy the video and I WILL subscribe to you. Done and done!

manguirish sakhalkar : strange parts tula mumbai war baroso nai ka,nai ka strange parts che video kashe awesome,awesome tula avadte market places ,places markets madhe bharare ahe shops,shops tula awadete chicken or beef.beef strange parts tu mazya si gud bol actually by marathi is not so good as i m from goa,india a better place where thr is no traffic no pollution and thxs for coming in goa ur friend manguirish ( a hot whhels lover}

gangs003 : The real thief’s market in Mumbai is in 12th Lane, Kamathipura It only opens for a short period of time a week Friday 4:00 am to 7:00 am Location Tag: P.S : Carry a torch if you decide to go Upvote this so that he can see this comment !

TECH MAN : i live in pakistan and pretty sure what the shop keepers are blabbering

Jay Playz : I kept replaying the intro

Rishi Wasan : Hey plan a Meetup in Mumbai! Btw love ur videos!!

wiyokto christian : go to Indonesia :)

Soumyak Das : It's quite strange to watch an western vloger's intro with and Indian music in the background while all Indian people are putting western songs in their vlog's intro... Great Video.. Hope you enjoy a lot in India.

Zagrusz Ventus : the cameras ohh fuck