How to use the word "FUCK"

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Different ways to use the word "fuck" in a sentence. A way to feel proud of saying "fuck you" lol

Comments from Youtube

STAGE 5 FILMS : That was the funniest video I think I've ever seem

dbalsley85 : And laugh before I copy

xDwane : Is there more of these ?

Евгений Корсун : in Russia can be more widely talk similar words

RecklessPhoenix : Came from speedy

DeVonte McNair : ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol

Christoofastforu : xD

olov244 : so childish i love it

Christoofastforu : what the fuck.? xD

steelcaress : and 'incompetence,' and host of other errors. Their spelling was fucking awful. LOL

yuvedha senthilvelan : ya :P

ICcold : I love playing hide and go fuck yourself

stephen smart : i loves this fuckin video

MisterAnthropist : this is the best fuckin video on youtube.

adamiya sin : Fuck fucking fuckers

Dom Burke : what the fuck is this

Lord Funface The Atomic Toaster : That may be fucking true but fuck yourself for being so fucking up your own fuckhole. Fuckety fuck fuck. Also, I'm British. Fucking British.

cmccarthy : Why didn't you use the fuckin' spellchecker when you made this fuckin' video?

Al K : well, calling me a 'fucker' was entirely appropriate, i cant think of a more ironic way to make myself look so stupid xD

Will Borkowski : High Five Ass Fuck!

Gungnir Gaming : absofuckinlutely xD!!!!

Al K : hehe, well pointed out. i guess i am one of those ''fucking people'' -good day

motster33 : im going to use this teaching people English.

Al K : Fucking people can't spell scentence

Arslan Ali Qureshi : the commentator is a fucking LEGEND

TomPen94 : Profanity is fun to use, it's not a sign of corruption. I use the word 'fuck' all the fucking time, and I'm as fucking clean as a fucking person can fucking be (just came out of the fucking shower) xD Now seriously though, it's not profanity that makes people corrupt, it's the actions they take.

bmadden85 : and 'dissatisfaction' & 'incompetence'

bmadden85 : I have a 'dissatisfaction' 1:50 with the 'incompetence' 1:55 of this video. agh f' it.

bmadden85 : Is the word 'sentence' spelled with a 'c' in Britain or something? 1:17

rgtrooper13 : Fuck you fucking fucker

MrSheahoe : thumbs up if AFSHeeN's facebook brought you here

Dr Insanity : Why would it be that way? This youtube. I can hear all the fuck's So fuck you.

Willguy24 : Like a fucking boss

WPPatriot : Isn't that cute... but it's WRONG.

Nova Fusion : ???

WereDictionary : I feel so much more adept at the english language now.

MultiMelech : 1:17 *Sentence lol

louai mohamed : fuck .. this is fucking good !!

(o.o) : thumps up if you said fuck you at the end

D. C. S. : @VivaLaZena perhaps they did that to make you go what the fuck?

jerno666 : Fornicating Under Consent of the King

VivaLaZena : Have you noticed that at 1:18, they spelled 'sentence' wrong?


Rowel Pitular : oh.. so that's the proper way on how you say fuck

Zackme : fuckeroo fucknally fucktastic fucktacular fuckness

RAZORipKID : I used to play hide and go fuck yourself but I took an arrow to the knee

KevinCool98 : fuck the fucking fuckers

Nounderscorewtf : Incompetence*

Сельские Нанотехнологии : FUCK YOU!!!! lol