How to use the word "FUCK"

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olov244 : so childish i love it

Евгений Корсун : in Russia can be more widely talk similar words

ICcold : I love playing hide and go fuck yourself

RecklessPhoenix : Came from speedy

xDwane : Is there more of these ?

Dom Burke : what the fuck is this

stephen smart : i loves this fuckin video

Aleksa Atanackovic : qullity conncent

cool dog : lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MisterAnthropist : this is the best fuckin video on youtube.

Christoofastforu : xD

Christoofastforu : what the fuck.? xD

Howard Gilbraith : For something giving lessons in English, the spelling was atrocious.

DeVonte McNair : ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol

Will Borkowski : High Five Ass Fuck!

AMUR DM : Хуйня.

yuvedha senthilvelan : ya :P

STAGE 5 FILMS : That was the funniest video I think I've ever seem

louai mohamed : fuck .. this is fucking good !!

adamiya sin : Fuck fucking fuckers

Walk off the Earth : Fuck, I love this word!

nandiito : jaja I lov it 2.. It's funny

Hip-Hop Don't Stop : @curlyklara ahhhh ok that makes sense

FreQuenczy : "Why don't you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself?"!!! Favorite one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bmadden85 : and 'dissatisfaction' & 'incompetence'

bmadden85 : I have a 'dissatisfaction' 1:50 with the 'incompetence' 1:55 of this video. agh f' it.

bmadden85 : Is the word 'sentence' spelled with a 'c' in Britain or something? 1:17

jhieter23 : i fucked a fucking fish in the fucking face

swordfishjon sword : i wanna fucking kill my office mate and rip his FUCKING head off right now! his right beside me i wanna fuckin beat him to DEATH! and im serious Lmao!!!

cmccarthy : Why didn't you use the fuckin' spellchecker when you made this fuckin' video?

Al K : hehe, well pointed out. i guess i am one of those ''fucking people'' -good day

Al K : well, calling me a 'fucker' was entirely appropriate, i cant think of a more ironic way to make myself look so stupid xD

Al K : Fucking people can't spell scentence


Divy Jain : fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck !!

simon fergus : fuck sake

The Wind .Turbine King : fucked up

Nova Fusion : ???

greenhawk46 : a classic, instantly-for all us flannel-mouthed, soap-eatin', spanked- for- using, suspended-from-school fuckers, YAY!!!!!!!!!

Jia En Khoo : Fuck the Fucking Fuckers! XD

limsniff : Hahah fucking hilarious!

真姿 : now i know how to fuck with my fuckin english !! haha , fuck the fuck

Hulkamania61 : fuck i forgot to subscribe!!!!!!!!

OrdinaryCitizen : Fuck the fucking fuckers. lol

Rami Zayed : @BMXBOBO then you fucking woke up?

metallicshah : This video is not the original. It tells us to use ''proper English' but this video is full of wrong spellings. D'uh.

Jose Medina : I like the part when he said "fuck"

nid4spid2 : ohh...fuck!!!!,,,,,,this is fuckin true..isn't it u fuckin fuckfaces???

bubach00 : why dont you go outside and play hide and go fuckyourself Loooooooool

Lucid Dreamer : I heard this on the radio yesterday. So many Beeps