How to Make Candy Sushi Rolls | Où se trouve: CandyLabs

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Rose Gold : I bet they have wonderful looking back muscles 😌

Cyborcat : I love the Candy Labs videos. I already watch Lofty Pursuits so it's interesting to see a slightly different take on how to do hard candy. Most of the methods are the same, but there are a few differences here and there.

FlaminBerry : Anyone else want them to rip a piece of the taffy and eat it ?

W the artist? : Guys if you ever visit Montréal, you should go to their shop! Since I live in that city I went there and loved it♡ All the candies I tasted are delicious and have wonderful colors~ 10/10 will visit again

Jessie Matthews : Another question! Do you get a lot of wastage from the scraps you cut off or are the used for something else? Big fan, thank you !

AwesomeKitCat : What do you do with the giant chunks that you cut off the roll?

Jacob Pranski : I was legit thinking “why use white coloring when they can just stretch it?” Good on ya, mate! Thanks!

The Gamer : "Guess what type of candy we are gonna make" Me: Dude I saw the thumbnail

The flamingsword : Lovely as always. Please do upload more often. This is my favorite candy making channel :D

Aurora Cervantes : I feel like business in California or in San Diego would be really good for you guys

Beatrice rodriguez : I like to sound of the candy when thay are stretching it 😍

lil kookie 05 : I was so happy to discover that this place is near where I live, I thought it was in another country 😅

BeasT kiwis : I just want to bite into it before it goes hard yum the orange 😳

Payton_ _Saucez : I have a question… how often do you mess up?

Celestina Aguon : My cousin worked at a shop that made rock candy She was fired because she forgot she was making candy

La Tui : Welcome back! Wonderful video from Candy Labs as always.

carleen sacris : Hello, I really love your videos! Thank you for sharing! I have question: what do you do with the very top that you cut off after you start stretching it out in the end with the help of gravity? Are you able to reuse the candy or do they just get thrown away? It's such a big piece or I was just wondering. Thank you!

Nicoly Crispi : why doesnt the girl have a thermal glove like the man?????

RandomUser990 : Wow some excellent work here. Video was indeed smoother and the audio was so clean that I felt like I was there with them.

Лиля Овощ : I missed you so much

adam heeley : It's like like watching some kind of weird cartoon surgery haha.

OneThousandHomoDJs : I love Candy Labs! Far and away the BEST candy-making videos. Make them more often, please. Is Mai (Mae?) single? I would marry her in a heartbeat.

Lenia :D : So glad you uploaded a video! I love them and have been waiting for one for weeks. Great job as always!

HernakHalamo : 09:33 with translations: "*They see me sticky roooolling (TU DU) They Eaaating !!*"

KeaveMind : Very satisfying to have an Answer on the White Food Colouring! Thanks for putting that in! - And as always its super fun to watch you guys work!

Kassy Cat : I get that the citric acid makes it taste more sour, but how do they make it taste like strawberry kiwi?

Jåmşiş : Make candy chopsticks out of gum

Bloxxer59 : Why are you rubbing the candy with a sponge

adam heeley : who dislikes a candy video??

Vivian Lover101 : Can u plz make an English bulldog

cpo1160 : I always watch this during class cause it looks good but its also satisfying! Never get tired! favorite channel of all time..

Justin Z. : Fishy cavities!

MELISSA CLEVELAND : Is it just me or is this making me hungry 😂

cpo1160 : I love love love your videos keep up the great work!

Agatha Astari : Did you make a prototype before the big batch? Anyway, it looks so intriguing since the process requires a lot of physical strength and patience. Great!

Emelyn Canete : It's like wacthing ASMR

Алина GAME : Wow!!! Good!!!

yizel raku : Es muy genial el arte de el caramelo

man masher : Do a rainbow candy and i love youre vids😎😃

sharnalk : wow i just discovered this channel and this is fking good +1 sub

Happy Little Accidents : But when do you flavor the candies? Don't you fear the candy getting too hard to roll in the end of the process? if it does, then you do what? Melt it again?

Moxie Beast ASMR : I love your channel so much!!! 😱😱😱

Kelli Marissa : These videos are my favorite!

Serial Dabber : Most satisfying before it was cool

Taaibah Rujubally : Nicee

Hori Manuirirangi : Did anyone else notice the hair looking object in the black candy.

shadecho : noice

hienmai07 duong : It is so yummy 👍🏻

Katrien Van de Velde : I love to wath this pls post more

Eugene chen : nice