The Best Whistler EVER!!!

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Saint Levy : Who was just whistling and came here after trying to see who was the best whistler?

dprl : sing it if you know it

Rob.Z : Watch this with no sound 😂😂😂

Strangers4Life09 : it would be funny if someone from the crowd started whistling with him.

DJ Tanner : I didn't know Jay-Z was there: 1:16

Sean Brown : But his hair tho

ı ąɱ ą ʂῳɛɖɛ : 00:53 he's like "I wonder what my wife is cooking for dinner..."

mars37us : The girl at 1:03 is like wait… WTF!

PhDInsomniac : 0:53 is the look when you ponder existence as we know it :)

a_wandering_silhouette : when men were men

Cutlass Stallion : That guy in the studio audience with the mustache and powder blue shirt is what sells this performance XD

deltiaz47 omega11 : 'ME ME ME ME MOO MOO'

linkuei83 : Dat mullet...

Urbex Culture : died of laughing at 0:45

Colin McNeil : I am tripping balls and somehow ended up on this video. I am so god damn confused. "THERE GO DEM BALLS AGAIN!"

Clap Forboobies : Don mattingly

Larry Peterson : He looks like he's having a face-seizure.

Eric Sechrist : Sing it if you know it.

Mr Awesome Face : Wait! Guys...what about Penut Butter Tuesday!😱

JonathanTMishkin : is he whistling with his mouth that wide open...? the whole point of whistling is that it's your breathing out vibrating off your lips....isn't it?

J.P. Chevalier : I'm in love with his mullet!

Frvnkeinstein : fake

bboychance : The Best Mullet ever!

Syther Hub : Mullet Man takes on Whistling... Great combo

WolfPupCat YT : Ummm i have a whisle finder to find my phone and i played this and my phone went crazy LOL

harpersneil : Kids face at 0:39 was for the mullet.

Juan Ottoniel Ottoniel Saquic : What is the name of the song he whistled?

Arlandah : except hes not whistling

Praween Van Rysselberge : Whats the name of the song?

Virginia Acosta : This is the cat's pajamas :0!

newestgamereviews : Burt Reynolds?

Zevil Gehannivani : Amazing talent.

Brett Stormoen : the balls toppling over (AGAIN) was a nice bonus.

Nick Woods : his whistling will never make up for that mustache and that hair thing

Saimbaba : 2016 watch me with guitar+whistling

Adoknight Official : looks fake though

Rachel Mammen : wow such a talented man

dontfuckwith me : Damn.. Bert reynolds could sure whistle back in his prime

Saben Conte : Kinda looks fake....

I Have Vigors : AKA The panty dropper

ddstar : 0:40 derp

ThatGuyJames : What a white tv show.

silver crow : We all miss good blow

Rockinit : Weirdest looking whistler ever. His mouth hardly puckers and he never folds his lips.


ISOOOURI : dr disresprect

Sparrowhawk : First kid: "I wike tuwtles" Second kid: "What even is this?" Third kid: "White people..." Fourth kid: "I CAN SEE THE MUSIC."

Andrew Austin : mememememooomemooome

White Poison : relaxing lol

Erlos_ : that moment when you find the original meme without asking someone in the comments.