Dunkin Donuts 10,000(+) Calorie Challenge

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Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!! Over 10,000 Calories of Dunkin Donuts food!! Since I'm from Cali, I've got no Dunkin Donuts where I live... - 12 Assorted Donuts - 25 Munchkins - 3 Bagels - 3 Muffins - 3 Breakfast Sandwichs - 2 Apple Fritters - Strawberry Coolatta - French Vanilla Swirl Frozen Coffee - Iced Coffee = 12,880 Calories ENJOY!!! Follow me on Social! FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/megatoad TWITTER - https://www.twitter.com/mattstonie INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/matt_stonie TWITCH - https://www.twitch.tv/mattstonie MERCH - http://mattstonie.bigcartel.com/ Mailing Address: P.O. Box 22210 San Jose, CA 95151

Comments from Youtube

24 average : i can imagine at thanksgiving him eating the whole turkey

Mojdeh Nasseri : Matt: *consumes 10,000 calories doesn’t gain 1 pound Me: *has a breath of air gains 16,000 pounds

More subs than Pewdiepie without videos challenge ! : He has Gucci He has Yeezys But most importantly he doesn’t have diabetes

dark Soul : *.....And still he's skinnier than me....*

Matt Stonie : Morgan makes me eat slower...

CalicoKat : Him *eats 10000+ of dunkin donuts* *gains no pounds* Me *eats apple and cereal* *gains 10 pounds*

_CRAFTS DIY : Me : get full eating 2 donuts Matt Stonie : Eats the entire store

Pepper X : Next video: goes to a buffet uh oh

Abc Def : The people who are disliking this are hungry

DrKrispii TV : *Why did u like this comment?..*

Cheann Jones : {\_/} (° -°) />🍩

LovelyAlex : matt: *eats so much foods* matt: *teeth still white* me: *eats 1 donut* me: *teeth gets yellow*

Im KrEpTo : Wanna break another record....check your blood sugar level after eating that lol

Jaydon jaydonm540 : *eats 10,000 calories and doesn’t die* *brainfreeze kills him*

Kirsten Maclean : This guy look the same weight every time I see him

Bulletproof360 789 : Who else got an add of Dunkin’ Donuts

Officer JOEY316 : This is the one challenge I would definitely be able to do.

Pater Willie : Dunkin donuts: what do you want Matt: yes

Chris Hanson : Boi must be rlly good at math addin all these calories oof

The Budgeting Wife : You should eat the chocolate cake from Matilda.

Mr. Gamer7193 : This is something I would do.

Nahiyan Rafi : Never take him to a wedding; He'll empty the place in seconds!

Lionel Messigician : *Diabetes has entered the chat*

Elijah Carnes : People in 2018: wow People in 2019: IS THAT A PLASTIC STRAW DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING TO THE ENVIROMENT

Bronze : How is he not dunkin dead?

Random Person : I didn't eat anything for 27:42h now

Alex and Jake : “Matt Stonie runs on Dunkin”

Hamster Lover : For every like I’ll add a 🍩 🍩

Jordan's Adveantures : 0:15 wow I didn't know that matt was secretly a magikarp xD

Sinan Bilgic : I eat like 1 donut and magically gain 10 pounds

Chicken Momo : him: *eats whole box of donuts* me: *eats half a donut* i think thats enough, im saving this for later - o -

Jordan's Adveantures : 3:44 AND THAT, *is how baby's are made*

L L : They didn’t give u cream cheese bc hey charge for it🙄 who charges for cream cheese😭😂

ike : I got type 400 diabetes watching this

TiktokComps : *The 2.7k dislikes are from all the* *cops left hungry*

Jose Vasquez : GIVE MEH THE STICKY ONES Reminder: I love the sticky donuts

Amir Hafiz : Eat like a legend.. But suffer from brain freeze 😂 good job bro.. And how did you did not gain any weight? Do vid abt your life tips bro

Shane Dawson : So apparently my Sunday morning trip to Dunkin has become a challenge

DeVyn Burse : If I did this challenge I could do it in probably 35min

Liv Tone Grødeland : watching the calories increase was terrifying

Eli Brotherton : At 30 minutes, already eaten as much as I do in a week😂

Amelia Lowndes : All these people failing the 10000 calorie challenge.... you should feel ashamed 😂

Random_ Studios : And it took 36 seconds for you to a donut But it took you a very small amount of time to 1 popeye's chicken... (🤔)

Betty Briggs : So, my fastest time of eating ONE donut is about 2 minutes and Matt Stonie over here eating one in like 30 seconds

Lol This is a troll account : I wish that was my breakfast (Edit: because I’m fat)

Nicolas Demers : You should the amount of money it costs u in every vid

Peacock Princess Vlogs : matt: eats 10,000 calories me: what's new?

Abigail : I can eat like 2 donuts ...

Ethan Liu : 3k dislikes are from Krispy Kreme lovers