Dunkin Donuts 10,000(+) Calorie Challenge

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silvershadow : i watch these videos to starve myself

Lyrae Lalyn : I wonder how much his blood glucose level is after eating all these. 🤔

Lenny : I eat 1 muffin and 1 donut then I’m done ✅ if I did this I would only eat like 2 donuts 🍩.

Ukala Selia : you are super boy. Amazing!!!!!!!!😄😄😄

Samantha Salakaia : I wanna hear his eating videos ASMR!!! 😂🙌

HENRY THE RC CAR : *I got diabetes from watching this video!* 🤤

jess b : Wow he talks a lot , I'm like Shouting Eat , Eat X3 😂😂😂

Cup CreationZ : He's gonna need to do a lot of carbio after this.😂😂

Under The Griptape : this dude would have a crazy last meal

Dave Fredis : I used to watch Matt Stonie since 500k and he ate hella fast but now he kinda slow now :/

Loom Geek : Ive never been so jealous of a thumbnail in all my years of YouTube binging

Chu_OW : I want some doughnuts now

D4G : Lmao wouldn't this amount of sugar nearly kill you?

Van Anh Nguyen : Matt please do a diet challenge where you only eat 1000 calories a day.

ACS /AndrewChristiano : People who have diabetes when they’re low on sugar

Gabby Omega : This is what I kinda wish I could eat... But physically and mentally I can't 😭 *but matt stonie can*

Alida Hasanovic : I‘m sooo hungry now 😫

rina princess : I wish my stomach could hold that much food 😥

Maisa cheemz : I watch these videos when I am hungry 😂

Khôi Channel : Woa

A : I can eat like 2 donuts ...

BANTUD WARRIORS : Whos here for just likes for their comments?😁😂

G S W : Omg🤤🤤I’m sooooooo hungry now

Mason Manley : Matt you know man v food, I believe you should do something similar to what he does like going to restaurants and doing their food challenges he makes it seem really hard but I want to see you do some of them thank you and like if you agree😁👍👍👍

Vinícius m. : Post It for a while, you Will not post It ☹️

LitCaveman : 2 donuts in and I’d already be about to throw up

Super Kawaii : As soon as he was done my phone said low battery percentage lol

Lil Grace : Ебать он потом срал наверное

PLzGuyN0 OO : *100 golden donut challenge :D*

sina setayesh : *_DONUT EAT THAT MANY DONUTS_* okay... ill leave

Forenzyx : How is he not dead yet from overeating like crazy and eating a ridiculous amount of sugar?

Abdullah Arif : Legend

MARIA FERNANDA CASSAS BARRIENTOS : I challenge you to eat a wedding cake with 2 liters of pepsi and if you do not eat it, it's a lie of everything you say and if you get to meet me, say hello in the video

gaya caillou : 6:14 Hope his phone isn't cracked or broken

Jason Langevin : Whers does all his food go, my body couldn’t take a third of that. Wtf stonie !🤨😯

Izzy : That first drink...that’s HALF of your daily recommendation calories in ONE DRINK. *Good lord.*

Jacinta Ndungu : *He eats over 12000 calories and gains 0 pounds but when i eat a chip i gain 10 pounds*

Mustafa Çaynük : Sa Ben Türküm <3

jjclasicas : Dunkin Diabetes

Exxp Exxp : This is sick

Vishwadeep Sonawane : Maybe the joke was "Fapping a Frappuccino" 🤔

Nael Pro : I wonder how he’s still not fat

FLAMINGHOWL FANBOY : Me on diet day.

sina setayesh : Top 10 strongest Anime characters

sina setayesh : what was i going to say.... what was i going to say..... *video hits 10 min* i was going to say a donut pun

Matt Stonie : Morgan makes me eat slower...

sina setayesh : munchkins? we call them timbits in Canada

LOGGAN x : I just got full just from watching 😂

Messy tessy : Give me the donuts and coffees then i’ll be fine😂😂👍🏼☕️🍩

TastyTravels : Dunkin😍😍😍 . My favorite donut place