Dunkin Donuts 10,000(+) Calorie Challenge

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Matt Stonie : Messin' Around w/ Morgan.. https://www.twitch.tv/mattstonie

Bronze : How is he not dunkin dead?

guccibdawg __ : *The 2.5k dislikes are from all the* *cops left hungry*

Thomas : How are you not on the show my 600 lbs life

Lorenzo Mesarina : I just ate 2 donuts and I'm done for the week

Susan Olimpio : How is this guy so skinny?

Matt Stonie : Morgan makes me eat slower...

BURR : Legend says calories don’t exist when he eats

The Flow : Watching him eat those plain bagels was dreadful.

LegendxFTW : In America = Munchkins In Canada = Timbits

For Gods Sake Kate : I wanna know how tf you're still alive i've been watching you since 2015

silver : i watch these videos to starve myself

Enjoy It4Ever : Ur living my dream Eating so much unhealthy junk food and desserts and STAYING SKINNY!

Doggo • Lover • : Bless his toilet.

Bruna Hello! : I cannot eat sugar before salt idk how u eat like 12 donuts and more before the salty stuff I feel sick watching this, no hate tho your amazing

lil1Jojo xD : I just wanna see one video of him getting alot of food like usually and then not stuffing in down barbarically but tasting it so good and savoring mmm

Exenity : What the hell is your stomach made of

Bee Movie : 7:12 WHAT WAS THE JOKE THO?!?!?!?

Imtiaz Mohammad : I think I have diabetes by only from watching this! HOLY MOLY Matt!!!!!

Kanai Fumiko : Doughnuts are my favourite, but I'm on a diet..

Ghosty_Chop Kawaii : I would sub but... I don’t wanna encourage this.... idk

The Budgeting Wife : You should eat the chocolate cake from Matilda.

Doom City : Can't wait till I'm and adult so I can eat when I want

Александр Позитивный : Смотрю я на тебя, и всё больше начинаю хотеть есть)) Кстати кто русский ставьте лайк))

KuerbisRahmen 48 : This ist Matilda ➡️🐢 She wants to see the whole world 🗺 1 like = 100 kilometers

Calfos Fawziyah : Is he eating it for real?

Izzy : That first drink...that’s HALF of your daily recommendation calories in ONE DRINK. *Good lord.*

Keeasia Adams : I can't even eat a hole donut with out throwing it away.😱

Noor Kaur : Omfg I’m sick form watching this 🤮🤮

Brenda Perez : Do not worry about your health!? take care, something serious can happen to you because of so much sugar!😱

Zairah Naz : Diabetes is watching this like: 😫 👕 👖 Hahaha

Justin Y. : How are you still alive?

Bluxrr : O bagels.

Kyran Bateman : How does he not have DIABETES

king : Give me a donut.

Nicolas Popoca : Damm i bet after the video he straight up went to the restroom.

Loom Geek : Ive never been so jealous of a thumbnail in all my years of YouTube binging

jo jo : He’s gonna be Dunkin then donuts later in his toilet🤮😬😬👌

xoxoGacha Brit : "So I got carbs, carbs, carbs carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs..... AND BREAKFAST SANDWICHES!!

Dat Default Boi : America runs on Dunkin Matt Stonie runs on toilets

DrKrispii TV : This guy doesn't fear Diabetes. *Diabetes fears him*

Abigail : I can eat like 2 donuts ...

Ghosty_Chop Kawaii : How ain’t u thicc?

uzmaki nardo : 3:43 when it was her first time

Caty GamerGirl : I'd die.

Gucci Gacha : Water literally dropping down my mouth

Forenzyx : How is he not dead yet from overeating like crazy and eating a ridiculous amount of sugar?

SADIKIE THE INVENTORVEVO : Matt dude I don't want you killing yourself

Android Gamezzz : 9:00 lol check out his stomach XD

land2d vang : This is every Monday