True Facts: Bobbit Worm and Polychaete Pals
True Facts Bobbit Worm and Polychaete Pals

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Isaac S : "This frog fish for example.... Is f*!ked."

V I N C I : *“It could learn a thing or two from the Penis Worm- sorry Peanut Worm.”*

Lamarck Leland : Even if it's just one video a year it's still worth the wait

Ashley Wool : Every time he starts a sentence with, "To understand this, imagine..." you know it's going to be good.

Spidertopus : That octopus was a straight up badass escaping from that worm. Love those creatures. ❤️

Carl C : "Octopus is not having that s***." LMAO

TheGreatAlfini : 5:31 "Bobbit Worm don't need no fricking tube. Bobbit Worm goes where Bobbit Worm damn well pleases."

MegaChickenfish : 6:53 Welp, I'm never going in the ocean again. _No wonder it tasted so salty._

Justin : “Who’s the perv now? Oh, still me.” I’m so glad you’re back, ZeFrank.

ICEBERG COMMANDER : This fish. Is f——d. That made me just about die 😂

Jiff Skippy : zefrank1: *_"To understand this..."_* Me: *_Aw shit, here we go again._*

Mohit Thakur : "We're all just tubes with fancy bits attached, looking for stuff to put in the front and finding places to put whatever comes out." Zefrank

Tis Thefool : "Imagine if one lived in your nostril, you'd be the fanciest lad at the party" i almost choked. Hahaha

Sukutheshadow : Imagine being being able to make penis jokes and tell people about the wildest creatures on the planet while also keeping up a perfect narrating voice; That is how a Zefrank do.

dominic stewart-guido : 6:33 "octopus got out. Not having that shit" lol

Martin Gray : That octopus is HARDCORE!!!

Kenny Gee : Random polychaete: So guys... What are we doing toda- Other polychaete: DEATH BY SNU SNU

Cosmic Atom : That is how the Zefrank1 do.

Matteo Gabriele : "It's like sending you genitals to the bar while you're binge watching Netflix at home: win win" This is gold!

Elena Davis : Bobbit Worm=Alaskan Bull Worm

I just want to get Fucked by a giraffe : "This frog fish, for example... is f*cked."

Venom Animation : Man, your *UNIQUES* vocabulary made me wanted to learn more English.

Infinite Lifeline : 7:51 "and after the party is over, you die!" Oh wait, i still in my imagination!

madman191 : Gary: "meow" Spongbob: "GARY"

General.E.Shady : Mate... you always make me smile, even on my worst days. I often just watch your vids for that. PLEASE do one on humans 😅😅😅

Epicmonk117 : An inverted bobbit worm face looks like a reaper leviathan

Bruce Shark : ZeFrank is a National Treasure. Thanks for making learning about nature so gruesome and FUN. 💓

Dick The Dorkwing : God, I grew up in the 1980s with stagnant British overdubs on nature shows. What a breath of fresh air....through my

Elliott Pascoe : Crawling into a hungry sea anemone: the funnest last minutes of your short wormy life

Cid The Purple Inkling : Bobbit worm goes where Bobbit worm damn well pleases

Landrew MacKinnon : God these videos make me so happy. So hilarious. "Except everybody is in the tub"

james w : This explains why the ocean is salty

Caleb Davis : RIP Octop- oh nvm 😂😂😂

Oarsh Sajjad : 8:50 do NOT watch these videos when you're eating 🤢

In Love With A were : I would learn so much more in biology class if this is how my teacher would explain things. 😂😂

Oggatha Christie : I clicked on this not expecting much from worms and Oh My God... Mind Blown.

KK Raskal36 : 😂😂🤣💀 narrator is LIT 🔥 lmao

Never Too Old Gaming : Today I learned that the Bobbit Worm is closely related to the Honey Badger. Small world.

Ba Ri : I believe octopuses are the smartest living being on the planet.

Paul Notme : "Remember, we're all just tubes with some fancy bits attached, looking for stuff to put in the front, and finding places to put whatever comes out the other side" what an insightful summary of humanity

Septian Rico Hernawan : Splendid, i just found your channel. Love the content, subs +1

Justin Davis : How am I just now finding these vids!? I love this


Angie Hornshaw : Well, that was refreshingly funny!! You tell it like it truly is, honestly hilarious!! New sub here!! Haha!

CJCroen1393 : I'm so happy for that octopus!

Davis Whitaker : Bobbit Worms and polychaetes: Also known as the Swimming Spaghetti Monsters.

Kill Walker : This guy's voice.....freakin amazing 😂

Alexander Engholm : Bobbit and poppit. This video is good for monster design research.

Sgt Dirty : whem he startet with the bobbit worm i just didnt stop to laught😂😂 edit: sometimes at the bobbit worm scene he startet to giggle a little bit😂😂