True Facts: Bobbit Worm and Polychaete Pals

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Justin : “Who’s the perv now? Oh, still me.” I’m so glad you’re back, ZeFrank.

Lamarck Leland : Even if it's just one video a year it's still worth the wait


Ashley Wool : Every time he starts a sentence with, "To understand this, imagine..." you know it's going to be good.

Matteo Gabriele : "It's like sending you genitals to the bar while you're binge watching Netflix at home: win win" This is gold!

WisMicYal11 : This video has made me realize that I am afraid of sea worms.

Cyrus Barretto : I lose my shit when the narrator finds something funny and gets out of character 😂 my favorite part of the videos

Leslie Renfro : "True Facts is not appropriate for children. Or adults who don't act like children." Truer words have never been spoken good sir.

juniorvinze : *“It could learn a thing or two from the Penis Worm- sorry Peanut Worm.”*

I can't think of a name : my favourite line:"bobbit worm don't need no fricken tube, bobbit worm goes where bobbit worm damnwell pleases"

Xileer Torias : Yea... That stuff can stay at the bottom of the ocean thanks ._.

Kayla Bird : Whenever I can't deal with something, I'm just going to say 'octopus ain't having that' and leave. 😂

king0vitrial : Butthole pachinko

Vehxx - : “True facts are not for children or adults that act like children” Ok I guess I’ll take my leave then...

purpleiguana : Hey, I am so happy to see you are making True Facts videos again. They make me beyond happy. I have a suggestion for you for a future True Facts video: hyenas. The females have so much testosterone that they actually have penises (more for show... they don't function the same as male penises). Also, about lost my lunch when I found out that female hyenas give birth through their clitoris (why, evolution?? WHY?) and, even worse, they have to sort of chew it open so they can actually give birth. (HORK!) There's just GOT to be more that you can talk about... hyenas are just too crazy to pass up!

CJCroen1393 : I'm so happy for that octopus!

Rachel Jakel : I can never tell if I’m gonna vomit or laugh while watching these videos. Like the frog video I show to my worst enemies so they too can have nightmares of their back getting pregnant

Berserker Capitalist : "Give me a kernel of corn and let's play butthole pachinko" My sides have achieved escape velocity

Darin Roodman : The Fireworm is Bristly-Bristly! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Cosmic Atom : That is how the Zefrank1 do.

Wholesome Lad : Wow you are actually back!

Tis Thefool : "Imagine if one lived in your nostril, you'd be the fanciest lad at the party" i almost choked. Hahaha

Timm Savage : My educational intake and retention from these videos is lost by my anticipation of what you'll say next and the laughter I try so hard to stifle which I always fail. Thanks for the educational relief. God, I love these!

General.E.Shady : Mate... you always make me smile, even on my worst days. I often just watch your vids for that. PLEASE do one on humans 😅😅😅

Amye Brown : You should do true facts on history and stuff. You make learning fun.

Ben Aaron : We're all just tubes with some fancy bits attached.

Sonya Hart : That octopus wasn’t having none of that shit haha. I can’t watch his stuff while eating or drinking I almost die or spray everything around me.

Winston Cruz : *Zefrank other lecturers should learn from your teaching style its so effective*

Extremity : I lost my fucking mind at "but it's harder to hear the music." I've seen some funny shit but can't remember the last time I actually busted out laughing out loud. You holding back your own laughter made it even better. Oh man, tears. Good one.

Ryan Green : I just stumbled upon this and I've never laughed so hard "sputterflaps" " your filled with sperm"

Merchant Ivory : David...come back David that's poop

Feeluck : i love these "that is how the XZY do!" lines :D gets me every time

cooljam412 : Let's play "butt hole pachinko" funniest thing ever!

Elena Davis : Bobbit Worm=Alaskan Bull Worm

Kerry Chou : Have you done one on the adeline penguin? There's so much good material on that species

Izzy : *I want to talk about the acorn worm* 3:34

Key Star : I love biology and your videos makes it waaaaay better. I cant stop laughing and learning more about life :,D

Alyssa : Kale chips and KeenHWA

Anonymous Youtuber : Always a fun thing to find when you're diving. You just touch them as you swim past and they hide in their little tubes.

Singer of Discord : I want him to read me a bed time story

Justin Y. : /r/don'tputyourdickinthat

Epicmonk117 : An inverted bobbit worm face looks like a reaper leviathan

Marilyn Rose : You need to do a video on the nudibranch. You know you do.

TheMaster1 : "Kind of like ear buds, but it's harder to hear the music" Too much, had to actually take a break to collect myself after that one.

Leni : I find your voice very relaxing

Peanut Turner : I lost it at "butthole pachinko" and had to pause for 5 minutes to compose myself.

Kelvin : Andddd.... he’s gone again

Captain BlackScrote : True facts about the red lipped batfish. This would be a good one...

Quast : Since I know of the Bobbit Worm, I'm feeling much less stressed about ANY OTHER critter!

Oarsh Sajjad : 8:50 do NOT watch these videos when you're eating 🤢