Black Mirror & Friends | The One Where Ross Invents San Junipero | Netflix

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A little bit of Monika : ahhhh... UNAGI

EK2 : I need more Black Mirror!

david lopez : *Tips tinfoil hat*

LeoP2008 : I didn't think it was possible but Black Mirror somehow managed to make even Friends scary and apocalyptic.

Rex Cosmos : And they laughed at him...

Paul Hudson : Stop scaring the children Netflix

limors : Kinda wish the video description would be "so no one told you after life would be this way", so it would still fit the song.

bunetoff : What people need to realise is very few Black mirror episode ideas are completely out of the box. Most ideas are things most people have thought about for a minute or two. The idea that we could live forever through computers is probably very old.

Lstar : Executive producer: Ross Galor

Şahabüddin Tanrıkulu : Black Mirror was a legend. And Legends never dies. It is back again. So excited.

eightypuff01 : Got insanely excited there for a while. Thought this was some kind of teaser for the new season.

Nowhere Man : He read that in a book. " So, I just finished this fascinating book. By the year 2030, there'll be computers that can carry out the same amount of functions as an actual human brain. So theoretically you could download your thoughts and memories into this computer and-and- and live forever as a machine."

Scof Tj : And i just realized i can sleep with my eyes open !

Veridissima : San Junipero and Jurassic Park - Ross sure invents a lot of things!! :)

Filipe Vinícius : Brasileiros que amam friends e Black mirror? ❤️❤️

joao arthur : isso é muito Black mirror

MrOne2watch : netflix prices going up again? netflix is slowly turning into a cable bill and that's a shame !

Milhouse : The idea of people's thoughts being implanted to computers precedes Friends.

heather willis : i really loved the san junipero episode. i think about it alot.

Walter u. : The fake audience laughed then but who's laughing NOW! No, seriously people who's laughing now?

giorgia andreotti : my favourite tv series and the best black mirror's episode, I LOVE IT

Arempy 58 : Way to spoil that episode

Alden Boon : You can say Yorkie and Kelly were interfacing.

Joash Narainsamy : When's the next season coming?

carly zapata : #primercomentarios Quiero mandar saludos a mi papa a mi mama y a toda mi familia 😂

Wade S : Other people have thought of that in sci-fi for decades.

kamila benchimol : San junipero ❤

Peoni Cha : y'all, 2030 is only like 12 YEARS AWAY

Madhur Gupta : One of the few black mirror episodes with a 'happy' ending

J Derland : Emmm... No, these sort of theories are coming through from the early 60's, but could have been David Cronenberg's Videodrome that popularized and named that tought-stream as The New Flesh theory.

Eduardo Lima : is it bad that i know exactly what Chandler was going to say?

serenityq26 : yet another idea black mirror stole and you idiots keep eating it up like its original. A MESS

Rodrigo Lopez : Everyone lived in the 90' but Ross lived in 2016.

Alhonzo TaWaFuck! : I love san junipero

Introspectre : San Junipero was an interesting concept, too bad it was shoved to the side so the main focus would be on the bland, generic romance plot. I honestly think than any of the other episodes should have won the Emmy.

Charley Archer : I really dislike how San Junipero is now the main episode being used to advertise Black Mirror when it is probably the episode that least encapsulates what the show is all about. Btw, this isn't to do with this video, it's just a general annoyance I have.

Reggie London : Never seen black mirror so i dont get it :(

CPD98 : Overrated episode. Good, but overrated.

illusionmess : this is like a major spoiler for those who havent watched san junipero lol

guardianjuan : I'm glad I wasn't the only one that noticed. As I have been watching a rerun of friends on Netflix

Egypt del Rosario : I think the writers of San Junipero made the clip of Friends as an inspiration to the concept. So to add to the promotional effectivity, they used the clip as the catch to promote. Simple as that

Luca Della Vechia : San junipero and friends !!!😍

Ibrahim Ghani : Wow... What a coincidence!

beko120056 : And this is how you spoil San Junipero :D

Realita : name of that actress on 0:26 ????

Xi H : Sad reacts only

Rob Harris : why did people laugh at ross' statement? Where was the funny bit?

Isabelle N. Miron : Thank god for San Junipero! There are so few BM episodes that have happy endings... Most of them keep me awake at night, freaking out!

Arin Skywalker : The worst Black Mirror episode by far.

Elvalley : Mind uploading was a trope way before Friends even started, and the possibility of its realization was well within the ideas of many experts and self-appointed experts too. This is just pandering to the lowest common denominator...