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Kelly Renn : This doesn't feel right


MagnetoDorito : STOP! You are under arrest for crimes against Skyrim & her people!

Jack dedor : Pikachu sounds like a female even though it's a male Pikachu.

SSJHarambe : Pikachu pika pika There, I translated it to pika language. You are all welcome

【 starteas 】 : pokemon is officially cancelled

David Hickling : *THAT GUY AT **0:12**!* *XD* *NO!!*

JAB 97 : So I'm guessing Pokemon are secretly Digimon now???

Lowell Mather : It's actually kind of cute. Kate Bristol did a good job matching Ikue Ohtani's voice.

Springpool : I had the same reaction

CaviarBlu : Pikachu: It's's because I always want to be with you. Ash: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TheBeybladeKid : Ash must have been smoking some serious shit. Just look at his freaking eyes 😂

Eden Vunich : Plot Twist after 21 years: Pikachu secretly an Ash Ketchum obsessed stalker

JAB 97 : When I watch this with my sister and this scene happens I'm gonna be like "the hell you talking bout I didn't hear anything pikachu can only say it's name don't be silly" lol

Guardian Diancie : The audience where I was, they were shocked. I love audience reaction to hearing Pikachu speak. I had no reaction to Pikachu speaking. Somehow Pikachu was destined to speak one-day. They should have a flashback, in the anime and have Charizard speak, and explain why he disobeyed Ash’s commands during the Kanto League.

SkyeScythe : i love the "NO" slightly after everyone was done talking

Super Vegito Blue55 : What what what what what what what what what WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

G. B. : I thought it was heartwarming. Honestly, you'd have to be a robot to not feel that.

TheDanimator's Channel : WHAT

Super Deez : Pikachu isn't actually speaking english, its more meant to show that ash can understand what pika is saying, and letting us in on what ash hears when pika is just going pika pi.

Rebornblader : We've always known that Ash can understand Pikachu. I think what we just saw is Ash learning to understand him for the first time.

Ankid : No !


Randy Random : To the people who don't truly get Ash, he has the ability to communicate and understand what Pikachu says. What they wanted to do was have you finally understand what Ash has been listening to...

Date Masamune : Not Danny Devito. 0/10

Kiryu Soul 2 : And there goes my childhood.

Somnien : "I choose you.....Senpai"

tunes5 : Man that sounds awful. Jirachi tier shit.

Animal Anime Lover : this is ment to be a seriouse matter and yet i cracked up laughing at everyone's reaction.

Ellie Adkinson : I SOBBED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL! I'M AN ADULT! I didn't think it was funny, I thought it was heartbreaking and adorable.

KJ Ritua : they had one job and they fucked up our childhood...

TheLegend27 : I want to kill myself now

JuspaPvP : Pikachu sounds like hentai

Besharps : 2017 is a weird year

Kaneo Hakune : DOES ASH CONFIRM THAT HE HEARD PIKACHU SPEAK? If he didn't then we just hear what Pikachu was saying but Ash didn't hear anything but the word Pikachu.

Sharkey : I haven’t seen the entire thing, but I’m guessing that pikachu never actually spoke, but it was more that Ash understood what pikachu was talking about, but they wanted the audience to understand so they gave pikachu a voice actor... If meowth can do it, why not pikachu? XD

IAC's Stupid Youtube Account : Words cannot describe how *CUTE* this is.

Jackie Watson : Ash's pikachu gave me nosebleed in that part! So cute!

niewiadomo kto : chujoza połączona z spierdolozą

TheLogicOfLogos : My profile pic explains my reaction

curaja caster : everyone is getting so mad and i think its the cutest :3 albeit if pikachu kept talking it would get a little played out i think. Short and sweet, just like pikachu!


Wumbo29 : I'm going to kms because of this

Ashley Garcia : I'm crying i Love Pikachu

Zyb Productions : Everyday we drift further from God's light.

t3hGawd : It's Pikaws

Jeffery Phillips : ...Ooookay, I think I know what they're doing, in that it's Ash's mind translating for him now that he understands Pikachu better. Thing is, it's still really Goddamn weird.

O Balls : Bruh dis niggachu shoulda gone: "Skrrrrrrraa ... pa ka ka ka ka ... skidiki pa pa ... and a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom ... skiiiyaaa!"

Ugandan Knuckles : “WHUT THE FUUUCK?”

YoshiPeach Mario : the reaction is hilarious