AppyBuilder Beginner Tutorial 1: Talk to Me

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Collins Ani : How can I place my own logo??!

Mr ovi : No work in

AFZ SISTERS : pixii please share video creator tools and software you used for creating videos ...

COC Hindi by sourabh soni : r u going to make a hole playlist on this 🤔 ?

funny video : How to save work and rework tomorrow

azaotl : goood! but I missed the "face part" jeje just kidding.

nabil sellami : Great video as always, is this a new serie you're starting or just a once for all answer for beginners? And may I ask you to continue the intermediate / advanced series you were already going with!

Free Advise TV : Very Nice Tutorial Good 1

COC Hindi by sourabh soni : Hi pixii 💣 , great 😉 video

Rhs fan : Hello , I have a Question regarding screen Adjustment. I build an App but the size of icons and text seems to be different in two different mobiles. In one mobile the Contents are shown bigger but in other small. please could you help me to adjust the screen. thank you.

jin zhon : Grate i love to work on app after watching your videos

jeferson fenandes : Hello, I am Jeferson and I am starting to enter the appy builder community and would like to learn since I am new to this community. I would like to help your unhappily I do not speak English. has to make the legend available in Portuguese. I like a lot of your videos, thank you!

Hum Or Tum : please create admin application please

Orimpo Games : Loved it

Isha Kanwal : My app is not start after scanning QR code also please tell me some solution

sahrul hasan : how to resize numbers in the appybuilder

technical creation hack : hello pixxi plzz created new apk

assam job hunt : plz, create a video for us ...

B.N.S.S.Harsha : Can this file can be converted to.apk file?

ferreira430 : Nice tutorial. Well done 😊

Md Istain Ahmed : hey pixii I need to ask you something. how can i reach you?

Marc Paradis : Hi pixie. Is it possible to run the app even if the screen of the app is close and how ? Thanks. Marc.

Dhiren Pathak : Pl. Advice can i retrive data from firebase to listview as sql query ??

Techie Raj : Wonderful tutorial with amazing editing. I wish I could buy after effects one day... 🙂🙂

Akira akihiko98 : Is it free or need to pay?

aziz s : nice

noor hasan : Can't we manually place widgets wherever we want them on the preview screen instead of aligning to center etc.?

Jek : Always great tutorials. Is there anyway you can make a tutorials or explanation video about monetizing? Explaining the admob earning or amazon ads. Like what is impression, clicks, rewarded video ads etc in a layman's term. Because you are so good on explaining. Thank you for the awesome tutorials!

Jaehun Choe : very good~ i`m novice in programming world, but hope to make many good apps using appybuilder~!

John Barker : Super cool. These guys should hook you up with a brand deal. I'm literally going to try this based solely on this video.

Nik : Nice video

hsaina top : can I make money with Adomb google adsense ads by this apps.thanks

Kanchan Khare : Hey pixii, very nice stuff there. Can you tell me how can I make an app that can save something on phone storage in a dedicated app folder. For example - a notepad app which allow users to write text and save the text in their phone storage inside a dedicated app folder. You know I searched the whole web but couldn't find a tutorial on this. If you could help me, it would be great.