AppyBuilder Beginner Tutorial 1: Talk to Me

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Free Advise TV : Very Nice Tutorial Good 1

John Barker : Super cool. These guys should hook you up with a brand deal. I'm literally going to try this based solely on this video.

azaotl : goood! but I missed the "face part" jeje just kidding.

Tech Game : Nice video

AFZ SISTERS : pixii please share video creator tools and software you used for creating videos ...

COC Hindi by sourabh soni : Hi pixii 💣 , great 😉 video

COC Hindi by sourabh soni : r u going to make a hole playlist on this 🤔 ?

nabil sellami : Great video as always, is this a new serie you're starting or just a once for all answer for beginners? And may I ask you to continue the intermediate / advanced series you were already going with!

BorzeN : hey pixi! i have a problem... i dont know how to add notification into my aplication. I use firebase ( i mean idk how to make something like notification list, u know whats i mean?)i want to make it possible to read for ppl. And i dont know how to make this app working if my phone is blocked, if i block my phone i need to start app to get notification

Kanchan Khare : Hey pixii, very nice stuff there. Can you tell me how can I make an app that can save something on phone storage in a dedicated app folder. For example - a notepad app which allow users to write text and save the text in their phone storage inside a dedicated app folder. You know I searched the whole web but couldn't find a tutorial on this. If you could help me, it would be great.

Jaehun Choe : very good~ i`m novice in programming world, but hope to make many good apps using appybuilder~!

Techie Raj : Wonderful tutorial with amazing editing. I wish I could buy after effects one day... 🙂🙂

aziz s : nice

Jek A : Always great tutorials. Is there anyway you can make a tutorials or explanation video about monetizing? Explaining the admob earning or amazon ads. Like what is impression, clicks, rewarded video ads etc in a layman's term. Because you are so good on explaining. Thank you for the awesome tutorials!

Orimpo Games : Loved it

GAURAV RAJ : hii.. u can promot my earning app on your channel

ferreira430 : Nice tutorial. Well done 😊

Tech Game : Hey Pixii Bom Can u Make video on Appybuilder firebase auth login verification and sign up method...I Hope U Will Understand What I Want To Say...Its Request From Your Subscriber 🙏🙏🙏