BBH Eye to Eye in the Secret Room 0x (Unpolished)

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TheDavoo : >mama Scuttlebug and papa Scuttlebug look down in awe at the new baby Scuttlebug "She's beautiful. We'll name her Scoostey." *>19 years of Scuttlebug raising later* >tears well up in parents eyes "Remember to email us every day! You got that Scootsey? ~snif~"

Luigi2012SM64 : When are you going to polish these? Or are you just going to upload them to you main this way?

Sho Minamimoto : This man aught to open a scuttlebug daycare. Raises these guys all day

Robert Wright : Pannenkeok2012 is the only guy I know that can raise a scuttlebug FOR 13 HOURS!

Ric P : I have seen it... the fabled scuttlebug jamboree

Bloopiero : Wait... do ghosts die? Just wondering.

MarioKart7z : 9999999999999 hours of scuttlebug raising later... "Are the scuttlebugs on Mars yet?"

Lexin : I don't know why, but every time I see a scuttlebug being lured I imagine Pannen speaking slowly and aesthetically while great capital letters appear onscreen reading SCUTTLEBUG TRANSPORTATION

Truls Henriksson : We need an AGDS, Awesome Games Done Slow for the whole ABC run.

Loïc Pyrrha TOCQUET : You're a freaking god

Aoi : You actually did it. Insanity.

TimeTravelPenguin : Jesus Christ you nerd! I love you, though

Brian Rigney : I tell my friends about these videos all the time. I love to think that Nintendo actually made their first N64 game beatable without pressing A once. Are there any other games you think you might explore this concept?

Keith Bellic : Although this is unpolished may I suggest letting viewers know that up till 4:30 is exactly the same as the other vids that use this strat and hence maybe have a small little annotation that lets viewers skip to 4:30? It isn't necessary but other people might like it.

randomviewer896 : Are you sure this will work on console?

PolarisThePichu : 6 trillion years of scuttlebug raising later...

GD Mohd PIECE : there goes the meme again..

Dilara Kurşun : are raised scuttlebugs not affected by gravity? will they just stay in the air even when loaded and visible?


TD RollinsR : Ah yeah, 13 hours raising scuttlebugs, that's a great passtime.

Phlash 64 : jamboree

Spik Oriundo : Spending hours and hours to make something that doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things? I'd say this is nonsense, crazy and useless, but I'm the kind of guy who spends HOURS farming on Borderlands 2 for ONE rare skin customization, that I won't be able to see myself because it's a FPS. So... the ABC challenge is just one step higher on the "Craziness stair" than my farming session are. Okay, maybe it's a few steps higher, but you understand what I'm saying. Or I am just rambling stuff.

André Perez Segato : What do you mean by unpolished?

Seiga Kaku : The fact that you have too many successes to have the time to fully polish them amuses me. Great work and I'll await the full version :D

VεrτεX MK : 13 HOURS

AwesomeBrewski : How did you repeat the exact same movement to ensure the scuttlebugs raise to these precise locations for 13 hours? The obvious answer (I would assume) would be TAS but 13 hours in TAS time making sure you do this precise stuff would be like a solid week straight at least, right?


Jordan Latimer : Omfg you are a GENIUS

nope : no way. I NEVER thought this star would be done with zero A presses

XMario3SonicP : Scuttlebugs: Our New SM64 Saviors

FSSZilla : my god, 20 years later and this comes out.

NumbFeet : This is madness

Eric Peterson : How many A presses have you gotten it down to now, with the strats from today's uploads?

randomviewer896 : How much scuttlebug raising would it take to get a scuttlebug into a vertical PU?

Fear GX : JUST

the1337fleet : Please tell me you didn't raise those scuttlebugs for 13 hours _manually_. You used a script or something, right?

Chorosso : everyone goes on about building up speed for twelve hours, but raising scuttlebugs for 13 hours is more impressive to me.

PhantomTapdos : WAH ... YAHWOO ... WAHOOOWAHOOO ... YAH and it keeps going like it.

conchudo12345 : 4:54 even if i knew something like this would happen, i coldn't help but yell *WHAT"

The Fat Punisher : Pannen is the only guy I know what can raise scuttlebugs.... FOR THIRTEEN HOURS!

Geklmin : if pannen doesn't give me a proper scuttlebug jamboree i'll complain

Geklmin : When will we get our scuttlebug jamboree?

Micky Azulay : 999e999.99 years of scuttlebug raising later...


Evan Blenkinsopp : Can we have a Scuttlebug Jamboree now, Pannenkoek?

NovaStorm93 : Are you a father because you raised those guys!


Bagl Stix : what is unpolished?

Purple : whenever he collects a powerup cap I always expect to hear the sound effect twice.