WorldCup Songs Through The Years (1982 - 2018)

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Andres Diaz : My dear viewers!! Here you can watch this AMAZING NEW VIDEO that I made, hope you like it! :)

NovErdy : Shakira is the best but Ricky Martin is legend

Oliwier Mac : 2010 south africa : waka waka 2014 Brazil : ole ola 2018 Russia: vodka vodka

Brandon Artiz : And i love Shakira. She should sings in all the world cups!! I want a song from her for this 2018 Russia World Cup!! Who's agree with me??

Leong Hong Ling : I don't think the 2018 one is official

gag nabil : the best are 1998, 2010, 2014 who agrees?

Emanuele Papini : Shakira World Cup queen

Black Coffee : '98 and 2010👍

Mohamed Ayman Abozid : Shakira songs in world cup 2006:hip's don't lie 2010:this time for Africa (waka waka) 2014:la la la Brazil 2018:I hope she does one😍

Kebrom Gr : WAKA WAKA the best one

Luis Castro Olaya : Shakira is World Cup 2018

Raton Zafiris : No "Wavin' Flag"??? :(

Kpop gurl : For 2018 is Jason Derulo-Colors.......not that song..

Kontarna : WTF. 2006 had so much good songs during the world cup and you decided to take that shit one?!

PES Addict : Waka Waka is epic.

Fredrick Mlimi : 1998,2010,2014 is the best

Bichoescrotoqsaiudoesgoto : 2018 world Cup music is 💩💩💩💩

hosea magasa : can't wait to see Arabs with hijabs singing 2022

Jonathan Gutierrez : Latinos do it best lol

DANK MEMES : The one 2018 is disgusting

sam arrifsky : still the best and legendary song france98 and waka waka

Rizurper : #1 1998 #2 2010 #3 2014

Dragga : Ricky Martin changed the game on how a World Cup song should sound. He has the best one, Shakira is 2nd Place. I think this new Nicky Jam is sonically better than Africa 2010 song.

Hamza Mohamed : Wheres waving flag

Supersonic Diesel : 2010 World Cup, and Shakira's song are the greatest, at least for me. My wife was pregnant with my son at the time, in the last trimester, and we were following the world cup. That year has many beautiful memories for me, and this song is like the theme song of that year

Marco Polo : The 2018 one sucks, shakira better make a song.

Cyprusball : 1. Brazil 2. South Africa 3. Nothing's better than these

Michael Garcia : Shouldve done La La La for 2014

KaMciO : The Best: 1998, 2010, 2014 Okey: 2018, 1986

PauloDybalaGamer_2569 : 2018 is wrong that is mi gente

morne de swardt : 2010 Waka Waka stays the best

Mayun 07 : "K'Naan - Waving Flag" will always remain my favourite.

Swetabh Singh : 2014😍😍 best fifa wc i dont think that 2018 one is the official song and i think that of 2006 it was hips dont lie

Gustav Hackschnitzel : "Zeit das sich was dreht" from Herbert Grönemeyer is the official WC Song 2006. Its much better, too!

ivan ivanov : '98, 2010 and 2014 are the best !😃

Tinista Shakifan : 2010 mejor

Drunk Black Mamba : 2014 & 2018 are the worsts... Ricky Martin = Legendary Shakira = Iconic *1998 and 2010 songs are the BEST*

Darren Darren : Wait wait....isn't Nicky Jam's "Live it up" the official song for 2018??

KingRockiks HD : 1.WAKA WAKA 2010 2.The cup of life 1998 3.Ole ola 2014

Pallav Suman : 1998, 2010 & 2014 are my favourites

Terrence Ending : 2018 best

restoe bumi : Ale Ale & Waka waka

I'mQuestioningThis : Official 2018 Fifa world cup song, "live it up"

DolanItUp : 2014 was the best

Brandon Artiz : I love the new intro!

Pokemon John : The Russia one is so boring

Tommy Caumartin : The best one is Brazil‘s.

Lauri Siitari : That 2018 song doesn’t got that world cup feeling like 2014...🤔

shadow luigi : good intro

Ivan Kujundžija : Still can't believe Wavin flags wasn't official song for WC in South Africa 😞