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Elijah Phillips : I miss back when this was still a small channel. Now you just cater to the little kids that pewdiepie sent over. SAD!

Pewdiepie V2 : Roll the pornhub intro

Max 2000 : He protecc He attacc But most importantly he- EH!

Mettallux : like

shadowcharizard10 : EH that’s it for this video. like

Masih Kohestani : Pewdiepie new meme 😂😂

s.0nam : Came straight here from PewDiePie's video.

Scrungo : i liked it. you helped me through hard times. i was tying the knot of my noose when i saw this video. you saved my mother from cancer. do you play xbox?

Broski Blast : >"stolen video" >this video was uploaded October 2017 >Pewd's video was uploaded July 2018 HMMMMMMMMMMST

Creecreeprs : Anyone has the source of this piece of art ?

Tíberon Osik Carlos : It's so funny when he tries to recover breath


Jaak : From Pewdiepie?

Jon Snow : lol wtf

Rika리카민 : Is he swedish?

buckwheat loaf : good boy

Jesse Uomorosa : x0.25 best 6 second of your life

Spider Sped : Lmao u gae

Jax Wolfe : This kid is deeper than me

french fri : He succed that broom

Quality Boi : This is officially my favourite video of all time.

LMJ : ur a legend<333

Coco Courtski : *EK* that's it for this video. like.

Keyser Söze : "UUUUUUUUHH! That's it for this video, like.."

HotPepperSeeds 迪克 : *EEH!*

Erdem Loading : Original?

jerking off in a tree : My friend is

Evan Is Anonymous : Have you ever felt sad or lonely? Have you ever felt two feet tall? Have you ever thought "Man, if only I was anybody else at all."? They like to kick you when times get rough And you give your all but it's not enough And sticks and stones might break your bones But words can break your heart And if you don't know where to go I'll show you where to start Kill yourself It'll only take a minute And you'll be happy that you did it Just go over to your oven and shove your head in it Kill yourself Really, you should do it There's, uh, really nothing to it Just, uh, grab a mug and chug a cup of lighter fluid OK, now I feel like you've pulled back Maybe it's on account of the fact that I'm telling you to kill yourself over and over again I'm just trying to make a simple point that these—that life's toughest problems don't have simple answers. You shouldn't just be brave, you shouldn't just roar. You shouldn't kill yourself But I understand that it's a sensitive subject, and you're probably just hearing me say that And I've dealt with s—I don't wanna be insens—look I sound un-empathetic I sound mean and rude Suicide is an epidemic And I don't want to be misconstrued Signs of depression go overlooked So if you're depressed Then you need to book A therapy session Talk about your depression And let a professional hear it But if you search for moral wisdom in Katy Perry's lyrics, then Kill yourself It won't be painful If you are able To give a little kiss to an oncoming train You'll kill yourself It's over, mull it There's a trigger, pull it Get it through your head, "it" being a bullet Stick your tongue in a plug Suck a pipe of exhaust Make some toast in the tub Nail yourself to a cross Hold your breath 'til it's gone Drink a gallon of mace Be gay in Iran Let Oprah sit on your face Jump off of a bridge Skinny dip in a flood Sky-dive attached to a fridge Drink a Haitian guy's blood Break into the zoo Give a tiger a shove Eat a Phillips head screw Marry Courtney Love

nobody care about my name : Here before 100.000 views

blank : finally some quality memes

FattyMcFatFat : Wait, is he finnish? That looks like a Lipsi Popsicle from Finland. Or am I just seeing things?

Xvic limeX : Who came from SKRÄTTER DU?!?!

Elijah Phillips : Wtf danny I thought you were black?!?!?!

TobbAnimations : To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the *EH* . The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also this boy’s nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these *EH* , to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. like.

Charlie SLEEP : thats a new suscriber

Teh Loaf : Y E E T

Dom Toretto : Kaka

Io Cariňo : Blowjob gone wrong

Mark Feshchenko : als?

Hugo Häggström : Hyped for his next vid

King Hotsauce : Wait what's this kids channel?

Nathan Owen : Pewdz is subbed to this guy now, wink wink

NinjaPulse Bruh : Keep pressing 10 sec rewind button


HornPub_ tv : Thank you YouTube, very cool !

BRN BDN : Great video, keep on doing what you're doing!

C4pT1oN 0002831 : There's nothing to laugh at here. It's just a kid choking on a popsicle.

Dr.Khaos. : I... Don't know what I was expecting.

Mark Feshchenko : Nice

Shabam 03 : epic