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Elijah Phillips : I miss back when this was still a small channel. Now you just cater to the little kids that pewdiepie sent over. SAD!

Mettallux : like

Masih King : Pewdiepie new meme 😂😂

Scrungo : i liked it. you helped me through hard times. i was tying the knot of my noose when i saw this video. you saved my mother from cancer. do you play xbox?

s.0nam : Came straight here from PewDiePie's video.

shadowcharizard10 : EH that’s it for this video. like

Max 2000 : He protecc He attacc But most importantly he- EH!

Rika리카민 : Is he swedish?

Jon Snow : lol wtf

LMJ : ur a legend<333

buckwheat loaf : good boy

Erdem Loading : Original?

Jesse Uomorosa : x0.25 best 6 second of your life

Elijah Phillips : Wtf danny I thought you were black?!?!?!

Creecreeprs : Anyone has the source of this piece of art ?

HotPepperSeeds 迪克 : *EEH!*

Jax Wolfe : This kid is deeper than me

Tíberon Osik Carlos : It's so funny when he tries to recover breath

Coco Courtski : *EK* that's it for this video. like.

Quality Content : This is officially my favourite video of all time.

Mr. WeeWee : finally some quality memes


jerking off in a tree 큰 소년 : My friend is

nobody care about my name : Here before 100.000 views

Jaak : From Pewdiepie?

Pewdiepie V2 : Roll the pornhub intro

D4 C : Lmao u gae

DeadGuyInTheSuicideForest : Wait, is he finnish? That looks like a Lipsi Popsicle from Finland. Or am I just seeing things?

HaskaMoosic : Same

TTW : pendurpie sont meh herie

Dr.Khaos. : I... Don't know what I was expecting.

Charlie SLEEP : thats a new suscriber

Teh Loaf : Y E E T

José Manuel : heyy What dat mouth do?

King Hotsauce : Wait what's this kids channel?

Keyser Söze : "UUUUUUUUHH! That's it for this video, like.."

MrLeviNielsen : All of PewDiePie’s normie fans are late to the party for everything.

L.D. 50 : Ê

Careless Drum Pad Kun : This is so good Alexa play Despacito

Rousand SL : Awesome

Nathan Owen : Pewdz is subbed to this guy now, wink wink

Joesph Stalin : *_l e g e n d_*