Celine Dion sexy quick outfit changes backstage!

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Katrine Dalkin : I admire this women she treats everyone with respect. Not big headed just the real deal.

Selina Moses : My goodness that woman has fabulous legs

Ke Th : that is some crazy trust towards the film crew. They had the raw footage of this and had to edit it to hide her bits. That is some next level trust there considering all the celebrity "leaks" we have these days.

stevescissors : Wow! Never knew how involved her changing was.  A true trooper!   It must be so hard to keep up with the public, we'll never know the fear, pain and happiness one feels until you're on that stage.

Angel Esprit : Celine don't like wearing bras. Lol

epSos.de : *F1 pit stop* for changing clothing :-) She needs to automate the process, if she needs it at this scale. Is that a female singer specialty ? Do male or any other singers do change clothing that often ? Is that type of frequent change a specialty to Celine Dion ? Do people expect that in her concerts ?

johnmark daaca : It is so touching to hear that Celine didn't forget to thank her staff. I adore her so much Gosh.

Joshua Brelo : It's cool how she doesn't just put out her arms and lifts her leg up when needed and just let the others do all the work. Instead she just like almost does all of it herself

streamofawareness : It's truly amazing how she does that and it's not super chaotic. Awesome!

RedEyed2012 : How brave a performer she is. And she seems to be very very very NICE. No screaming diva tantrums. Just professionalism. And yes, I'm waiting for the UNCENSORED version of this on my latest Celine DVD. Celine Dion is a hottie!!!

LishesPrincess : she has so much respect for everyone around her. she's really down to earth, not big headed at all. and I love how she helps with the changes I.e doing her own hair ect

samsul alam : i cant see any singer who is easy for all staff. i like so much .

Max G : You can really see how nice and genuine of a person she is by the way she interacts with everyone despite the stress and rushing... I love her!

Bástian James Edwards Woodley : i don't wanna sound disrespectful but her body is amazing for someone of her age

Bryan Ciccone : This stresses me out just watching it.

globalcitizenn : Being an entertainer is one of the toughest jobs in the world, plus it requires god gifted talent. I think they should be treated with more respect.

Brayan Florentino : My respects for this beautiful women. Seeing this makes me admire her even more

james : This Industry just amazes me!! to see how they do things behind the scenes is a trip!!

Myrna Valenzuela : her husband really really really took good care of her by providing her with her most trusted satff who put on her make and dress her up and make sure she can stay hydrated.. she keeps on running I'm sure she's so tired but happy to make her fans happy. I love you Celine Dion!

Sukeke : What is the cream she used to make her body shine during the silver outfit ?

Amy Robert : Man I wish I could get ready that fast!!

Samuel Pereira : So these people saw Céline Dion naked? That's quite awesome pahahha

Mariaceusoaresbarros Lima : Celine you are the best of all time wherever you are ❤ you are perfect DIVA. We love you forever and ever and ever. From Portugal.😙

OnceUponAVideo : i am amazed by how much of the change she does herself.

palegreenstars : She is a fashion designer's dream. She has the perfect everything. What a doll. 😎

MissStanwyck : was that one of her rituals we saw at 1:38 ?

mamiluisamia : I was a model for a few years and this is just a normal part of the job. But the almost naked persons we could sense immidiately if someone was there just for to look at body parts...and we say you: out.

lourdes buelo : amazing performer, very professional...very admiring and inspirational...GOD bless you more

Ordinary Jim : She treat everyone around her with respect. How nice to see this. I loved Celine not only for being a singer but also as a person with a good attitude.

Alex Stewart : Beautiful talented devoted hardworking

Steve L : i can't beleive shes just doing her own hair

Fidan Alizada : But what if she wants to go to the toilet?

Mallery Williams : Gotta love a fashionista pit crew! 😎

Benedick Bono : Wow! And she started singing like that. And galing!

chim chim my love : all i can say celin is so kind.😍

Jojo Jo : Did you notice that the camera man is a dude?? he sees a nude every night??? smh.

Haley Christine : I wouldn't want to be the lady who buttons all her outfits on, like what happens if u miss one button and she has a malfunction 😳

Mohdy Ammar : she's a super celeb with self respect bravoo

John Laub : she is a legend.. and legends know that.. bras get in the way.. lmfao.

walkin dude : 1:39 a belly button touch for good luck.

Александр Новиков : 7:34 starts Malevich black rectangle :(( till the end


elis simatupang : this is real diva profesional singer, love you celine

jorge Leal : She's so humble and adorable.

Prisca M : How come that, from 7:33 it becomes completely dark?

Mundo Fonográfico Tv : Que correria


danieloufergs 231 : Omg move the changing room closer to the stage

Herbi : did she just touch that dude's stomach?

Vijaya Devendra : i salute this woman she respect all of and treat eqaul 😊😊i love her