Took my 3 year old brother for a walk
My little brother found a painting on our walk

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Lil bro found a painting of some headphones on our travels This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact or +44 121 616 1100 / +1 646 380 1615


EpicDonutDude : Why is your dog talking?

Cellatperfection : Is he a rescue?

Fill Her Up Please : What kind of dog is this?

EpicDonutDude : so innocent

BatsOnMats : Rouuuuund... H E A D P H O N E S!

Peter Mitchell : kid on a leesh...what a time to be alive

a sad, strange little man : The kid's gonna look back at this in 10 years and think: "Man, I wish i was still that innocent."

Nunyabidness : kid on a leash? what ever happened to holding hands? Peak 20XX right here

Antoan Nikolov : Since when do dogs talk

Geo : Not sure whether to be concerned about the fact that he’s on a leash, or that he thinks those are headphones.

IS Donut : Where can u get one of those leashes? When by brother sees a squirrel or bunny he runs away.

OkSoBasicallyImCar : You need to show your brother this 10 years later

kremit : Your son is truly the Einstein of our generation

puppyhowler : gonna be very honest here, his little dance when chanting "headphones!" was absolutely adorable

Lucky Inky : I hope he is still innocent today

Keebs : weird looking dog m8

Stefan M. : Yep, those are headphones. Nothing else they could be. Not at all.

SoullessGaming : H E A D P H O N E S *starts dancing rapidly*

Kahekili Stokes : these are some weird *headphones*

Fuchi does touge vids : What is he talking about. It's clearly a VW Beetle.

Prism Productions : Hey wait a second, those aren’t headphones...

000 : Don't worry it's an upside down heart

Jimstain : Jamstain you're grounded! - what have I told you about taking the pup out without his muzzle on

lyan reehan : Why is your brother on a leash and not your dog


Cassie Z : Too pure!

Keiko Procrastinator : Tf Take your dog to the vet m8 It's not looking so good

Killa Watt : What, they ain't headphones?

vegan rolls : its *obviously* a pair of headphones

Carmen Bernardo Meme Owxus : long headphones

Spike Link : a kid on a leash you got me on that one.

Richard Pike : Headphones xD gotta love his innocence

Berke Gökçe : This reminds me of "The Lamb and The Tyger" by William Blake.

I Glitter Memes : Kids these days, all of them obsessed with technology

Felit :3 : I wannna see that headphones in shop :)

Anomolous Cow : Headphones, Dolphin on Wheels, and Giraffe Family. The Holy Trinity

Raymond Tang : I like headphones in my mouth

Shiba : Idk what's funnier. The actual video or that damn title xd

Star TechTricks : Really ... I self thought that , those are headphones. But when that man laugh then i understood everything

laxpunk2k : Hi Jamstein, I work with MTV's show, Ridiculousness, and we are interested in featuring your video on the show! Let me know if you are interested and look forward to hearing from you, thank you!

Robert Boy Gaming : Guys there headphones

Kyu • : He’s got a leash *IM DYING*

bvbblegum : *this is golden*

S. Bregnest : *Headphones! :D*

Rainkyrie : Yes, son. It's a headphone :")

CenTz : Love how they see the paint differently from us

Kobe Phlong : Squidward on crack

chubby cheko : WOW this guy was an artist! that's a very detailed set of headphones for a 3 year old to see in public!....(sarcasm) is 30% of my personality :)

Duo : I’m not gonna assume your dogs breed but it looks like a labradoodle All tho he/she looks human