Took my 3 year old brother for a walk

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Hella Planty : Y'all calm down it's not a leash it's a child harness- It just gives the kid more space and in a way is more comfortable for them than hand holding. I thought these were more common but I guess not? I know for a fact I wore one when I was a toddler-

the guy : Lol

Richard Pike : Headphones xD gotta love his innocence

Millie Warrior : Is that kid on a leash?

bobsmithers : LMAO HEADPHONES

SoullessGaming : H E A D P H O N E S *starts dancing rapidly*

Theodore Budgen : *_hEaDPhoNeS_*

Killa Watt : What, they ain't headphones?

Riley Monster : yeah... yeah... headphones... that's what that is... (>_<)

Deracada Venom : So innocent... so naive...

President Pusscat : What is he talking about. It's clearly a VW Beetle.

Matheus Rodrigues Martinez : Vim pelo capuccino

Ryan JustcallmeRyan : Does anyone realize that he as leash on his back

chloe. : why is he LEASHED

Pixel Treason : Scissors

Alex Marshall : HEADPHONES!!

nErd d : yeah headphones...


LazarBoi : he on a leash

I Glitter Memes : Kids these days, all of them obsessed with technology

puppyhowler : gonna be very honest here, his little dance when chanting "headphones!" was absolutely adorable

SpecialPuppo28 : Sorry, but those aren’t headphones

Trash Duckling : what a nice dog

Raymond Tang : I like headphones in my mouth

Conrad Feathers : I don't think that's a dog... *I think it's a cat*

Al Cat : You need to show your brother this 10 years later

krkro : This is great

CenTz : Love how they see the paint differently from us

AdamF : some *ODD* headphones

laxpunk2k : Hi Jamstein! I work for MTV and we are interested in featuring your video on network. Let me know if you are interested and look forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Prism Productions : Hey wait a second, those aren’t headphones...

Overwatch Guy : I don't know what is more disturbing, the graffiti or the fact that he is on a leash

Neppu : thats a strange looking dog you got there, where can i find one

Hafsah : wheeze

Ginger Stalin : why would you put a leash in a child that means you're too stupid to take care of children

Cellatperfection : Is he a rescue?

super Jenius11 : HEFONES

Mia got Yeeted : hoe headphones

Kobe Phlong : Squidward on crack

Dave Miller : *Headphones*

Фелит :3 : I wannna see that headphones in shop :)

Dogetamer3 : Imagine this kid when he found out what that was

Random Vids : What happened they are headphones, nothing special

Anomolous Cow : Headphones, Dolphin on Wheels, and Giraffe Family. The Holy Trinity

Twinkletoes Gaming : EpicDonutDude: So innocent Also EpicDonutDude: Why is your dog talking

Stefan M. : Yep, those are headphones. Nothing else they could be. Not at all.

Julie Mortimer : Hahahha

Math : Why did your bro have a leash ? o_O

Math : Headphones ! LMAO

Polar • : He’s got a leash *IM DYING*