Emigrating To New Zealand - Cost Of Living In NZ - Our Story - PT#4

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SarahHNZ : Hi guys! As a kiwi myself it’s interesting listening to the perspective of new people to the country, love this ! Keep it up 🏔🏖🌈

Hectorious : Wow, being here in Southern California we are the fruit and vegetable capital of the world I take for granted the availability of fruits and veggies. Also too on pricing! Interesting facts about rusty vehicles in NZ! Great share guys

Viviana Bunea : Great video dear friends!

Community Tours Australia : Thanks for the update very interesting facts about NZ i thinks i mentioned to you some time ago my father originally was going to settle there..cheers 😀😃

eh Joe : "Council tax", I have never heard that term before, here in Canada we are heavily taxed, I think where ever you are in the world certain things will be very costly and other things less. I heard Sweden is one of the highest taxes in the world not sure if that's true or not. Thanks for having dinner with me, I am home alone taking and edit break. You guys are awesome you are infectious both of you.

TJ Israelsen : I want to go to New Zealand so bad! I will eventually make it out one day lol. Great vid

Jess Turner : This looks amazing!!!!

Devin Leary : This was such an amazing video! Keep up this amazing work and I'll always be watching.

Jamesyboy Experiment - Travel Channel : Hi guys. Another really interesting video. Great that there are no sewage or water charges, or TV license. Picking up on the schooling - we have heard that there is no such thing as homework in NZ is this correct? Hope you all have a great week.....love Corinne and Adam 🙂

ATJH Travels : Really enjoyed this video awesome information about living in New Zealand great attention to detail well done friends

Brother Dunne : Christchurch is the way to go guys! Man, one of my favourite memories is walking across the Routeburn, and then hitching my way to the start of the Milford Sound Circuit! Its like Mini Canada there...love it.

Michael Heliotis : We call it a jug because it's tall and cylindrical. If it's squat and domed then it's a kettle, but they're not very common or popular in New Zealand for whatever reason. And most of the kettles I've seen are the traditional stove-top variety rather than electric.

Adam – Citizens of Everywhere : Haven't been to New Zealand yet, but this is great info for when I get there. Cooking is big for me so it's interesting to hear how expensive groceries are, but makes sense being such a small island that it would be more seasonal. Great stuff, guys!

Alen0 : Great video guys ! Always wanted to visit New Zealand. Good luck to you !

Wandertale: The Travel Podcast Community : Can totally image going from UK prices to NZ prices requires some serious adjustment... but sounds you managed pretty good!

Globe Trotter : super dear.....thanks for sharing, i really enjoy watching

Amanda Dommasch : Emigrating sounds complicated damnn

northofyou33 : How about renting? Say a two-bedroom apartment or small house?