kermit sings hurt
In honor of Jim Hensons birthday heres Kermit Eulagizing him

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kermit signing cash song, HURT


Colin Bissett-Leaman : It's upsetting to hear that after all the threats he's finally done it. He's kermitted suicide.

Bestgamerdude : They always ask "who is kermit" never "How is kermit".....

Kim Jong Un : 'This is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote the song' -Trent Reznor

Pixel : kermit becomes hurtmit

RonocMan2012 : kermit dies in infinity war

Lonestar : Well if Toys R Us closing didn't kill my childhood, this video sure as hell did it

PetertheBrewer : "When Kermit covers your song it's no longer your song." Trent Reznor

Dolphinboi : He's gonna Kermit suicide

Dr. Worm : my body doesn't know if it wants to laugh or cry so it's making this ungodly noise previously unknown to man

honeymoon : The fact that someone bought a Kermit puppet for this

Sharko J : A rare footage of kurt cobain’s last days

Tabbycat Witch : The most surreal thing about this video to me is that it came out well before this song or Kermit were major memes. Truly legendary.

Cinematic Addict : At 1.37 is he wacking to Mrs. Piggy?

TompComp : I'm mad at everyone. Almost 11 years to the day of this upload... and I'm just seeing it for the first time? Brilliant!

Hungry Santa : Cash song? w0t? Did you not hear the distorted guitar notes? This is clearly the original NIN version

Natalie : this is the kind of video i want in my recommended

Tomas Balcazar : Masterpiece

nv vam : Who knew behind the scenes Kermit was such a mess.

Joy : Is Kermit better now? Its been 13 years since this

Jonah In da garage : Prisoner: What are you in for? Kermit: everything

Mandalore The Last Meth Bender : I guess The Muppets reboot didn't help him after all.

The Culture Corner : You see, 'Piggy' is the second track of the NIN album 'The Downward Spiral' 'Hurt' (The original) is on that album There are photos of Miss *Piggy* in this video *Coincedence? I think not.*

Elias s : Dude why has this been hidden from my eyes for so many years?? 😭😭

Ryan H. : Its a Nine Inch Nails song, it was covered by Johnny Cash. SO its not a cash song, its a nails song.

Michaelangelo the 33rd Hentai Lord : I'm going to kermit sewer slide

Oh God : This is on the borderline between funny and depressing

MichaelofAngels 777 : I think youtube neets to permanently rewind back 12 years and start again. Bring us backkkk

DJ Psykix : IDKW, but this cured my depression.....

Kym Meadows : I actually felt sad when at the words, "Everyone I know goes away in the end", and they show a photo of Jim Henson. That's probably the beginning of the end for poor Kermit.

normal : I was about to say the guitar is wrong then I realised it's the 9 inch nail version.

BlueSummer Rains : I've hit a new stage of depression

Worthless : Kermit: *I hurt myself today* Me: Same

I main Mercy and my life is pathetic. : He needs help... he might kermit suicide if he dosent speak to a thearaphist

Kailynn Hernandez : This doesn’t sound Cash’s version. This is Kermit Reznor all the way, my dude.

kakashi hatake : When you just finished watching infinity war...

Olira : People always argue Johnny vs Trent but this is the true version.

Hugh Jardon : This is so fake... He's not even playing the guitar. His hands don't even strum in rhythm with the guitar playing. At least he was smoking for real.

Cayden Griffin : When etika went missing and cops found an unidentified body

MY LIFE IS A MEME MY LIFE IS PATHETIC : Just listen to the pain in his voice the pain in those eyes 😢😪 We should’ve listened to him before....

Millmond : I own that chair, I have the six of them along with the table.

Cebby : "Everyone I know goes away in the end" and it pans over to a picture of Kermit and Jim. FUUUUUUUUUU

Just Boosterz : The description is wrong. This song isn’t by Johnny cash, he just did a cover of the song. This song is actually by Nine Inch Nails, and tbh the original is better.

sp10sn : What's going through a person's mind while framing a photo of Ms Piggy?

Staszek w Kinie : Kermit after when he saw "Happytime Murders" 😂

Wastelancer#76 : Hope everyone is ok that actually finished this video

Alberto Saldivar : Remember when youtube was good

General Nick of the Holy Zest Empire : I saw the original Kermit in a museum once

World Coming Down 5779 : "The Frog is hurt, and Rightly So! (Jordan Peterson voice)

louijy Vampa : 2019 still sad, still listening(((