How I Trained My Cats

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Smug Hat Kid : *Why are your cats smarter than me*

Mahim Mashfiq : You have some strange dogs

azr sfx : Aww It's so Cute 😍

DLDmaster : the moment you ate the cucumber, the cat was like "Dude you eat that?"

yoongi is my suga : He protecc He attacc But most of all *he likes his snacc*

송재욱 : You seem to have a really happy life.

AppleSwizzledGaming : I tried this with my cat... But he bit me.

I live in a pineapple : How to train your -dragon- cat

DaVeZ GaMeR : Who watched but didnot trained their cat 🐈

Prime Gaming : Why do humans follow their dogs while walking ?

Genevieve : *It’s so obvious how much you love and respect your cats. You gave some really good tips, especially about not pushing them to do something they might not be naturally inclined to. I also love how you say ‘thank you’ to them, it’s a simple gesture but says a lot about how you regard your cats. They look so beautiful, healthy, and loved. Thank you for sharing with us.* ❤️

Aleksi Niemelä : Those are some weird ass looking turtles

May David : “poki is just poki” moments after he falls to a hole lmaooooo

ああ尊い : うp主ハイスペックすぎて笑った

G KinG : I clicked this video finally. Are you happy *YOUTUBE?*

Alice Walker : Poki is just Poki - *dives into trashcan* 😂

Leni Watermoon : 1:36 How did you do that?

Auron Williams : i love these cats and relaxing music I this paradise

Pepijn Van maren : Why tf is this in my recomended

Ariola the skinny legend : ok, u are a genius.

Al bw : I think this cured my depression

michael french : Its like you found cheat codes for your cat

Mthy Playz : I tried it on my cat BUT I GOT A SLAP INSTEAD OF A PAW!

Никита Петров : Вот это контент, а не всякое дерьмо по типу,# обмажьсвоелицомочойчелендж

Fake GM : *Thanks* _I was sub for your chanel_ *_Who want^^_*

This Little Critic : Man I’m not even that well trained lol

Textop : ''People always ask me how I trained my cats. Well, here's how I do it!'' *_Proceeds to throw the cat in the fields and ride the bike away from it as fast as possible_*

Febri Note : Its just me or im watching this like a movie?

きゃないん/kyanain : この飼い主さんめっちゃ優しい… どっかの虐待する頭おかしい奴とは違うねぇ

El ash :v : Titulo en español Habla ingles Es japones Khe berga

Blue Nightfox : Proceeds to explain about cats, creates a masterpiece in the kitchen in the meantime.

ZORTELLE : Кто русский?

베어라벤더리 : 고양이 보러 왔다가 칼솜씨에 놀라고 갑니다...


Uda Fraizal : oh my god, your cats are adorable


Snake Swift : *tries the cat pawl shake Cat: *bites hand

Mandy Deshannel : How to train your human 🐱

PkmnMasterxXYTYXx : smart cats

Wholesome Lad : May ur cats never die❤️

Felipe Carvalho Cortez : Dunno why I'm watching, I don't even have a cat. But glad I found this video. ♡

septicarmy 2008 : R u sure they aren't dogs?

ᗒ STALKER ᗕ : *Mis hijos (gatos :3) también son educados :3*

GirlyGamer 10 : What happened after: *tested it* 5 mins later........ “DUMM CAT! YOU FREAKIN FARTED AFTER ALL THAT FISH!” And I thought I was doing something.

Princess St Lot : COMING IN THEATERS EARLY 2019.

Megan H : I love hearing people talk highly of cats... they really are such awesome creatures.

Yes : I had a cat who liked to watch tv with me. Every time he saw I was going to sit on the couch and turn on the tv, he ran fast to my lap and stayed there watching tv with me <3

Caleb Sealey : My cat FREAKS tf out when he hears a can open 😂

Roci roci : Bueno... Mi gata duerme todo el día y cuando no intento hacer eso pero le agarro la pata y me muerde 😒😒 Que ago

Eve Exposed : The thumbnail killed me