How I Trained My Cats

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Noto Chan : I hav a cat tht had a same colour & pattern like you..everytime I watch ur video..i feel like...I want to have a closer bond with my cat like u and ur cat..when i watch ur video, i decided to let my cat smell it..whenever I cook somthin..because he is so curious.. And one day I let him smell my biscuit crackers..when I was abt to put it inside my mouth..he smash my biscuit with his paw and take my biscuit and run away.. My cat is a bit aggressive.. T_T Thank you so much for the video tips!!! (Sorry for my very bad english.)

This Little Critic : Man I’m not even that well trained lol

구일일 911 : I love your voice and your adorable cats😻

Combusted Kitteh : ur vids are so aesthetic, i LOVE the music

venkataramana Reddy : These cats are Lucky to have him

Super SuperNomNoms : Jun real talk You could put Gordon ramsy out of business

BlastoiseBoy 1 : This deserves to be on trending. Edit: goes and makes video to get on trending

CoconutBear : The cat in the thumbnail is like “I is awesome, I is fearless, I is god”

Gian Rangga Permana : I can't believe your cat behave really well.

だよかーくん : 猫可愛いですね^^

Alien Baby_ : This video is just perfect in every way

Blue Nightfox : Proceeds to explain about cats, creates a masterpiece in the kitchen in the meantime.

7fallenshells Xoxo : Can I marry this video ?

Sofie : I used to be kinda scared of cats. But one year ago I got to take care of a homeless young cat who was near death. He’s SO nice. Since I’ve adopted another cat so now I have two. Both used to be homeless. They are different but both very, very nice and friendly. Neither of them have EVER bit or scratched me (except for accidentally while playing haha, but nothing that hurts). I can even rub their belly. One of them is super curious and the other one is very shy towards new people (we think he might have been hit in a previous home :( so that may be why he’s a little scared). every morning, when my alarm goes off, he snuggles up beside me. I think he finally feels safe and loved ❤️ the other one, the cat I got first, is not as much for snuggles, he’s a little more by himself but very confident. I think he might like a bike ride. They both love each other like brothers and plays and wrestles a lot. I’ve always been a dog person, I grew up with dogs, but now I’m both a dog and a cat person ❤️ animals can teach you so much about love and respect. I love cats.

Folcron Hydra : Those cats are so cute

Herman : It smells good doesn't it, do you want it? HELL YEAH! To bad i cant understand you 2:22

Minty Bliss : I think this cured my depression

z3e M : Yeah sure let the kitties observe you while you cooking , I was doing salt bae knife moves and my cat jumped onto the tip of the knife . Rip little flof you will be missed . 2017~ 2018 .

クロエ。ゆきな。 : すごく可愛くてお利口さんな猫ちゃん💕😍

Bjerki Frfr : My Russian cat is really a forest predator. with a wise look of a Vietnam veteran. quite often, cats don't listen to because of the already formed personality. it is certainly a proud breed needs to have education from childhood.

some interesting stuff : I don't even have a cat why am I watching this😂

Faith Iris MacIlvaine : Well shit. Isn't this the cutest thing I've ever seen.

えりちか : こういう人のお嫁さんになる人幸せそうw

That Vegan Trans Guy : Wow, how can you just hold tuna under their noses? Mine would even snatch the tomato out of my hand. How did you get them to get used to the leash? Our cat really misses being outside. He can go on the balcony, but that just doesn't seem to cut it.

Inès : I my self have 3 cats and one who is visiting in the night or when he wants to stay with me. 2 girls and 1 boy. Kororo is the elder one she have 5years and she is like a princess when it comes to food or where she eats or who is feeding her or how you talked to her.I rescued her from the streets. Muffy is Kororo’s daughter and she is a little aggressive while it comes to her territory or her sleep. The boy- a orange tabby one-also rescued —- Shippo— is very spoiled.He likes all the best food and like Poki&Haku&Nagi he loves canned tuna. When I cook I let them smell what the ingredients are and taste is they want to taste the ingredient.

Koji Ruiz David : What kind of breed is that

ick bins Der gòwer : Wow, Einfach nur Wunderbar!

k vishal : Do you want to sell your cat

Para lel : Srsly? U shud let ur cats go outside when they want to bra... also u should let them go free outside and not hold them with a rope :( they wont run away if ure a nice guy

Martin Benford : Beautiful Cat & So lovely!

Narcissa However : Your cats look more peaceful than i have ever been in my life.

何少鈞 : So you are Japanese or?? :3

It's Anazing : What kind of bike do you have?

Leah Nicole : When he was in that freaking bike I was literally at how cute that was.

Bian chang : Jun is like that one Husband your Friend has that cooks cleans and trains cats and you are stuck with a Cheeto addicted fat blob

MIN YOONGI STAY IN YOUR LANE!! : The dog really didn't want to leave Haku😂. I mean, who would want to leave this cutie😌.


ileryon 3000 : Why spend 2$ on lots of tuna when you can spend 20$ for a little can of tuna just because it says "for cats" on it.

Nolamimi 877 : 猫たちの名前は、なんですか?

Gnome Hat : WHAT DA FREAK you just made a bird out of an apple

Joseph Monaco : I will start the pawtrick with my cats.

suics h : Haku looks so glorious in the thumbnail 😍

Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice : 오마이갓 so cute ^.^

THE LIGHT OF LIFE : You have a cute cats I also love them

Thisha 98 :

Kirstie Roche : Don’t have a cat, but this is pretty cool !!! ❤️

Sammy F : You're soooo cuteeeeee 😻😻寝られない夜に見るとウトウトしやすくなる!

Sniperhunterpd Sniperpd : My cat follow me only if i feed them

Whitney Roberts : Gorton Ramsey who

Cherry Berry : Most amazing for that its guy doing that 😊 💗