How I Trained My Cats

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little spark : I hav a cat tht had a same colour & pattern like you..everytime I watch ur video..i feel like...I want to have a closer bond with my cat like u and ur cat..when i watch ur video, i decided to let my cat smell it..whenever I cook somthin..because he is so curious.. And one day I let him smell my biscuit crackers..when I was abt to put it inside my mouth..he smash my biscuit with his paw and take my biscuit and run away.. My cat is a bit aggressive.. T_T Thank you so much for the video tips!!! (Sorry for my very bad english.)

Felipe Carvalho Cortez : Dunno why I'm watching, I don't even have a cat. But glad I found this video. ♡

The Average Canadian : Will these methods work on my dog?? No? Just cats? Ok sorry

Kirstie Roche : Don’t have a cat, but this is pretty cool !!! ❤️

inotorious fanboi : Nice dog

Shark Tank Showcase : My Cat: Me: Give me a paw. Cat: Nah bro, I will scratch your face. I need help people!

Genevieve : *It’s so obvious how much you love and respect your cats. You gave some really good tips, especially about not pushing them to do something they might not be naturally inclined to. I also love how you say ‘thank you’ to them, it’s a simple gesture but says a lot about how you regard your cats. They look so beautiful, healthy, and loved. Thank you for sharing with us.* ❤️

かりん : かーーーーーーーーわい!!!

Plester : That cat is too cute.

Len Frantora : 可愛すぎるちくしょ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

luskiee BOAT : CATATOUILLE in the making

No : _You changed me from a Dog person to a Cat person..._ *TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!!!*

いしころ : サムネ可愛すぎる

Daiki Yamagishi : 自転車に乗せて走るところがすごく美しい

Agent700 : Nice house

Buba Mileva : I am a new subscriber! (from Bulgaria)I loooove your cats and you make so funny and cool videos! ❤💚💛💜💙

Isagail : ANY VIDEO WITH YOUR CATS IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY! Haku, Nagi and Poki are the best cats in the world! (Until I get my own cat of course.)

Midori : thanks! your cats are adorable---! lol that last part!

MiaMartina Ma : His channel is literally the definition of quality content. He only have 17 videos, yet he already have 1.2 million. I'm not complaining, They're soo relaxing. Now i'm just sad I'm allergic to cats

Flaming X Gaming : 私はあなたの猫がとても好きです

Redfur The Warrior : 2:29 LOL her/his face be like "Ya seriously ate dat?"

/ Daddy Jeff \ : *Why are your cats smarter than me*

christina love : Awww that bike ride looks so nice

Sydney Kurniady : 1:53 cat: HOW DID U DO THAT?!

ColdFistz : My cat scratch my hand :(

Layana Kreidly : I love how me and this guy have the same thinking...

Scene Catcher : Human: I trained them Cat: We trained him to do that to us

Jed Cook : That empty space I never knew that was in my heart is now filled. Cats name is Simba

modi jindabad : cute cats....

Gillian : This is so cute :O

Mackenzie Birch : Such nice kitties!😸

MontyBeth : *clapping hands loudly* GOOD BOYS, GOOD BOYS

DraxXD_ 0fficial : You are my new favorite channel

Olatie : my cats only sleep

Susan Welch : Your cat like mine he is really smart but mean

Długa 81 : i wish i had such a furry companion for my bike trips :-]

Madilyn Schroeder : this is the cutest thing i've ever seen i love cats

Kimura Devilflame : Thank you so much

Nagham Zuhairi : How old are your cats? Plus they are the most cutest cats at least I ever seen

fok u moder foker : 2:21 WORK FOR ME PEASANT

Isabela Costa Oliveira : That's the most beautiful YouTube video I have ever seen...thank you.

Kevo : You deserve to be on trending, I subbed :)

Radioactiv3Bear : I remember the day I discovered your channel my cat ran away

Majestic Horsie : When I grow up, I plan on getting a cat, and I'm going to care for it like the way you do. You raise your cats in a very kind manner, which I truly appreciate. By the way, does anyone know what types of cats are these?

Katelyn- Chan : I have a cat He is crazy for food and would do anything And if you don't put the catfood he likes,he won't eat it and will still meow and scratch you bc he wants the food he likes And he is always angry and running around the place all day and destroying stuff Help?

Monique Dittrich : That apple sculpture tho 👌🏻

FYR3FLY Official : Wow that apple design was awesome

くんおの : 可愛い◝(⑅•ᴗ•⑅)◜..°♡

gsgsgsggs gsgfsdsv : HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA in the thumbnail

Bionic Raptor : What do you like for breakfast Jun/ what's your favorite?