How I Trained My Cats

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DeeDee Doozle : Jun: [eats a bit of cucumber] Cat: Why On Earth Would You Do That Human

Ally En : 2:28 that face thinking why the hell are u eating this

Veridian : Their eyes have me in a trance

Bnadem PaNørmal : Theses cats aren't trained, they're paid actors and it's most likely a part of their world domination plan

Maska_ Child_of_nature : In my country we never walk a cat. We open the door and the cat walks it self and comes back before dark

송재욱 : You seem to have a really happy life.

María Zanahoria : I have 5 cats (by now) and they would eat my own hand if I don't give them some of my food 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

nvr_mnd : That kitty is so pretty

Und Panzer Wibu : 2:27 "Nani!?"

katie kitten : awwwwwww :3

This Little Critic : Man I’m not even that well trained lol

Andrew : Your cat dad level is over 9000.

KrF : How to train cats to be dogs

trinity trinity disouza : Very brilliant training lol😍

John and John : 3:37 ITS A SHIBA INU

Alice Walker : Poki is just Poki - *dives into trashcan* 😂

Very Feral : This is my new favorite channel! I love the cats, how considerate you are of them, and how you engage with them! And your cooking is out of this world!

Nikki : "Poki is just Poki" 😂

Haley Richards : As someone who is super pro indoor cats, I really really love all the enrichment inside & ways you let your cats explore the outdoors without letting them roam free and unsupervised. This video just makes me so so so happy tbh

The Misty Lynx : It’s a DOGE!!

Isagail : ANY VIDEO WITH YOUR CATS IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY! Haku, Nagi and Poki are the best cats in the world! (Until I get my own cat of course.)

Riqell : I cant get enough So funny from the start x))

Nikita Dasberg : just Poki😂

Ellys Tagebuch : My cat would destroy My Hand 😂😂 i think she hates me

Rafael Carpy : Cat: *looks at dog* what the hell happened to that cat

MontyBeth : *clapping hands loudly* GOOD BOYS, GOOD BOYS

cynran gamer : 5:10 my Hero academia

Miriam _kb : THAT'S TOO CUTE😍😘

Blue Fox'k Cáo Mắt Xanh : 3:49 Japanese right?

Leonidas : This reminds me of Ratatouille but with Cats!

Rachel and Jun : Next step is training our cats to commit petty crimes.

Avi Kaushik : My cat luvs to poo at our carpet & sofa🤮

ke Yuan : I like how you laughed

Mæva : So cute

Avi Kaushik : Dog is too coward...funny😂😂

Shae • : i don't know how i got here but im not mad about it???

Kyah Francis : The thumbnail is *sooo* cute

Im a sheep : my cat would destroy me if i touched he paw

Liliana Podoprigora : That's so cute 😍💞🌸

Ana Kajita : I just love your voice!!! It seems so ASMRish..... So calm and gentle

Madilyn Schroeder : this is the cutest thing i've ever seen i love cats

Hafis 12 : 2018??

-*Haze - Kun*- *Random Person* : Hope I see you in Japan somewhere. I actually live in Japan!

Animus Cumminham : I can watch this guy all day

King Haru : 私は日本人です。 可愛いですね! I am Japanese. It's cute!!♡♡♡♡

Kevo : You deserve to be on trending, I subbed :)

IntelligentReality : I'm honestly surprised it wasn't the cats that were being cooked.

Queen Aya : The tu thumbnail is probably the most beautiful thing in the world 🌍

Annisa Rahmat : 2:28 his face when Jun eating the cucumber "Yelch hooman you ate those nasty things? Tuna for me, thanks"

porcelain : 1:28 Are you Edward from twilight?