How I Trained My Cats

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[Infinity Jeff Kaplan] : *Why are your cats smarter than me*

JENNIE'S GRANDMOTHER : Thanks youtube for recommending this video!!😍😍

Sub Killer : problem with this video is that it ends.

Isabella Figuerola : ??? That fruit art with that apple????? Training cats???? Your angelical voice??? Are you human?

skjdjsksj : *This is the side of youtube that deserves no hate.*

Al bw : I think this cured my depression

Tech Venture : *Now I Need A Cat*

TruthSurge : Smart, civilized owner that cares = smarter, civilized pets. Thug owners = vicious, stupid animals. Pretty simple. I did my dog the same as this man. I just treated him as if he had sense and showed him everything and taught him a few tricks.

Evan Devin : 2:30 “Once they memorize the ingredients, they either lose interest...” ...or they become a chef

I'm Too Addicted To Youtube : That's cute but can we talk about that Apple swan?

Megan H : I love hearing people talk highly of cats... they really are such awesome creatures.

Vini Alifia : poki is just poki 😂

Ilya Artiushkevich : This is the most wholesome video ever

mArShIe TrAsh : They're so poofy and cute

Beep TheSheep : You live in a beautiful place

Genevieve : *It’s so obvious how much you love and respect your cats. You gave some really good tips, especially about not pushing them to do something they might not be naturally inclined to. I also love how you say ‘thank you’ to them, it’s a simple gesture but says a lot about how you regard your cats. They look so beautiful, healthy, and loved. Thank you for sharing with us.* ❤️

karla m : your videos are very relaxing:)

Max Winder : This is the best situation between owner and pet I’ve ever seen. This guy is awesome, beautiful swan by the way.

FloydBeatsmacgregor : Is this the greatest YouTube video ever?

zacter : My cat sh!ts all over the floor while staring me dead in the eyes

Blue Nightfox : Proceeds to explain about cats, creates a masterpiece in the kitchen in the meantime.

Vicky : this is so wholesome there are tears in my eyes

LoN3LY BoY : Instructions unclear fish ate cat

Mohaamd_7 : I love how cats can't fake their true feelings.

Karissa Long : This video brought me more enjoyment than I thought possible. 😁

송재욱 : You seem to have a really happy life.

D. J. : ネコ可愛すぎて昇天。

Janice Abad : Thats why i love CATS

Bobby Bush : I'm taking Poki, no take backs.

Kakkspöö : I have 2 kittens that i got about 3 months ago and the other one has a bad habit of climbing on the table :/ Oh and i live in countryside so they can exlpore the outside world freely and they like it. Also the other one seems to really love me it always comes to me, bites my toes and sucks my fingers and it does it literally all the time when it is inside with me.

Savya Jain : I don't even know why it has dislikes

Kayah Garrison : I love how your cats are fuzz-balls of love and curiosity😂😍🤩

Sparky : I just discovered Jun. Hes good with cats AND CAN COOK. Please be my husband

Hải Phạm Minh : 5900 dogs disliked this video

This Little Critic : Man I’m not even that well trained lol

Just Me : Poki is just Poki lol

石川啄木 : え、猫も可愛いけど 飼い主さんイケメンやね 顔あんまり見えてないけど 雰囲気からしてわかる!笑

Ugnė A : 3:08 Stupid human,give me da foooooood !!

Charlotte Wetherall : I tried the paw trick and my cat bit me );

Felipe Carvalho Cortez : Dunno why I'm watching, I don't even have a cat. But glad I found this video. ♡

LuLu Lovlie : Our fur babies are very odd lol. Our first baby we adopted from the pound when he was about 3 months old. He was abandoned a few short days after being born so he was never raised by his mama & never interacted with other cats because they were separated in the pound here in the USA. We named him Bratty cause he’s a spoiled brat & I’m not sure he knows he’s a cat! He doesn’t really know how to meow & it’s obvious he thinks he’s our actual child. He is so odd lol but he fetched like a dog & LOVES water! He will jump into the bath with us & the shower if we don’t close the door. He has to be snuggled up against me in bed under the covers with just his head out like a human & one paw that’s stretched out touching my hubby’s face preferably his nose 😂😂! Our second baby we named Bagheera like the black cat on jungle book. We got him when he was almost 3 years old and we also rescued him but he had been at the pound his whole life! The poor thing can’t really see and just stays to himself. But he was scared of us at first until we gave him a bath?! Then he was happy and on furniture rather than hiding under tables and couches etc. Not sure why a bath made him love us since he hates water but to each their own right?!

Seraphina Mathias : I couldn't hold food up to my cats, they'd snatch it and run away everytime 😒 (I have 4)

Muro Mango : pure house cats should not be left outside!

Flemme de Trouver Un Pseudo : This is so cute!

Alice Walker : Poki is just Poki - *dives into trashcan* 😂

Paracelsus : Every good kitchen used to have a cat on the back stoop . Cats and cooking, hygiene and mousing go way back- we will never really understand how deep but we can imagine .

Nora Luz Cano : Hii! 😊 Aww que lindos!😆😍 Pero Una pregunta tus gatos están castrados? Porque verás, yo sacaba a pasear al mio antes, así con su correa, hasta en patineta lo llevaba, pero una vez que lo castramos lo máximo que llega a salir es al pasillo de mi edificio 😅 se volvió cobarde XD y la única forma de que vea la calle es dentro de un bolso 😂 Saludos! :3 Pdt: New sub and a like! 😋

Dan Browne : Love this video. Problem is, my cat, Tiger. Literally eats everything. She was eating coriander out of the sink. I LOVE Poki

傅王爷 : Are you the guy made cats’ sushi? Your cats are so cute and smart! My cat depends on her feeling and decide listen to me or not. And she love beef but not other meat, even fish.

Jarid Gaming : They are so cute