Dear YouTube, you're killing me (wasn't going to post this..)

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MegaDoopTV : I'd never thought I would ever see a rant video from Ownage Pranks... And it's GOOD.

Jaski Music Mixes : YouTube channels are getting Destroyed. Thank you for this upload. You're not the only one with this frustration.

Alpha SQUAD official : That's a YouTube prank call to the #OwnagePranks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jack J : Prank call YouTube. Make it happen motherbitch.

Scocci S : Have you tried turning your computer on and off?

Shoby : 5:19 I “legit” thought you were gonna beat box LMFAO

Andrew Hong : It's ironically funny how this video got an ad.

jjpyae : I don't always get owned but when i do, it's youtube.

Admiral : Creators need to band together and file a lawsuit against Google. There is no other platform to use as an alternative. Google maybe a private company, however they have created a monopoly where people have invested time and money into in the effort to generate income. This makes YouTube a digital utility and is subject to regulations, and will have to answer to the Department of Labor when any interruptions to the incomes of employees/contractors(independent and commissioned[content creators]) occurs.

SirusRL : Yeah youtube is killing everyone... fix up youtube

Doberman Pinscher Dog Videos : my videos are doing the same thing, I spent hours fixing things that do not need to be fixed

Andre McCall : Now it’s his turn to rage 😂

Deniel Cramer : Got demonitized cuz buck Lao is using his phone while driving

Jason Hargrove : Hey man! Not sure if this has been mentioned before or if you read through all of these but do you think it isn't advertiser friendly because it shows a person driving while using a cell phone? I know that seems pretty stupid but it's the only thing I could see that they may have a problem with. Don't get too "legit" discouraged to quit (lol) and keep up the hilarious work. I love it!

Kjreddragon Williams27Teku : I'm very disappointed but Don't worry Ownage Pranks we always love your videos and show you our support #FreeOwnagePranks

ASAP Bari : Put it in rice for 24hrs

★Mad Kitty Face★ :3 : Its because you named the thumbnail "hit and run"

dota2 #Spec To !mprove : yea man same shit happened to me. so sad :(

Douglas Davis : A WOMAN runs youtube,,,, its going to go down the drain.... duhhh , women are motivated by emotions and feelings

Ownage Pranks : Wellllll I guess it's time to let you guys know what's been going on ALSO - the filename of the scammer video thumbnail was thumbnail.png, and also had the same exact issue (as shown in the video), so I literally have no clue what in these thumbnails could have been causing issues, and YouTube didn't clarify for me either when emailing them again.

Jude Fletcher : Is YouTube pranking you?

Cyrodex : Amazon is releasing a video sharing site named 'Amazon Video Direct' that's supposedly going to rival with YouTube. Maybe it could be the next big thing and help get your content back out.

joe last : Who else was looking at the computer monitor glare for the reflection of mr ownage?

John SuperDude : Maybe it's revenge for all the calls you made Haha

overtflow : YouTube killin us all to death

Brandon TanksSr : Because it’s promoting texting/talking and driver. That’s why

Jez Cool : Because you're racist to Asian

Spooby : You hipsters always saying “Legit” this and that, make me sick. You’re all 30 yrs late, MC Hammer was 2 legit 2 quit in 1990 ✌️👆✌️✋️

TheBenfm24 : Yes Youtube is the one with the algorithm that demonetizes content, so considering that, they are a fought. BUT isn't the root cause, and what we should be focusing our frustrations on, the advertisers? They are the ones who are preventing ads from showing on videos. Thoughts?

Mark W : YouTube has killed off their good creators.

Fictional Character : 666k views send help ;------;

Altair : Someone legit gotta create a copy version of YouTube with no bs

VustraEpic : @Owanage Pranks, Why don't you get a patrion going?

Jeffton Jones : Only here to see if I can sneak a glance at what he looks like or see a name on his cpu.

GeekZone : Could it be because the image name was 'hitandrun'?

MrTheLionKing1986 : I understand your frustration... but all the yelling?? Wth dude, talk it over in private with a friend and then post a video where you are not having a breakdown. So annoying.

beebea9 : a lot of my friends move to vidme

Partha Dey : I'm going to create a new video platform. See you in 2018 everyone.

abdullah. : I've had this issue too. One of my videos isn't apparently advertiser-friendly because of the fact that I express a political opinion in it. But obviously, I don't know for sure, I guessed the reason because youtube never actually bothered telling me why. They think it's perfectly acceptable to say that there's a problem but not tell me what it is.

Sheerios : Youtube these days. Go prank call them x

Toniculte : Who ever mad your animations or images probably copyrighted them so ask him to undo that.👍

mary love : Please keep doing video's I really enjoy them . Nice to laugh at the crazy shit you do. We love ya hope ya figure it out. What About a patronage page I heard you- tube has. I would donate to your fund. Thanks again . Love Mary

Gamer7567 : My brothers channel has the same problem :( #DarthVaderModding

Ice Master : #MonitizeAllHisVideos

Noted : that's so fuckd up, literally the same shit happening to me and other gamers.

XI Channel : Calling while driving is not acceptable maybe that’s the cause🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

Michael Reid : iiiiiii looovvvveee Ownage!!!!!!!!!! YOU are SOOOO SMART & COOL & FUNNY!!!! Thank You for all Your VERY HARD Work & Time to Make Every Video & Uploads!!! And i really do appreciate Youre Art/ Talent!

D-Games Dragon_Dao : You can just smash it

joesph cardillo : I love all your videos it's so awesome please keep up the good work you make me laugh and smile and that's what really counts so please keep up the good work and please keep on working on those videos

adsadwas awsd : Ive been saying this for over 1,5 years. Youtube is trying to be the new tv. I was right, youtube tv just came out. #Riot