Dear YouTube, you're killing me (wasn't going to post this..)

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Alpha SQUAD official : That's a YouTube prank call to the #OwnagePranks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Doug Davis : A WOMAN runs youtube,,,, its going to go down the drain.... duhhh , women are motivated by emotions and feelings

MR. Sarcastic : Maybe it's the tags on the videos. I've heard the tags could have something to do with videos getting demonetized

Benjamins Art : well could be targeting the channels based on the logo on thumbnail. this one is mind blowing. i would edit the picture furthermore test by using an all black or all white thumbnail to see if the cause could be just by adding a thumbnail if not slowly add different versions like one with just the writing then with the logo etc. to see what in the thumbnail it could be. *brainstorming*

GOLDENSPIKE3000 : I'm gunna do it for y'all, I'm going to eat youtube's ass so it learns a lesson. Your boy taking one for the team, remember me!

Joseph Dillon : YouTube is done this the Pornhub age

Kristyn Hoffner : I hope Youtube can get it's shit together and fixes it for creators like you who are genuinely entertaining people and just copying other people content.

Turkish Panda : same problem to me

Prank Calls : This literally happened to me also, but YouTube just took the video down instead of any warning or demonetising. It's a weird algorithm

Ryan Hardy : Time to take your content to pornhub

gamester676 : ...I think it is the image file Name 1:15 in the vid you can see that the image is titled "BukhitandrunThumb1" and the algorithm probably picks up on hit and run and procs a red flag

Zain Adair : It's that piece of shit feminist Susan Wojcick. Thanks to her YouTube censorship has become Jewtube!

Willa Herrera : 666K views on this video... ILLUMINATI🌋✡🔺👁

It is i, The Frenchiest Fry : In terms of that video, maybe because its a person using thier phone while driving. Maybe because its a dipiction of someone from the middle east or maybe because you got reported by some hater or some thing like that. Thats crazy tho

Adel Beitvashahi : lets all thank google for all this. so who bouta make the new youtube for everyone to move to

Logan Paul Exposed : You need 10k to put your video monitize

MisterAzizo : Or, you know.. You could just get an actual job, like everyone else..

Twipixia : That's it!! Let's prank call YouTube! 😁😤

FruitNinjaBoss : I know Youtube is a dead medium

manga art : it's happening to everyone

J. : Looks too much like The Simpsons by Fox.

GeneralPurposeVehicl : Try a man texting while driving. I bet it is the depiction of an unsafe driving practice.

Kamal AL-Hinai : you can move to other site perhaps?

Trent Riley : Youtube isn't caring about people Basically if teh video isn't made by a fuckhead eg Soflo lance stewart then youtube doesnt care

Nemo Farshid : Welcome to liberal land

Forzoma : If it makes it easier/less broken personally i would not even worry about a custom thumbnail if a default one works and causes less problems, it doesn't matter to me as a viewer if your thumbnails are custom or not because i know there will we great content regardless.

_Aether_ c : I am a new creator and to be honest this kinda disheartens me, I work bloody hard for my videos and when I hit the mark to moneize my videos and I had one that was yellow / orange because of the thumbnail it was so silly. I look at the bigger youtubers and I think is this going to happen to me? kinda worries the heck out of me.

SteventheSlay3r : why not use the default thumbnail?

Expat : Maybe it is also your language. You could be less crass and be even funnier.

NbKXStorm : Fucking retarded, I don't know what the fuck is their problem, just monetize everything, who cares?

ryan davie : Man you're one of the original youtubers as well YouTubes new policies are ridiculous

George Kelm : It could be the phone where some states it's illegal to be on your phone while driving and no company the image that it's ok to drive and text or talk

Christopher Wilkman : Yeah, seriously Youtube! You're acting very strange. You keep switching back and forth between old and new layout as well. I can understand why content-creators get angry. They are the ones who get people to watch stuff at this site. They are the ones doing the hard work of entertaining us. YOUR job is to make sure that stuff like this doesn't happen. You make money, THEY make money, the rest of us get entertainment and everybody's happy. So I don't know what little a**hole on your board it was, but his/her idea to demonetize videos because they're not politically correct or something, was a REALLY BAD IDEA. Honestly, if I was a CEO or something, I'd have him/her fired.

Big Prometheus : its cuz youtube is more racist than you think. They see an asian driving and take it as offense. Hey youtube! You know asians drive right?

FSXNOOB - GᗩᗰᕮS & ᗰOᖇᕮ : Same shit here, 1300/3100 movies are hit :/

tangente00 : onG.Social will be the solution. look it up.

Tyg Rahof : I am convinced it is just a way to get rid of whoever they want.

Markus M : Aww @Ownage Pranks, I honestly wanted to hug the frustration out of your voice when listening to this. I hope this got resolved for ya. I have a feeling YouTube is going to can itself by doing things like this because from what I can tell you're not the only one this is happening to. I can see it now, haha, it would be like the K-mart of online uploaded content. They go bankrupt and a new mainstream uploading website and team strolls in. I wonder if this is that kind of marketing tactic, or something similar. Of course this is an unruly prediction that we can only wait and see if it comes true, but do you see a website that targets it's own revenue stream as being successful in the end? You would think YouTube would be more valued towards it's assets. [shrugs] Anyway, though weeks late, hope things have been figured out, and oh yeah... those hugs. [big hugs] Would be a shame to see you go off YouTube for such a dumb reason, but I think it would take a few quitters for YouTube to realize what it's doing.

M Zaid : someone should prank him, acting as a youtube employee


Fancy Pants : YouTube should hire 1,000,000,000 people to replace their algorithm so Buk Lau can sit in a car

Jon Belley : Make your own website with animated "full" versions of your videos... make a youtube friendly version that acts like a promotion to get ppl to your site. FUCK YOUTUBE

Luke Shill : Time to switch to

DimitriEnerjak : Fuck Google.

The One : Maybe you're getting pranks by youtube

i7887 : We need a new video service that isnt youtube. They are turning into nazis

Alfred Cornflake : Yeah. Google is killing youtube and their customer base. And it seems everyone's videos are getting the same treatment. You have to sterilize everything and you can't have any sort of controversial videos otherwise you aren't getting monetized. The thing that made youtube amazing and free is now being taken away and yes people are leaving their platform. Lets make the move away and get rid of youtube so companies can stop fucking everyone and making shitty choices. They are so sketchy with the way they collect and handle user data. And the way they are bringing politics and their own personal opinions into everything. OMG you can't have bak lau!!! someone might get there feelings hurt!!... But for real. Google is shit and i wish youtube was never sold to them. Just look at all the horrible trending videos every day. It's garbage. I don't even use youtube much ever anymore. They are just so shitty and google is the devil. but remember "Don't be evil"

Nick Pastorino : Ownage pranks getting pranked, wow.

lifted ranger : Hate to say it because it stupid but is it the demon logo? This is all so dumb

Luke Garrett : Shouldn't use your phone while driving. It's illegal.