Dear YouTube, you're killing me (wasn't going to post this..)

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Jaski Music Mixes : YouTube channels are getting Destroyed. Thank you for this upload. You're not the only one with this frustration.

Alpha SQUAD official : That's a YouTube prank call to the #OwnagePranks 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Jack J : Prank call YouTube. Make it happen motherbitch.

Shoby : 5:19 I “legit” thought you were gonna beat box LMFAO

Kjreddragon Williams27Teku : I'm very disappointed but Don't worry Ownage Pranks we always love your videos and show you our support #FreeOwnagePranks

Andrew Hong : It's ironically funny how this video got an ad.

Admiral : Creators need to band together and file a lawsuit against Google. There is no other platform to use as an alternative. Google maybe a private company, however they have created a monopoly where people have invested time and money into in the effort to generate income. This makes YouTube a digital utility and is subject to regulations, and will have to answer to the Department of Labor when any interruptions to the incomes of employees/contractors(independent and commissioned[content creators]) occurs.

Thomandy Piano : "what am I supposed to do" need to Request Review!

Rap Tap : It's cause he's on the phone well driving

Canadian Studmuffin : I've had the same issue...and yet there are many thumbnails that are inappropriate, and they are "trending" videos...

Edward Meade : Prank call YouTube 😂

Ebanks Studios : Happened to me too

jjpyae : I don't always get owned but when i do, it's youtube.

Andre McCall : Now it’s his turn to rage 😂

Sheerios : Youtube these days. Go prank call them x

Jason Hargrove : Hey man! Not sure if this has been mentioned before or if you read through all of these but do you think it isn't advertiser friendly because it shows a person driving while using a cell phone? I know that seems pretty stupid but it's the only thing I could see that they may have a problem with. Don't get too "legit" discouraged to quit (lol) and keep up the hilarious work. I love it!

dota2 #Spec To !mprove : yea man same shit happened to me. so sad :(

Doberman Pinscher Dog Videos : my videos are doing the same thing, I spent hours fixing things that do not need to be fixed

einc video : It may be because of the name of the name of the image

Tery : Click on 'request review' and someone at youtube will take a look at it. I had a similar problem and it was solved within 1 day.

WTFan : we should all move to another platform, YouTube is not the only site where we can upload and watch videos

ajr5000 : Jewtube...Crazy Russel can you start a Patreon so supporters can back you directly? I've been listening and watching for free for years and I have started backing my favourite creators on that platform, as I know a lot of watchers have done.

iTzIvax : The thumbnail includes illegal activity against federal laws, state laws, and the laws of the United States since they visually show a man on a phone while driving which is illegal. I'm indeed, deeply offended, for you to show such content on your channel.

Cyrodex : Amazon is releasing a video sharing site named 'Amazon Video Direct' that's supposedly going to rival with YouTube. Maybe it could be the next big thing and help get your content back out.

MegaDoopTV : I'd never thought I would ever see a rant video from Ownage Pranks... And it's GOOD.

★Mad Kitty Face★ :3 : Its because you named the thumbnail "hit and run"

sapher2020 : Boycott youtube till they go broke

iluvgtasan : It's happening to me too. I'm only a very small channel with 13k subs. But my content has totally nothing sexual or offensive, yet my videos are slowly all being demonetized. WHY!?

TheBenfm24 : Yes Youtube is the one with the algorithm that demonetizes content, so considering that, they are a fought. BUT isn't the root cause, and what we should be focusing our frustrations on, the advertisers? They are the ones who are preventing ads from showing on videos. Thoughts?

SirExxodus : Prank call the YouTube offices as Buk Lau to complain why him in a car is getting the video demonetized.

Jeffton Jones : Only here to see if I can sneak a glance at what he looks like or see a name on his cpu.

John SuperDude : Maybe it's revenge for all the calls you made Haha

Deniel Cramer : Got demonitized cuz buck Lao is using his phone while driving

Fictional Character : 666k views send help ;------;

adsadwas awsd : Ive been saying this for over 1,5 years. Youtube is trying to be the new tv. I was right, youtube tv just came out. #Riot

ASAP Bari : Put it in rice for 24hrs

beebea9 : a lot of my friends move to vidme

Meta Jericho : Dailymotion is looking better by the day

Blvck King : People on youtube should have a strike for a week

NGlitchesFTW : same things happening with me i hate this new yt ;_

Google LeMaps : Because you're racist to Asian

Spooby : You hipsters always saying “Legit” this and that, make me sick. You’re all 30 yrs late, MC Hammer was 2 legit 2 quit in 1990 ✌️👆✌️✋️

abdullah. : I've had this issue too. One of my videos isn't apparently advertiser-friendly because of the fact that I express a political opinion in it. But obviously, I don't know for sure, I guessed the reason because youtube never actually bothered telling me why. They think it's perfectly acceptable to say that there's a problem but not tell me what it is.

mary love : Please keep doing video's I really enjoy them . Nice to laugh at the crazy shit you do. We love ya hope ya figure it out. What About a patronage page I heard you- tube has. I would donate to your fund. Thanks again . Love Mary

1bigjr : Wow!! You really explained this new youtube problem now I know why the Hodgetwins was so pissed off.

Mod Cinema : My brothers channel has the same problem :( #DarthVaderModding

Altair : Someone legit gotta create a copy version of YouTube with no bs

VustraEpic : @Owanage Pranks, Why don't you get a patrion going?

Scocci S : Have you tried turning your computer on and off?

Sarah Ray : Like this vid so that maybe YouTube sees it!