CLUTCH Comedian Bryson Turner

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wotchthiz : The best part about that vid is the pause he gave while everyone got their laugh out before responding. Timing, that's the key to comedy.

Mitch Gondzur : 0:10, that's the laugh from Feel Good Inc. by The Gorillaz.

SilentTree : damn it feels good to be a gangster 

Dunam : Just before he comes with the epic comeback you can hear her say "I'm so sorry"

HiddenSims : He was waiting for the crowd to die down, people.

ZeHat : To all of you complaining how long it took him to say the line, look how he moved his hands, starting to move like he's saying something but dying off after each wave of laughter. He had the comeback ready but it knew it wouldn't be heard over the laughing so he waited till the crowd calmed enough for his comeback to be effective, it wouldn't have been funny if no one heard it...

Zack Pieper : Lune prey, he was waiting for the crowd to quiet down so they could hear him say it. 

Andrew James : I like how well he took it... Some comedians are very bitter with hecklers and he knew he got owned and took it like a man, it's always good to respond. And in the end it was good natured and fun. Could have been much worse. All in good spirit.

Taylor Sloan : Most hilarious part is that she was in the process of saying "I'm so sorry".

NFKRZ : #rekt

Dennis C. Walega : "Glad you remember"

Pricop Razvan : he waited for the crowd to stop laughing so noone will lose what he said

kittyvalium : Wtf is it with girls ruining comedy shows?!

The Red-Garde : The guy who did the laugh for "Feel Good inc" was there? Neat.

Visar Maksuni : He wasn't thinking guys.... He was waiting for the crowd to stop laughing so they could actually hear him say that ^_^

Cesar Esparza : That's the same laugh from that dude who witnessed old ladies beating up some guy on the road after an accident.

lee a dorney : Thnk fk that come back was simple and a killer

RooCH : The title does not match the video. At all.

James Forrester : We need to make sure our top comments are all that we disprove of the new youtube comments. This way word will spread and we'll get the old comments back. Viva la Revolution!!

DavidMN : @Luna Prey because he was waiting for the crowd to shut up.

HLM : Bloody hell that was surprisingly  good hahaha

Carter Bowles : I am YouTube. Sometimes you can upvote comments. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you can see what a comment is in response to. Sometimes you have to click on it and watch the video autoplay.

Joshua Wensley : [✓] REKT [   ] NOT REKT

Dima Dzibrou : to me, this is the best getting back to a heckler: no humiliation, no cursing, just pure intelligence and humour of the comedian.

Joshua Buchs : She fell right into that.

Vince Cayme : HOLY SHITTTTT!!!!!!!! He took it pretty well though... Good for you M8! XD

_Gungrave_ : A good comedian is one who doesn't get bothered by hecklers and can either turn their heckling into a joke or a witty insult is what determines their ability to handle a crowd and show off some on the spot improv. This comedian did just that and improved on the insult and got more laughs than the initial heckler's joke.

I do things out of spite : Listen, just before he BURNS HER she tried to apologize.

Black Lung : hahaha wow well at least he was a good sport with a decent comeback.

Chaz Kast : "Glad you remember"

ldmt1995 : The tittle is very misleading.

Ananth Agastya : man i so wanted to see her face!

fooloof : there is no way anyone can come back from her comment...except he did!!!!

other side : "That wasn't my first time, that was just my first time with you"

Eduardo Baião : I think he says 'Glad you remember'

Plebchok : Calvin's dad and mom are adorable.

BlaccEagle : That was awesome. He actually got a funny heckle, came back with a short and wittier comeback, which is hard. Great timing too, very nice.

Lammeune Romalia : Guy got BURNED, Girl got FATALITY

Adorable Nurse :3 : I knew he was going to say that XD

TheoBrixtonTheKid : "Famous Comic Bryson Turner" - Really?

COMMANDandConquer199 : anyone know where I can watch the whole show?

Blood Serpent : @Luna Prey He was waiting for the crowd to shut up.. Not cool to disable replies u kno..

ralphyaye G : I keep coming back to this video cause it's Savage asf 🔥

Sbayo9 : I don't understand what did he reply?

Yanni75 : Wow, again a change in the title and description. Make up your mind, man. "Famous Comic Bryson Turner DESTROYS heckler." " "So much of our culture is about tearing people down," Turner explained " Really? You're putting these two sentences together here?

oreninja : This sounds set up...

guitarforlife : "Glad you remembered..."

Emmanuel QA : wait what?? what did she say?

Solace : rekt