Stefan Karl/Robbie Rotten – Exclusive Make Up Video

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Pikapetey Animations : We miss you!

Taikamuna : One million subscribers. We did it.

iCryptic : We did it boys, 1 Million Subscribers!

DΞL : Please, Youtube, do something good, and give him a customized button :'(

Jon Battman : Please YouTube, do something special with Stefan’s play button, he truly deserves it - sincerely, the entire internet

DankyyDuxx : I wish he was still here to see that he hit 1 million subscribers

Sir Ananas : So guys, we did it!

Ryanside : Next video: "Stefan Karl/Robbie Rotten - Exclusive Statue Construction Tutorial"

NightAvenger375 : This is actual proof that the internet isn’t all bad. The internet can bond together in the darkest times. The internet will mourn, the internet will celebrate, the internet will remember, the internet will roast the shit out of others. But we are the internet. We are the source of lols and *F*s.

Rhys Luckey : He lived a villain Died a hero

Nathorix : called himself a sexy beast at the end

ZF KingWilliam : Now for the next challenge.....10 million subs

FBI Open up : Stefan was absolutely amazing. He made me smile all the time, and now that he’s gone I’m only smiling brighter because he’s in a better place and he died a HERO. It kinda upsets me that a lot of people only know him through memes, but at least they know him. RIP stefan

Dylan Ostrander : whats sad is it took his death for people to subscribe to him...

GirlyDestroyer222 : i wish i could of seen his reaction to one million subs. its like digging up to the surface and finally smelling fresh air, and how happy he would be. Rest in memes Stefan Karl (10 July 1975 - 21 August 2018) good job you reached 43 years of age. You are number one.

NPT Music : One Million subs - you did it Stefan, congrats from the other side !!

The Lonely King : We did it one million subscribers now let's get the dimaond play button.

Ashley’s Art : The first comment on this video should be *i was number one!*

No Name : Well... we've made it. Our final gift to his family is now thiers. Congrats on 1 million dude, from all your caring fans... you'll always be number one.

Tree : Congratulations Stefan on Golden Play button! Lots of love to your family!

Johnnie Guilbert : He’s almost to 1million subs hope you reach it for your family. RIP miss you 🙏🏻🖤 you’re number one

Inky Ashiya : Words cannot even describe how happy I am that Stefan's channel reach 1 million subscribers. This man was such a ray of sunshine, and showed such clear passion for his work and gratitude for his fans. He deserves every single one of these subscribers, and more. YouTube, please, please, please give him a special play button. He deserves it.

TABBY : *_s o g u y s , w e d i d i t_*

SansUndertale 69 : Congrats on 1 million subs!

Jake Sausa : Thank you Stefan. For everything. You made me smile as a kid. I would have never thought that around a decade later I would hear of your passing. You were never a villain. You were always my hero. Our hero. Rest In Peace #1. You live on in the hearts of all of us ❤️

13FuntasticLadies : Miss u ❤️

Cold : Damn i was going to comment about 1 million subscribers but apparently i noticed it few weeks late Congratulations anyways and rest in peace

Big Steve : We are no longer number one. We are one million

electric boogaloo : We got to 1 million lads. Let's make it 10 million and give the family a diamond to remember their father is unbreakable

Nys Nys : Wonder who gets the golden play button

weka : _the sexy beast_

Caelen Oswalt : He’s probably up in heaven saying, “We did it!” Gosh I didn’t even know him and I still miss him🙏🏻

Taffy : 1 million subs! If only you were here to see it...

exclaim lol : so guys we did it, we gave stefan karl the farewell gift he deserves

Essy Jablez : As a person who has just had some one pass away I can tell u it’s not easy Stefan we all miss you so much this year (2018) we have had Steaphan Hawkin pass away and now it’s you wish you were still here and I remember watching lazy town everyday when I was little , I’m so sorry 😐 we will all always remember you and hope you are in a better place now, Remember YOU are number one ☝️ RIP Rest In Peace ✌️

Adweenix : If YouTube still does not give this man his deserving play button, I dont even know how to burst.

Catherooz the Slotherooz : congratulations on finally getting to 1 MILLION subscribers!! 💜

Xeradas : Stefan Karl was one of the biggest parts of my childhood, and that I am grateful for. I honestly have nothing to say so I will just say, Thank you for EVERYTHING. Not only did you change my childhood but many others too.

DiamondCS : One million subscriber boi. Congratz in heaven!!! Respect💙💙💙

Kipzo : #1 hero, #1 villian, #1 legend. R.I.P.

Ikyrus : Should be "Robbie Rotten Gets Glammed Up Before Heading Outside To Pester Sportacus" ;) Thank you for this. ♥ We miss Stefan dearly.

ThePinkishUnicorn : Stefan Karl will always be the first and ONLY number one. Unless another amazing and kind saint just happens to roll around the corner and sing a song about becoming number one. Well, whoever that is, you're number two.

Frienimals Club : He needs a customized play button with a big number 1 on it! He will always be number 1!

ACuteGamingBoi : It's awesome what Youtube community is able to do. This man earned more subscribers after his death than when he was alive. Well deserved, it would be even better if he was singing with us once again 😭

Dio Drando : We can all be Number One chin now, we were all Number One this whole time.

Bomb Bro The Plush Extra : Were there guys enjoy the play button R.I.P Stephan carl

Danusia Luna : Thank you for happy childhood! We always love you...❤❤❤

dewgiby : Only if the Legend could see the milestone, you'll be our hero Stefán. You'll always be númer eitt. ❤

salem.- : Rest in peace <3 We all loved you and we all miss you

SztywnyPatyk : It went down in history.