Stefan Karl/Robbie Rotten – Exclusive Make Up Video

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Glitchtastic Games : Congrats on a million subs. You deserve it. One Million Subs for number one!

Taikamuna : One million subscribers. We did it.

ArcherTippani : Stefan’s play button absolutely needs to be a purple and gold, big number 1.

DΞL : Please, Youtube, do something good, and give him a customized button :'(

Sportacus Flop : I'd like to pay my respects to Stefan. You were a great villain, and I am sad to see you go. Love, Sportacus.

Pikapetey Animations : We miss you!

Captain Lebowski : It’s insane how everyone on the internet can’t get along and hates each other but when it comes to Stefan we’re all respectful kind and caring it’s just such a beautiful thing to see. And stefan is the reason thank you Stefan for making my childhood, thank you for everything you’ve done and for inspiring us and don’t worry we will keep memeing R.I.P. You will be missed

Ryanside : Next video: "Stefan Karl/Robbie Rotten - Exclusive Statue Construction Tutorial"

Luca Schüll : Not all heroes Wear Masks Some just have some Makeup

Anna Sahlstrom : He had amazing hair! I always thought that was a wig in the show!

Johnnie Guilbert : He’s almost to 1million subs hope you reach it for your family. RIP miss you 🙏🏻🖤 you’re number one

EmperorFrozenToes : Stefan, despite sadly being gone, has a better fanbase than any other game, channel, tv series, etc.

That one dude who posts stuff : Wonderful that all areas of the Internet have gone out of their way to make Stefan and his family happy.

iCryptic : We did it boys, 1 Million Subscribers!

Brian : Thank you all so so much for getting Stefan to 1 Million subscribers he would’ve been so happy to see this!

CoolAid Man : Now for the next challenge.....10 million subs

NightAvenger375 : This is actual proof that the internet isn’t all bad. The internet can bond together in the darkest times. The internet will mourn, the internet will celebrate, the internet will remember, the internet will roast the shit out of others. But we are the internet. We are the source of lols and *F*s.

Bluekachu : R.I.P Stefán Karl... I met him in person some time ago, he was very nice and really fun. I wish he was here to see his channel reach 1M subs. :'(

iamjaboba : I'm actually surprised that's his real hair

Kipzo : #1 hero, #1 villian, #1 legend. R.I.P.

The boy in the background X : Please YouTube, do something special with Stefan’s play button, he truly deserves it - sincerely, the entire internet

Green Steve : ‌🇬‌🇴‌🇴‌🇩‌🇧‌🇾‌🇪 ‌🇸‌🇹‌🇪‌🇫‌🇦‌🇳🔼  ‌🇫  ‌🇫 ‌🇲‌🇪‌🇦‌🇳‌🇸 ‌🇾‌🇴‌🇺 ‌🇼‌🇮‌🇱‌🇱 ‌🇧‌🇪 ‌🇳‌🇪‌🇻‌🇪‌🇷 ‌🇫‌🇴‌🇷‌🇬‌🇴‌🇹‌🇪‌🇳 ‌🇹‌🇭‌🇪 ‌🇲‌🇪‌🇲‌🇪 ‌🇬‌🇴‌🇩

Toxiclaw_Games : You could say that this is a lesson in trickery...

TrapOfJustice M : I wish he could see the subs...

NPT Music : One Million subs - you did it Stefan, congrats from the other side !!

Mii pringles For sale : Stefan was absolutely amazing. He made me smile all the time, and now that he’s gone I’m only smiling brighter because he’s in a better place and he died a HERO. It kinda upsets me that a lot of people only know him through memes, but at least they know him. RIP stefan

Xxrang3r : When you dislike a video you should have to write the reason why

The Lonely King : We did it one million subscribers now let's get the dimaond play button.

Dylan Ostrander : whats sad is it took his death for people to subscribe to him...

weka : _the sexy beast_

Ryan M. : I’m not crying I promise I’m not crying

BITW CM Punk : The make-up tutorial of how to become a God. R.I.P. Stefan. Gone but never forgotten.

Chicken Nuggets : Well... we've made it. Our final gift to his family is now thiers. Congrats on 1 million dude, from all your caring fans... you'll always be number one.

Tobin Talks : We love u Stefan, u deserve every 1 of those 1 mil

Nathorix : called himself a sexy beast at the end

Catherooz the Slotherooz : congratulations on finally getting to 1 MILLION subscribers!! 💜

Ashley’s Art : The first comment on this video should be *i was number one!*

Taffy : 1 million subs! If only you were here to see it...

electric boogaloo : We got to 1 million lads. Let's make it 10 million and give the family a diamond to remember their father is unbreakable

DankyyDuxx : I wish he was still here to see that he hit 1 million subscribers

LARSIMISME lars : Congrats on 1 million subs!

Stevie : Stefan Karl was one of the biggest parts of my childhood, and that I am grateful for. I honestly have nothing to say so I will just say, Thank you for EVERYTHING. Not only did you change my childhood but many others too.

CapitalA : Where is the play button though

Nigel Thornberry : Lets get him to ten million so he can get the diamond playbutton!

Dio Drando : We can all be Number One chin now, we were all Number One this whole time.

DiamondCS : One million subscriber boi. Congratz in heaven!!! Respect💙💙💙

sxlem ツl 憂い : Rest in peace <3 We all loved you and we all miss you

Noteight Noteight : We reached 1 million subs! Great job!

Sir Ananas : So guys, we did it!

13FuntasticLadies : Miss u ❤️