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FlameHazeist : I wish he sang the whole song

bunny cake : He was too pure for this world

Berka Teke : Omg i cried all night, i miss him so much. His voice is just amazing.

Learn English : Michael's voice such a miracle

Divya Upadhyay : voice of an angel❤

imakemyselfcringe : I'm a 22 year old man and I thought MJ's voice at 2:42 was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

Laura : His singing from 4:54 just blew me away anD THEN SOME

Lisa Jeter : Michael is so good looking because his smile, beautiful heart made him really handsome. it breaks my heart that he didn't noticed that he was very good looking. we miss and love you MJ.

Learn English : very very Sweet like honey

Donna Blanchard : Michael Jackson was so great.......such a gift from God......such a loss!!!!!!

Kosta P. : This Voice !!!!! His is The Best

Huseyn Jafarov : 7 years without michael :'(

Malik J. M. Adam : Oh my God, just listen to that voice. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace. A true Angel

David Southey : As I thought he just wants to break out into spontanteous dance routines.

afroblack1000 : what a voice

The Stem`s World : This is voice of Angel!!!!!!

debbietristan100 : Who could put a thumbs down on this? I could watch Michael creating his music all day! Talented genius!

Vanessa Hamilton : I thought Michael Jackson looked at his best, scratch that, AMAZING in 1982, 1983, 1984 & 1985. I mean, in Thriller and Billie Jean. Those were the best. Plus, in the original "We Are The World" video I couldn't stop staring at him doing his solo for that song at 1:17 in.. Like I said, he looked amazing. His whole outfit, especially that black and gold jacket was fit for him and his soulful voice singing like an angel just got to me. AND OMG, THOSE SUNGLASSES THO. 😱❤️ Watching this you can't help laughing and smiling at how cheeky, bubbly and amusing he is while recording for the song, doing extra little dance moves, and he even smiles when he messes up and admits it, and his smile is sooo beautiful there! Incredibly handsome during this time, I'll admit. I wish this skin condition never got the best of MJ. He was beautiful enough before. RIP MJ.

IWSRO : His voice is so pure voice of an ANGEL

Jo W : For some reason in the last couple of days , Ive watched tons of MJ videos and read alot of material on him and i feel so sad that he died so lonely & misunderstood, I think here he was at his absolute best. I pray he kept his faith and got to heaven. I believe in heaven.

Esmeralda Rokaj : Great voice and great modesty...How many artist would have that combination? Michael Jackson never allowed fame to get in the way of his kindness. One of the greatest artist and humans to ever live. R.I.P Michael Jackson.

Alyssa Jones : When Michael brought his shades down just a tad bit, I squealed in delight when I saw those angelic eyes of his. <3

melodyspnea : he's so damn cute awwww gosh

Learn English : I miss you a lot

MjsInMyHeartForever : MICHAEL JACKSON'S STUDIO REHEARSAL OF "WE ARE THE WORLD" MARCH 7, 2015 is the 30th anniversary of the release of "We Are the World"

M. Wong : damn MJ looks soooo coooooool

esh sundar : I love to see him at work,practicing.Sometimes he looks serious and sometimes he just breaks out into that divine smile of his.And what a great voice!

mamingos b : He was so cute at the end. So humble and shy. We lost an angel.

Andrew Spaltman : Legendary .....just WOW !!!

Moonchild. : His voice😻, his smile😍 everything about him is perfect. He had the voice of an angel his voice is amazing without the music and auto tune as u can see in the video😍 so different to the people singin now a days.

Learn English : pure soul

Mimi Noel : He so cute his voice is so heavenly he may be dead but his music will secretly live on 😊❗️❕😍

Mahsa Piroozfar : truly king that we learning of him so much, humanitarian, singing, Dancing and art.

Lee McLaurin : You see the dancing, the plastic surgery, the makeup, the clothes, the extravagance, the (sometimes) overproduced songs, and then you see this and remember what an incredible voice Michael had.

Howayda Attia : We love u MICHAEL! !! I even wrote a song about MJ (Michael Jackson)

Lonni Vlogs : 5:12 was so beautiful it had me crying

yael jano : My Michael ❤❤❤❤❤ I love you

Rosane : An angel fell from a cloud directly into the studio. ♥♥

Gwenn Demi : What a wonderful voice. Ive always liked MJ's voice. It's just so calming.

Ha Mai : till the end of my life, I still love and remember him.

Over the Moon with You : The little angel with the big pure soul. Michael if only You knew how much you are missed all over the world.

Ραφαηλια Αγγελακη : The King of music!! Angel voice!!! I remember always!!!!!!!

Art Rizal : He's a true king! He could just do solo

leo marcucci : OMG ! What a voice he had!

Sirnexk : 6:03 i love when he moved his foot and singing together.

Maria Marrero : impeccable footwork at 3:38

Michael Jackson biggest fan : on August 29 an Angel was born on June 25 an Angel returned Home the Angel is Micheal Jackson the king of pop <3<3

Justin Smith : His voice touches your soul

Vanessa love : pure talent , rest easy KING 💓