Stuck In the Sound - Let's Go [Official Video]

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Comments from Youtube

david ames : these playstation commercials are getting out of hand

corn : Somebody must have divided by 0.

AxusHeart : _I didnt know Buzz Lightyear was purple_

Trendy Mirror : Wow what a dystopia. This poor man worked so hard to get to space and then earth blows up and he spends the rest of his life playing games with another guy and has to play on a controller where the d-pad is on the wrong side.

Pittsburgh Line Railfan : World: **blows up** Blonde guy: hey dude wanna play some super racer?

Iris KnowsAll : The blond guy was super chill about getting punched

Mena The Official : The moral of the story.. “Reaching your dreams isn’t the only thing you could do on earth”

ReBull : I knew it. It was the shoes from "rasputin" all along

Alexander Avalos : At least he got the recording of earth exploding.

Lazy Animationz : A minute into the song and the world blows up 10/10 this is such a good song tho

DarkestPumpkin : it exploded because putin danced too hard

BL λMO : 0:57 the thought of that is actually horrifying

Alex Kilin. : I love how that blonde guy takes the punch and then acts like nothing happened. Real chill bro. Real chill.

My Calamari : 2:02 when you do your best to pay attention in math class but you still don't understand anything

Łògįč : That awkward moment when the earth explodes and you have no orders to do so you just play super racer

Sjk Rofl : "Hey everybody just died,wanna play some Playstation?"

Juan : 1:01 at least he got a pretty good selfie

JaiThirteen : 2:17 Pause here and think this is beautiful yet scary

ETTEM : 0:59 when somebody said the n word

Labeeqa Shahid : Two guys chilling in a spaceship 5 ft apart cuz they’re not gay

Wisp Games : *spongebob hits the window* current objective: survive

Tahnee Ferris : 2:03 is my face when I see food

GhostPek Yellow : *Lyrics* Here I am tied and bound Every night feeling low Bad days come back whatever In the sun I bathe, in everyday light You draft me down for a split second tomorrow What am I supposed to do I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I'm sober Wouhouwhou Let's go Hey! (Whouhouwhou) Hey! Your cryin' How sweet the sound Silence's on I attempt Bow and scrape, tope the line Never get back together With the same old style rand down my life You drag and drop, attract me after all Anyway I'm gone tomorrow I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I'm sober I know it would make it concrete Now you're cryin' (Whouhouwhou) How sweet a sound Let's go Hey! (Whouhouwhouwhou) Let's go Hey! Your cryin' How sweet a sound Hey! Let's go! We're back to back for hours We're weak and what they say 'bout loving like we do We'll never give this up Your cryin' How sweet the sound

ShadowPresident 420 : Love it! The video and the song both have a ton of depth, not to mention catchy as hell and well-produced. I could write a wall of text analyzing it, and probably will eventually.

roro roro : Toda su vida estudiando xdxd Y nunca tuvo secso Pobre Chinito

The one and only Dolvan : i guess we need more female astronauts for angry Asian men in space

IG: WotAndresito : 1:56 that face now your cryin lol

Pokefan o Xenomorfo : 60 millions of views for this music. What 60 millions of views This i a Very small of views for this vídeo

A Wild Doggo : Just realized the pink people are Patricks offspring's, that's probably why he was scared of Spongebob!

IvanGamer PH : Wait a minute... 3:08 are tears fall on 0 Gravity?

Justin Y. : The earth exploded because putin danced too hard

Zla_Gad : Heineken beer, the only thing it's good for is to propel yourself in outer space, lmao

CRAZYsword61 : I'm going to be so famous when I get back, *Earth just fucking explodes* ...well then...

Area 51 : He ignored everybody he knew to go to the moon and now he just lost everybody.

Rosani Rodrigues : Serious Question: why did the earth explode?

Giarno van Zeijl : gotta hate it when your planet suddenly explodes for no real reason.

NL channel : 1:11 E 1:20 M 1:31 O 1:39 T :> 1:59 I 2:04O 2:43 N

DR DYSLEXIC : Why did i find this after listening to the erika trap remix XD

Dat Stoplight : someone probably farted while mining to the core of the earth

Happy Vyllix : 0:57 When someone tells god that humanity made fortnite

Ryan Nielsen : He cracked open a cold one to be with the last boy

FrodoMcduck : 2:23 When i tell my friend that my parents are out

Bleach. : pink south Korean dude should've enjoyed life

Tim van der Geest : Great detail of how at the end of the song 3:24 the videogame starts with 'Let's Go'

Kermitter : Top 5 ways how to survive explosion of the Earth!

WeeklyCroc : and they lived happily ever after. until their oxygen supply ran out.

Rocket125 inYT : Moral of a fable: Although everything has gone to hell. Everything will be fine while you have videogames.

Larry Macko : 2:02 when SpongeBob want to kill you

michael polk : Love the people trying to explain the video even though the meaning is super obvious.