Stuck In the Sound - Let's Go [Official Video]

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Cali Husted : Notice how Spongebob survives all of this.

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : This is familiar *Earth Explodes* *Funk shock wave hits*

Zuzu : When things got too desperate you know they'd smash...

Mr. Plagued : This took "I wanna be an astronaut" to a whole new level.

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : remember that spongebob episode where he goes to the moon? this is part 2

Mojave Outpost : I thought the thumbnail was buzz Lightyear

Keila Gelsi : Ey, new thumbnail, I though this was the lyrics version or something, but I had already watched and liked the video

Timessy 41 : SpongeBob's dreams: 1:destroy earth 2: Scare a chinese (Don't take this seriously)


SIMPLE REECK : So the end of the story he got catfished

Lunathiel : I love the idea of the Earth exploding and all of the junk we ever created and left behind us floating and spreading in the space, where you really can see the scale of it. Makes me think "My god, what have we done to this poor, poor planet. To our HOME". On the other hand, think about this - how many things we, people created! What an impressive job we have done in surviving, sticking out above everything else this planet has ever born, how stubborn we were in the whole act. And then, when you realize the scale of it, how incredible, extraordinary we seem... Think about another thing: that all of this is NOTHING compared to the immensity of the space, to the size of the objects surrounding us and our little rock that we camp on.

Micah Buzan : The crazy visuals perfectly match the energy of this awesome track.

strongest under the godtier : Why is this so good? Why have I only found it now?

Justin Y. : This is just a clever setup to a Yaoi hentai

Justin Y. : Spongebob's Bizarre Adventure: Icons are Unbreakable

Randy : 0:59 Unseen by us, the earth exploded due to a Russian man causing a funky explosion. As well, on the other side of the moon, a communist salutes the explosion caused by his great dancing Russian Lord.

Anton Aguilera : Sooo, he takes off in a space shuttle, transforms into a saturn v midflight

Vyacheslav Chirkov : Left hand 0:14 , right hand 0:21

Berke Ertaç : Lyrics Here I am tied and bound Every night feeling low Bad days come back whatever In the sun I bathe, in everyday light You draft me down for a split second tomorrow What am I supposed to do I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I'm sober Wouhouwhou Let's go Hey! (Whouhouwhou) Hey! Your cryin' How sweet the sound Silence's on I attempt Bow and scrape, toe the line Never get back together With the same old style ran down my life You drag and drop, attract me after all Anyway I'm gone tomorrow I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I'm sober I know it would make it concrete Now you're cryin' (Whouhouwhou) How sweet a sound Let's go Hey! (Whouhouwhouwhou) Let's go Hey! Your cryin' How sweet a sound Let's go! Everybody let's go Hey! Let's go! We're back to back for hours We're weak and what they say 'bout loving like we do We'll never give this up Your cryin' How sweet the sound

Kags _ : Play on 1.5 speed for a twenty one pilots song

swiftthedeadly awesomedude : we need some science channel to calculate the force of the blast that shot all that debris to the moon in like 40 seconds

Io : Rest in peace spongebob.

William : And so Buzz Lightyear and Kurt Cobain play some racing game forever.

Kevin Rivera : I remember watching this 4 years ago. Back then, I tried to get into various indie songs to find my type of music or sound. I came across a BUNCH OF STUFF, but I forgot all about it, finally having found my genre. It’s nice to hear this again tho.

Naftaliten : Everybody saying that the lesson hear is to not get to obsessive about ur goal But honestly being an astronaut is what saved him

Gas the S.J.W’s : “Oh those Russians”

Wasd Wasd : I'm surprised by most people talking of the sponge Bob and earth exploding bs and not realising the element truth this video expresses. The basic human condition and how we turn out. In the rat race from birth, and what do we get?

Kvothe Windrunner : Plot twist: the guy is gay

nathanial whitmore : this video makes me feel, something?? sadness?? loneless? dread??

Pudin Gamer : *_this song will never go out of style_* *2018 Still Here*

noonecaresalex : Yall need to listen to more from stuck in the sound

Kindmondo Ardundo : I love how chill the blonde dude is

B Labswell : "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." - Joseph Campbell

Kevin The Gamer : I wonder why Chinese people's skin is purple in this video

Teeminhu : why the earth explode? XD

TryMike4instance : best shit I've seen since forever

saah almeida : 2018 algum ?

DINOSAUR : When the fighting has stopped and the fallout has settled...

GliTcH : this is fake cos everyone knows the earth is flat

Arkai Mangá : 2018?...🇧🇷

Ronald Marroquin : I like that car racing ending, the screen said Lets Go like the title

Jaspev : 2:58 Is this shot of him screaming rotoscoped or something? It looks so... real?

UN1C0RN : liked and subbed rlly sober it mad e me cry a little

Orson Zedd : well I don't know where the sequel is going to go.

m 10538 : 2:30 Beer used to escape eh? That figures.

dank orangoes : This is some of the best artwork I've seen for a video

Goaar Proxii : 1:45 when you've finished masturbating but another video appears better

hellan lettas : there's two types of people; there's those, who think the ending of this music video is happy, and those, who think it's sad.

MartialArtsMarsupial : I feel so bad for the Asian guy. He thought everyone was dead, then he thought he could have a family again, and then his feelings were nonchalantly dismissed by the other guy.

Katsu X : me senti triste e motivado