Stuck In the Sound - Let's Go [Official Video]

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STUCK IN THE SOUND : 50M views ! Thank you ! We've just released a new animated video : ALRIGHT

Justin Y. : I'm pretty sure the earth exploded because Putin listened to too much funk

Sanik fast : Local pink man goes to space and falcon punches thor

Justin Y. : Eventually, they both stopped thinking.

Commander Appo : I found this a year ago, made a comment, forgot it existed, had life, then out of nowhere it’s back. Time to rinse and repeat.

Sal Vulcano : My man literally just witnessed the world explode and got punched by the only other living person and he’s just like, “video games?”

HellSpoon : Life is weird You dedicate your whole life for a one thing And when you get to that thing You miss the past and all the things you won't get back.

Sandman : Better gay than alone

Vlogs KKS : Here I am tied and bound Every night feeling low Bad days come back whatever In the sun I bathe, in everyday light You draft me down for a split second tomorrow What am I supposed to do [Pre-Chorus] I know you would make me happy Girl I found my way out I found it at last now I'm sober Wouhouwhou [Chorus] Let's go Hey! (Whouhouwhou) Hey! Your cryin' How sweet the sound [Verse 2] Silence's on I attempt Bow and scrape, toe the line Never get back together With the same old style ran down my life You drag and drop, attract me after all Anyway I'm gone tomorrow

Curry Is Good For You : Chinese Thanos is tricked by a trap but decides "why not?"

Generation X : Seriously the whole point of this video is: You dedicated your whole life to finish one goal. When you finally get there you realize that it wasn’t as self rewarding as you thought it was going to be. You left your family behind and ask yourself, “what the hell matters now that I have left my whole life behind for nothing”. You see an opportunity to start again and then you realize you never had a chance to begin with. Comedic purpose: It wants you to know how tough it is to be Asian thanos

Justin Y. : *Earth Explodes* Oh those Russians......

A DARKDREAM PRODUCTION AWESOME : The rumors was true..... spongebob cant die

hornetkiller25 : 2012: How could this videos comments possibly get ruined... 2018: *Oh no*

SilverGlade 226 : 0:58 when you drop your spoon at 3:00 am

Jordan Olson : Can we appreciate the amount of power that must have gone into that explosion for it to not only destroy the earth, but jettison its pieces away so fast that they reach the moon in under a minute?

Equilia : poor Chinese thanos. Thought the dude was a chick.

D S : Morale of the story: shit happens.

Heizen : *A thanos astronaut went to space, this is what happened to the earth.*

hellan lettas : anyone else noticed that the astronaut looks just like the one when you don't have internet connection on youtube

gonzoclan : I believe that the vid is based off of man's foolish effort to focus on one goal that they miss everything good in life and now they can't turn back.

The Derp Chaos : There’s a lesson to gain from this... videos games are still fun post-end of world.

GhostAnime117 : I love how the blonde hair dude is so chill about earth blowing up while the asian is screaming and beating the blonde dude in the face!

Jeet Nadgouda : How tf did 20k ppl dislike this??????

Bloody Sugar Cube : Thanos’ home planet was destroyed, Asian Thanos’ home planet was destroyed

KHzero : This is sad. He finally gets to do what he wants and then his Earth literally falls apart. He then finds help but since the Earth is gone, they just drift in space, enjoying their time, before they sadly die.

Matthew90790 : 1.25x is more intense. I recommend to put it on that.

Brendan yuan : 0:59 when u wash ur spoon the wrong way

redc : i always come back to this video for some reason?

Pinfari13 : At 0:44 he takes off in a space shuttle but a Saturn V hits the bird at 0:46. No wonder the earth blew up, that thing was running on an improbability drive.

CactusTeam : Asian boi grows up and does the big space

Doggo Man : 2:53 rare footage of the last veteran of the gamer furry war

w a r m w a t e r : The truly most ambitious cross over Kim Jon Un and Thanos

Noa Animations : If this was real the train would have arrived at a speed of 5414 km/s considering that it took it 71 seconds to arrive to the surface of the moon and that the earth to moon distance is 384400km...Yeah I like doing these things...

L.I.C. Butterfly : 0:58 those darn Russians with their vodkas listening to hardbass

Santa Hoovy : Asian Thanos goes to space *GONE WRONG*

Birb : 1:52 and 2:52 top anime betrayals

Sakura_ Crqwn : Thanos got catfished lmao

Leo Machado : When watching for the first time, i got emotional at 2:44 when the supposed girl saved him from space and then my world collapsed.

ГЕОСФЕРА : *Ну а хули теперь делать, тупо в соньку гаситься*

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : remember that spongebob episode where he goes to the moon? this is part 2

bob asnee : 2:05 perfect timing

Green wolf GAMEPLAY and FUN : 2:02 when ur mom lets u use her credit card

ACasualChag : Did no one else feel that dread when the planet exploded?

Death Wolf : Moral Of The Story: "Don't Waste Your For Life For A Dream You Committed Because That's The Only Thing You'll Be Focused On Till Your The One Who Missed Out On The Good Events." Side Note: HOW IN THE WORLD HAS SPONGEBOB SURVIVE?

KingStix : Don't become too consumed with a goal. In the end it just might not matter.

glossyplane542 : I was gonna talk about how deep the video was then the earth exploded and an Asian guy screamed at a spongebob plushie flying at him while he was on the moon

Sergio del Río Reyes : 02:05 doesn't his reaction remind you of Monsters Inc. when Sully is watching what he thinks is Boo being turned into a garbage cube?

Clap Your Trap : *ThE rEaL tHaNoS hAs ArRiVeD* 0:58