BUYING a mystery box off the DARK WEB !(WEIRD)!

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Hoady : These mystery boxes will be the death of you. Don’t rope me into this aswell 😂

icyboy771z : A good way to dispose your murder evidence is to repackage it in a mystery box and sell it in the deep web lol

Divo Galindra : What am I doing here

Gulf Coast Epidemic : the liquid is sherm pcp n black stuff herion the tablet is xtc!!!

Cerdika Hasbi : 3:40.....that glove I sent you is a glove I use to amuse myself

Brat Bojan : 5:34 Organ 100%

George Gassmann : Bro next time latex gloves 🧤👌🏻👍🏻

Brendon Hansford : Very interesting video: - The chemical is the oil you get with an electric shaver to keep it lubricated.

xAmelia ' : 5:38 Shroom from 1900

Jessica Nicole : The screwdriver was probably too pop out the eye you were smelling.

EL1Te_-_KiLLeR _ : Dark web but the guy put his name and address on a returns label.. and you paid in £s

ForbiddTV : Might be a bomb so I better wear gloves!

brostenen : The walls in your room, looks like a horror movie. Why not put up some paintings and stuff? Really creepy to see, when I am used to things on walls.

How the mind thinks within the links 11:11 : To be honest i think i would worry more about some random guy that has your name and address bro. Good luck though mate :)

Tits McFunnyBalls : That little bottle is oil for a hair trimmer

Captain Karen Obvious : Blood changes color after it dries. It doesn’t stay bright red

Devin Collins : Black stuff looked like humans ball turned to jerky

Reiskanzler Kai : guess the wet wipes could be for hidden data´s on the Pda or the Teddy Be carefull you might really bought a crime scene if the liquid smells like shoecleaner and is a little bit thick in his consistency its maybe GHB (4-hydroxybutanoic acid) - Hardcore Drugs AND DONT connect the Pda on your Devices.. its Probably gonna be infected with trojans or Backdoors

Ashley Williams : I feel like the iPad is a great way to watch what you do. It could be cloned.

Maleny Garcia : How do you order things through TOR though... You can only use cryptocurrency to purchase things through it to maintain close to full anonymity... Like you could just say that you bought it from some sketch clearnet site.... Most of the web addresses only lead you to a dead end site. Most are shut down or random clear sites. Its really hard to get to a fast functioning site that could just randomly send stuff to you. Yes, because you gave up your anonymity to a random and potentially dangerous stranger to get a random box.... Yeah. Nice try though.

mark layton : Buying from 'dark web' youre a criminal

Andrew Kirschner : he's all like idk what this is hopfully it wont kill me. but yet he still had to put his address through the web site.

Andrew K : That box was already opened by a postal worker and searched and taped back up

Positivity : That’s Monc Blanc cologne

Equestrian_Val : The first item is super similar to a girl who also opened a dark web box. I forgot her yt name but she found a used tampon in it..and the first item was a bible that said "you might need this"

xAmelia ' : 6:00 Aspirine

Panayioti Sogotis : Ur Lucky you haven’t been kidnapped yet

Hiyori Koi : I have no clue what that black liquid stinking stuff was but I'd love to know cause I'm RLY curious owo and btw some of those things might be drugs but idk for sure of course and the aftershave might be expensive and stolen or there also might be poison in it but I don't think so? Anyway, this video was really interesting!

xAmelia ' : 4:23 Cyanite

Shaun Elliott : How about giving us the name of the site you bought it from?

Ok Ok : Vid 10:31 min then i know its fake

Depression Session : The guy who sent this is probably just sitting at home laughing because he just put random shit laying around in the box.

RG Ritzy : The black stuff is an eye and the screwdriver is how he got the eye out

Smilez xD : MMA GLOVES

Jasmin The Rainbow : The back thing low key looks like a decomposed eyeball

GameMaker Rob : It's whatever you put inside the box!

UFC STARS : It looks like opium.

Ghartay Dehkee : A screwdriver with red stuff on it, I wonder what that could be..?

Elizabeth M : bro it blood i tell you it blood

FullMetal Atheist Gaming : This is so obviously fake it's cringe 😂

John Codona : black tar heroin from afghanistan

Clyde : "Let's wear gloves, but no mask to stop myself inhaling potential poison or something that will give me cancer"

mon deano : Black tar heroin

TheNamesEthan : Hey to prove this is real provide us with the website you bought this. What OS did you use. What browser and what proxy/vpn did you use (assuming you used one)

GSO WORLDWIDE : Probably some cool stuff on the phone and the iPad. Should have checked the files and what not.

Gary Davis : Could it be the things that belonged to a burgled house, or a mugging (or, worse, murder) victim, with the screwdriver used to wound/kill them? The phone, if not wiped, could contain the owner's info. Ditto the iPad. Or they could even contain something that gives the history of the items. Either way, I hope you went to the police rather than got rid of them.

lets-go explore : Look inside the teddy

Bronson Amoroa : That's ingredients for a ritual. and that's all I'm saying

D0C H0L1D4Y : in the bottle is lubrication oil from hair clippers set...the stinky one looks like an adrenal gland, not sure from an animal or human, definitely organic if it really smelled as bad as you say...the pill, i might be willing to bet it's an antacid (calcium carbonate), you can bring it to a university chemistry major and they could do tests...the rest is either stolen or someone raided a lost and found or something. i'd kinda like a follow up video letting us know if any law enforcement has contacted you or what has come of any of this.

redencion666 : SEEEKSIK