BUYING a mystery box off the DARK WEB !(WEIRD)!

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Hoady : These mystery boxes will be the death of you. Don’t rope me into this aswell 😂

78deathface : You have a depressing looking room, get a poster.

Ren 89 : 1. You bought a box from the dark web and the dude left his name and address on it? You also said later it was anonymous' which it wasn't. 2. The screwdriver. Blood oxidizes and turns brown, that is NOT blood. You didn't even want to waste the money on a decent size screwdriver. 3. You only showed us one side of the pill, turn it round and it'll say its Paracetamol, or some similar over the counter drug. 4. The iPad showed the hello screen, which would only happen after the first turn on or, as in your case, after doing a factory reset. So you lied later when you said it had stuff on it, as that'd be impossible. So to sum it up, you are lying scum trying to make money of idiots on the internet. Glad I'm British, just cuz it means I might one day walk into you and get the chance to smash your face in. Edit: Want to add a further point as people are trying to disprove my points (i.e. go on then... send urself a gun, a bomb and some drugs in 2018 after the terror attacks and email me from prison about what happened). He says in a later box it was paid for by donations when his patreon is at 0! Yes 0!!! ALL the people that donated to him for his next box happened to choose PayPal??? Edit 2: Ricky Molnar's point from a week before mine. Hope he doesn't mind me reposting it. "He has a sharpie and clear tape sitting right next to each other on his desk. The package was opened and resealed with clear tape, as shown by the "fragile" tape having already been cut. The wet wipes were labeled with a piece of paper with a note written with a sharpie and attached with clear tape."

slash duh : *wears gloves*, *proceeds to sniff everything**..... Might as well just remove your gloves and put your head inside the box and pop two holes in there so you could see the world with a different perspective

safieroflove : Sorry but this was really embarrassing to watch 🤦🏼‍♂️

Ava Lockwood : THIS IS FAKE 1 . You said you’ve never seen anyone buying a mystery box on the dark web ever . Dude , legit type in “ mystery box on dark web “ and you’ll find A LOT of them . 2 . You said the seller was anonymous but then said you covered the sellers address/name with a BLACK SHARPIE. 3 . You have a CLEAR tape AND a black sharpie on the table and the box was taped with clear tape and a note was written with a black sharpie . I’m pretty sure you didn’t use that sharpie to cover your address and the sellers address cause you were in your living room with the package DOWNSTAIRS, so why would anyone go upstairs just to cover a name up then go back downstairs ?! Which means you found some shit in your house , put it all in a box in your room , was too lazy to clean the evidence up and just went downstairs to make a stupid video. Also I don’t really understand how people can be so naive . Buying a mystery box on the dark web is EXTREMELY hard and dangerous, even the FBI can’t get in and they have the best hackers. Let alone some youtuber whose desperate for views . And I’m pretty sure if you somehow got in the web and bought a mb it wouldn’t be filled with things that you can buy at target or a Halloween shop . It would most likely to be filled with body parts , used weapons or illegal money . It’s a really good way to get rid of the evidence for them and get away with big crimes . Which means that the FBI is probably looking for you and ready to break into your house OR a serial killer is on his way to get you for “ stilling “ his money . So stop fooling people around like we’re idiots and start making REAL videos . I’ll still give you an A for afford and another A for ASSHOLE .🙄🖕🏻

ForbiddTV : Might be a bomb so I better wear gloves!

Be beautiful me and you : Oh really scary and the thing you found is I think it was a meet of some human 😕

Queen Darya Rashid 11 : Wow 😂🤔🙈🙉🙊💯 that's crazy i would do it too maybe ... i like mystery things

X HACKER : Just think if that teddy is possessed.... 😨

Bryan : That's what you call black tar heroin

Em Radford : Could of at least A) Luminoled the screwdriver B) Sliced the teddy open C) Browsed photos, videos, voice recordings and notes of the devices

Ink Addict : @4:12 that's oil for a hair clipper machine!! 😂 comes with every machine you buy

Faiz Alfarizi : Fake

King Royal : The nasty smelling thing was an old bloody tampon🤣🤣💀

Nicholas Lynch : This guy doesn't know s*** about anyting

Kujo Painting : 'Totally anonymous seller, I have no way of knowing who it is'... 'I've blacked out the senders name and address on the parcel'... OK then!

Steve Spykes : The "stinky stuff" is Heroin and the foil is how you smoke it... The "wet wipes" are because heroin is a sticky mess and its hard to get off your fingers. Duh

Robb : the little clear bottle just looks like blade oil used on clippers..

Stefan Stoica : “I don’t know what this is, I don’t know what this is, I don’t know what this is.” Smirking throughout the entire video.

HD Drone 4k : You put your name and address on the dark web haha Next video how I got hacked and ripped off , or worse ! Crazy mate, send me £250 I will send you a mystery box ,

Çrâsh TJE : Dry blood turns brown I doesn't stay red

Lolli Chan機機 : 5:30 thats I’m pretty sure that’s a rats stomach... And I have a reason why I know I’m not crazy!! My cats are out door cats and they always kill nasty rodents and leave the un edible pieces on our driveway

YT stuff : I will pay you $500 to eat the pill on a live stream

majid karim : you bought Actually something with your credit card with your personal info from THE DARK WEB and receive it are kidding who's you fooling guys just stop making videos about buying stuff from deep web stop lying to people bc you just get spammed you won't dare buy something from dark web with your info and plus you won't receive anything from the dark web

Preston Elam : When you are pushing for time so you need to talk about how you have no idea whats gonna be in it for a couple more seconds

icyboy771z : A good way to dispose your murder evidence is to repackage it in a mystery box and sell it in the deep web lol

Joel Hanaban : dude nah

Ps4 Gamer : How much is this cost

Itz Deeno : The small bottle of liquid you pulled out is cleaning fluid for hair clippers

NATURE _101 : This is so fake

John Bruh : He basically gave you criminal evidence

Kathryn Blessing : At the beginning of the vid I thought somebody just shat in a box and sold it

Diesel Estate : Geezer - you've got more money than sense. Next time you're ready to lose £250, split it into £10 notes. Then walk in concentric rings from your house. Give £10 to each homeless person you see. I mean - for crying out loud. What a waste.

P.T.onfire : This dude is sooo ....I'll jus say off..

Mr Southern Classic : The bottle was Mont Blanc cologne

Daniel : *Buys stuff from "dark web"* *Stuff arrives* *Stuff has senders address and name on it* Yep im sure its gonna be some nasty shit.

NinjaDaNinja : What if the government ordered a shit ton of these boxes from the dark web?

Popcorn TV : YOU HABE A DEPRESSING ROOM. I GET A POSTER. ps : great video

Henry Hatton : 5:30 a shroom??

Twisted Sister1220 : Well whatever was in the foil was prolly acid. The foil keeps it fresh and from rubbing off or evaporating. EAT IT!!!

Dray Go : First off, very smart wearing gloves, I thought I was the only Intrigued but Cautious Fellow. Second, the gloves were used to bury a body with. The Phone has the recorded video of the burying. The bottle is light acid to burn off your fingerprints. The bear belonged to the victim. Black vile goo and pill I have no idea. The spray is to cover the scent of the vile goo. the screwdriver was used for poking the ear, the IPad is Evidence that you now have in your possession. And the wet ones are for the tears you'll pour cause you in trouble now. :) LOL, I'm Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm going to watch other Mystery Box videos and see what other stories I could come up with. Your Unboxing was cool though Jude.

xxxg0temxxx stream : small bottle is lube for hair clippers

Tatyana Chavez : Did you ever determine what the clear liquid was? Was the screwdriver covered in actual blood?

susan druce : you sure there wasn't a note in the bottom saying you have been conned

The Spritukers : your face is weird

b o b b i e ! : *I feel like he maybe just gave you criminal evidence he wanted to get rid of...*

Ugandan Alex :v : like si tu ablas español

Deep Web : Lol

Bob Loblaw : At got cat crap there lol