Selena Gomez - "Back To You" (Cover by Our Last Night & FANS!)

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Halocene : This was such an incredible experience! Thank you for including me ❤ LOUIS CK LOOKIN GOOD 😜

Clash with Pokéfan : *better than original*

Daniel Ginger : I think you guys need to do this more often, all guest spots killed it

MrPfDrgamer : Everybody is talking about the singers but that drummer thooo

Andrew Allen : 3:36 shes did soo good!!!

TeraBrite : Woah this came out amazing!! Also, bring Addie from Halocene back for more guest vocals, she killed it!

Clash with Pokéfan : This fans should be part of the your last night band

Nick Caracciola : THE GUY IN RED KILLED IT. Everyone is talking about the girl but he was amazing too

Trevor Boaz : Cover Africa by Toto

Paul Bruce : This song is beautiful. But I want to point out something that shouldn't go unnoticed: This video has someone working with Matt on guitar, with Trevor on vocals, and even with Tim on drums. And Woody carries the song's bass alone, and it is absolute magic. Wood's bass playing is true musical beauty. There is generally a simplicity, he's not a show-off; yet EVERY TIME the emotional tone of the song is particularly impacting, it is in great deal due to Woody's adding more complexity to the bass. When he switches octaves, or adds a little lick, it changes the entire emotion of the song. I haven't touched my bass in many months, and at one point never thought I'd pick it up again. This song really changed that for me, and his playing has inspired me to pick it back up and practice often. I've relearned the impact that this instrument can truly have on the emotional power of the song. Tim, Matt, and Trevor are absolutely amazing musicians, always have been. Our Last Night is easily one of the best bands out there today, and that is due to their individual talents, and their collective ability to interact musically with each other. But I think, with this song especially, Woody really deserves mention and praise.

Andrew Allen : that chick killed it!!!

Nicole S : I thought this was an original. I don’t like Selena Gomez voice. This sounds so amazing such a great song you made it.

MrAdriDu74 : Amazing ! Especially the guy in red.. He's very impressive!

zuzanna jaros : When the girl started sing at 3:37 shiver went thru me! It's amazing! I'm dead! 💗

Pizza Man : Dude in red is lit 🔥

Monique T. : 1:56 what a QUEEN

Ridho Khairullah : 1:56 - 2:04 His voice is typical of kellin quinn - sleeping with sirens. Halocene Nice......

Ifyou'rereadingthis I'mwastingyourtime : This contest was a good way to help promote talented artists and widen your own fanbase with fans of the winners and the other contestants, do it annually

Braxton Elder : Straight chills when the girl starts singing. Needed more of her!

dewi kristiana : How come this song can be soooo WOWWWW !!! its heard strong n cool ! The red boy was sooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Jacob Eaves : Jeez that girl can sing

Kirona : Someone give that girl a record deal already

Emma Levina : i'm watch this video every single day ya know

Sabrina Acevedo : LOVE THIS !! SO TALENTED!👏🏻👏🏻

Pawan A Suthar : Back to you 👉☝️👈🔥

Andressa Oliveira : Sorry selenators,but is better than original

Sherline Kinyanjui : This is really amazing and that girl has an amazing voice

Denny slanker : The chick Nailed it. Her voice is incredible!

Wylie Leinbach : This cover is one of my new favorite songs. After listening to it I went and bought it right afterwards

M H : She is awesome singer

A Anubhav : Truly speaking tho, my DRUMMER bruh takes away every song and make them his own Hahahahaha.......

Ali Haider : Plz 😭. Cover a 30 sec to mars song King's and Queens 😍

jorge perez : Amigos saludos desde colombiano hagan una versión de zombie cramberry me gusta como transforman una canción buena en una espectacular me gustaría esa metalera

world ofmimis : I hope soo that yøu Play this in Oberhausen 27.10 PLS!!😭😭😭😭😍😍❤😍😍❤❤😍😍😍❤✨😍✨😍♥😍♥😍♥🇩🇪♥🇩🇪♥🇩🇪♥🇩🇪

Alyse Hein : The singers in this are PHENOMENAL !

Broke Budget Reef : They need to become members of the band!!

donovan stagg : This is why our last night is the best band ever! Letting fans help make a song/cover! Really shows how much they enjoy their fans! Been listening to you guys since your oak island ep

Poppy Rendall : I prefer this to the original 😅

Master Keeper : It’s a perfect cover, my favorite song of this year with my favorite singers all together

ripLucid : THIS IS AMAZING! Matt and Micki doing their thing Trevor with Adam and Henrique with theirs Tim and Tom with that sick drumming and Addie just plain killing it everybody shone! P.S. Do "Jumpsuit" or "Nico and the Niners" by Twenty One Pilots maybe? ||-//

Randy Friis : I've really enjoyed this song. To have so many great singers collaborating together this came out amazing! :) Please make more of these!

Brenin Watson : Damn, that dude in red killed it.


Eddy Ripun : wow *-* Our Last Night if you want more fans then bring more Addie :D HALOCENE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : Basically the song is already keke... then you cover it becomes 24 times more keke... awesome dude

Richard Geddings : Selena Gomez isn’t my style of genre..this is an awesome cover! You guys make some of the best covers by far! Would be awesome to have an album of covers come out!

Finley Parker : ALL OF YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥

Edmund Synnah : Wow..just just wow guys.. "Respect"👍👍😎😎

Lea-Julie Steinbeck : You guys are amazing! Never seen a cover like this, it's definitely better than the original. Your voices r touching but energetic and I can't stop listening to this song you performed so well.