'The Talk' - Immaturity for Charity

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MsRainbow Brite : PLEASE tell me this is how Brendan really told Domhnall

Yamin Thein : Ben?! Really? Imagine that this is how Hux wakes "Ben" up one morning to educate the virgin about how to have sex.

Keith Kogane : B E N IM GO NNA CRY

Victor Mattos : The Nerdist brought me here.

Mamashansbook : I really want to see the outtakes for this...

Cosmic-Chaos : I love how Brendan Gleeson says the whole monologue with a straight face XD

oleandersmoothie : "he gets a straw..." oh so THAT'S where he learned how to treat bullet wounds

Theta Sigma : "Are you with me?" "No."

Clothilde : "A Kit-Kat" omg 😂

Keter-Euclid : 1:41 "So that's why I'm the only child in the family..."

Louise Potato : The fact Domhnall had to hear his own father talk about that kinda stuff makes me think he deserves an award...or therapy ;D love these charity short vids !

atobetezuka1047 : the most hilarious thing is that they are actual father and son in real life lolllllll All of them are great actors!! Watching father Gleeson giving his son Gleeson 'the talk' is too hilarious lolllllll btw the son is 28 already come on parents it's a bit too late lollll

Well Mefisto : What does Brendan say at the end, right after "that's filthy!"??

Jesus Vasquez : Im here cause of the Nerdist.

LifeIsABeach3210 : PERFECTION.

Paradox_larakroft : Coughkyluxcough

6527mjap : wow. that was informative from brendan. lol.

nulls : kitkat kills me every time

Well Mefisto : I thought "kitkat" was a kind way to speak, such as "sweetheart" or "honey" :P... noooo

Vesper : sounds legit..ahahaha xD

Caitlin McIlvenna : hes fucking called ben kdbfjdkd

da96103 : That's how the irish people do it?

Ad Khan : I was 12 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

domglee : OMG Domhnall is so sweer... I love him so much - Big greetings from Bornheim North- Rhine-Westfalia Germany

telecasterbear : I came here to see Brendan.  woof.

Julianna Harper : "Get the Walshes on the phone!"

Victoria Thompson : Did I just hear him say I'm 28? XD

Chris Valls : "Get the Walshes on the phone"! Ha!

water : lmaooo this is too good! the end was a nice touch too HAHA

2ndRatePetronius : Dead.

Abby Wightman : this was hilarious

Bebeh Gunayan : Happy Sad Confused got me here.

Cupavi Kurcic : He's a Scatman!

Thomas Masterson : I've been doing it wrong. Thanks, +Nerdist

GIGGLR : Can I get some fries with that??

Darkling 099 : Why he turned to the dark side

Tender_Nips : aww man couldnt sto laughing

Barbara A. Telleria : I'm surprised that they didn't make use of the fake penis for this sketch as well. :P

Emma K. : What the fuck

iRRichiee : get the walshes on the phone!! hahahahaha

Molhedim : The king will take your castle Reynald.

Ken Housiaux : wtf did i just watch

Richard Nixon : God dammit Gerry Walsh!!!!

John27346 : I'll donate if they promise to stop making shite like this.

Eimear Higgins : this is class

meade816 : So that kid is a straw baby?

john loftus : Class

Shane : Kitkat

Darren O Connor : Wtf

Derek J Robinson : Absolutely brilliant..