Thegn Thrand's Channel Terminated - Who's Next?

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Corrupted Archangel : If only the biggest YouTubers, Content creators, and networks could orginize a Strike. Even if it is just to make a demand for content creator friendly policy. YouTube gets its Revenue from these people. This in the end would benefit both the platform and the people on it.

The Silver Dragon : Honestly,I'm just hoping that Twitch takes the opportunity to also get a reliable video hosting system.Let youtube die already

Aaron Reichert : "Just when you thought YouTube might start to get its act together" I didn't think that. Did anybody think that? Did you really think that? Or is it just a nice way to lead into the story?

Ray Venn Nerdiness : Those of you near San Bruno, CA: picket the headquarters!

Awaclus : If big YouTube channels migrated to alternative platforms and stopped uploading to YouTube, they would take a lot of their audience with them. The problem is that you can only really do that if your livelihood doesn't depend on YouTube.

Wessex Blades&Bushcraft : They could simply put an "over 18" click on our vids...but no, suspension....they could actually let us earn enough to live off...but no, they continually readjust the revenue rates, or withdraw vids from earning anything, or give us channel strikes, or reduce the feeds so we hardly get any circulation..jeez..not everybody wants make up tips or yawning kittens!!!

MagicMichael827 : Hey skall do u think u can upload basic how-to fema sabre drills? It's so cool seeing you swordfight and my inner child wants to play too.

George Morgan : Whoever programmed the bot should be ended rightly.

NGMonocrom : I know of someone who might be able to help. Don't know him personally. But he helped out another YouTube content creator get her strike removed when her ASMR video got hit and pulled for sexual content. (Yes, I know that some ASMR-tists do cross that line. But the majority simply want to help their viewers relax and sleep.) There was zero sexual content in the video. But YouTube refused to remove the strike after she appealed. Awhile later, someone suggested she contact the following individual.... He's known as True MVP: Please let Thegn know to contact this person. Not sure he'd be willing to help. But there's no harm in politely asking. It's worth a try.

Mr Fisher : You don't get it skallagrim this platform isn't meant for creative people anymore it's for the jimmy kimmels and all of those morning talk show hosts like Ellen.

M Ekelmann : So much for "don't be evil".

DarkOmegaMK2 : You know why youtube was so appealing at the time? Because it was basically TV but without the censorship.

The Real Carl XII : Do some Minecraft Let´s Plays. HAHAHAHHA.

Arjan den Besten : what about a youtube content creators union??

DropForgedSurvival : That is completely absurd!!! Ill be making a video this evening.. Gotta support fellow Texans!! #westandwithvikings

Onetwo Threefour : how to build legit explosives: step one: take some soap now someone else continue so that none of us can be held responsible

Aaron Jensen : So what's next YouTube? Are you going to ban Forgotten Weapons next saying that Ian is teaching us how to make firearms?

M6nst6r6 : In last few month, I think 10 or more channels that I subscribe to, have been demonetized and it's becomes scary trend. The scariest thing is, most of those channels have nothing to do with each other: - anime reviews channels(Chibi reviews, Anime Man, several others) - Hema channels(Metatron, Scall, etc) - independent liberal news(Secular Talk) - Retro gaming channels (Accursed Farms, Lazy Game Reviews) Literally all my most viewed channels got hit, with that yellow sign. And if things go that way, there willl be not much reason for me to stay on Youtube in future. Also gonna sign that petition, Thrand channel is treasure in terms of weapon, armors testing. So much valuable references We must protect it and help Thrand, no one deserve to lose their income for such stupid reason.

MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン : YouTube is testing their newest AI, they learn really well seeing how racist, bad prank, violence, and such video is untouched while critical, historical and educational video is taken down The AI must have studying YouTube comment section and I have to say it was rather accurate Kappa

Vancha March : Maybe if Susan spent less time making stupid videos for her stupid channel she'd actually be addressing the issues with YouTube and getting things done.....

Pompelipom33 : Many disappointed Youtubers have gone over fully or partly to It's free speech and allow all types of channels with almost no censorship. have grown greatly the last year. So every video you put up here you can also load up there.

slapsus : This is not some misunderstanding or misinterpretation of content on behalf of youtube. They are doing this deliberately in order to censor people who have at least some sense of personal independence and free thinking. That and channels that promote the use of weapons of any kind; and, yes, particularly those which show that weapons are not the cause of violence (obviously), but can be used with reason to defend one's self, besides also useful for recreational purposes. You can see how this goes against their attempts to disarm the public, by milking the fabricated drama of government sponsored terrorism (like the las vegas shooting, to name one of the more recent false-flags. Anyway, I'm not telling people to believe me or anyone else, but to do their own research and come up with their own answers. By the way, to Skall and everyone else who are affected by youtube's bullshit censorship (well, any kind of censorship is bullshit, but you get the point), here's a video that I found illustrates at least the public layer of what goes on with youtube's censorship attempts.

Nic1z : Move to Pornhub, they already have an ad sistem and no restrictions

TanitAkavirius : This is the future libertarians and ancaps want. Look. No state is involved here, *no regulations* . And you are allowed to start your own video hosting platform. Freedom. Just a slave to a private company.

Bryan Schmidt : The most screwed up thing is this- Thegn, Skall, Metatron.. All teaching historical things. Historical martial arts, historical curios, weapons, languages, etc.; they're in fear of going on the chopping block, or already have. Yet blatant racism, hate, and pure misinformation are free to stay up.

Dirk van Rensburg : No longer terminated!!!! As Some one stated in the petition, Youtube needs some sort of Magna Carta to be written up for you guys i mean your careers are on tightropes!


Ian Stradian : YouTube has cowards for leadership, they suspend videos for BS reasons but then a Muslim hate video or a BLM hate video stays up. They don’t mind making an example of the small uncontroversial creators, but a radical identity politics entity gets a pass because the people running youtube are fearful of public backlash. Cowards.

Ash Blackwind : What is weird is that "The King of Random" Channel who has 8.5 mil subs has a: "HOW TO MAKE NAPALM" video Hell even a Freaking DIY FLAMETHROWER! yet those videos didn't have any problems with youtube (could be a VIP treatment or just another stupid bot decision). Youtube is really messed up.

Jacob the Gentleman Potato : Some one should try to sue google on grounds of workers' rights seeing as how essentially google employs youtubers.

Bob1942ful : Considering the channels that show how to make black powder, and a whole slew of other stuff. Plus the number of jihadist sites uTube does nothing about. This is ridiculous

Grim Song : Skallagrims being naive. Dude a mindless bot hired you and pays you, you cannot be surprised when a mindless bot fires you to. YouTube became the success that it is by not paying content creators a dime. Advertisers waved millions of bucks under YouTubes nose and said lets make a deal. The deal is attach our advertisements to what we the advertisers deem content-safe/advertiser-friendly and in return YouTube gets paid. YouTube didn't have to pay its creators a single cent, people will always create and watch content for free. YouTube is paying creators to play ball and bow down religiously to advertisers whims. If you want humans checking the millions of channel terminations each month then YouTube needs money to pay that army of meatbags, and who gives YouTube money again? Advertisers. Also, lol to the idea that creators will go to another platform. YouTube is a mega-corporation! They will just buy or merge with any real threat. If that fails, advertising consortiums will black list platforms that don't bow down. "Not feasible" is an understatement. YouTube has an Angel on each shoulder. One looks like Harvey Weinstein and is snorting coke off a content creators stomach the other Angel looks like an emotionless psychopath who is drinking a wine glass full of "don't give a fuck" as he counts a pile of money.

meleardil : You are soooo cute when you try to see good intentions in malicious people. This must be one of the worse side effects of living in Canada. Well... I think we should call this phenomenon what it really is: Marxism. Youtube always had bias, but they did it as a mild tuning of the "recommendation" section. After their communist comrades lost some of their political influence due to truth-sayers and whistle-blowers on social media in the last 3 years, they went full retard, switched to rage mode. Demon(et)isasion, youtube heroes, and now they started open censorship. No more pretense, no more act of being the good guys. They hate and censor anything which is: not communist, not based on identity politics, not internationalist, not collectivist, opposes state power. Therefore they hate when individuals talk about weapons and self defense, and hate even more when it is related to European history. They are just warming up to it. As a Hungarian, I can tell you stories about communism, when it is out of the cage. What you are experiencing now, is only the beginning... only the existential threats and blackmail so far, but full terror is on the way. No communist in the history has ever given up the tiniest power voluntarily. I know, that you will not listen to me, because it is much more comfortable for you to think this to be just "right wing conspiracy theory", but I warn you anyway. Try to be as self sufficient as you can. Your HEMA background and independent thinking marks you as a bad guy to be suppressed. Dont be ashamed to go direct viewer support and premium content. I dont always agree with you (why should I ?), but I like you, and wish you luck with the degooglifying process.

Grzybiarz : Just went on pornhub a few minutes ago and saw a relly qt guy . Long story short i think i might be gay , What do ? My whole life was a lie

Dread, the Mad Smith : I got one on one of my first videos I made 2 years ago. It sucks because when this mess started I deleted a bunch of them to be safe. I just deleted it because it was just a simple slideshow and I would never get the views on it to appeal.

Brennan Palm : I bet you 10 bucks that this whole chain of events was started by some overprotective soccer-mom chancing upon that video. I just don't see a youtube bot suddenly terminating a channel based on a video from a few years ago. There must have been some human element in this.

lordrichardlionheart : I love your solidarity!

Dustin Sawyer : You act as though things aren't going exactly as Youtube wants them to go. Things will only get worse because they hold all the cards.

Jaysann22 : YouTube is probably axing all its big earners. YouTube is very likely sabotaging itself for some unseen reason we're not seeing yet....

Arcanua the Red Mage : The term "family friendly" is highly, HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE. Youtube needs to fix their shit. You CANNOT BE 100% PG, that's COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE. Several channels have already explained this and PG channels are ALSO being hit by this. It's not a matter of being family friendly....they don't know how to handle this and are CLEARLY showing they don't know how to run youtube. I really, really hope they actually FIX this; be it they fire whoever's abusing their job right now and replace them or fix their god damn flagging starts with a computer and is supposed to be then handled by a person...they're not doing that anymore....they make a ton of money already.....they could get people to actually do their job.....and actually LOOK at the videos being flagged and LOOK at their TOS. Right now they themselves have BROKEN their own TOS; don't now come up to me and say "oh they made the contract they can change it." yes they can. However there is a big problem with is a BINDING CONTRACT, yes it is subject to change however it explicitly mentions the warning system that is USED BEFORE BANS OR SUSPENSIONS EVER HAPPEN. That part has NEVER changed and CANNOT be changed WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION. Which never happened and why this is such a big deal.

TacticalTeuton : Go to a new platform. Total free speech. Vidme is already cucked

Adam Locy : Welcome to the communist republic of YouTube. This is happening to everyone that isn't on youtube's approved list. Time to expand to new platforms like bitchute or vidme

11th Doctor : Awwww you removes the Ivan head destruction video.. that was my favorite ;(

Bryan Schmidt : Excellent sound and video quality, Skall. Much improved over your old videos. Money well spent.

PointyCheese Shooting : Signed and commented. Skall you should really consider just having a donation link. A lot of people are scared of "subscribing" to a service and just want to donate when they feel like it. Almost like a Twich streamer. I feel like a lot more people (myself included) would donate here and there when not wanting to use services such as patreon. Just a thought :) As always, keep up the amazing work, and I hope you great channel doesn't go with the wind with this new stupid rules and regs

blackswordshinobi : I am late on this  but I support Thegn Thrand I confuse at this point why you tube will do that my self

Lord Archadeas : Victory is ours, the correction has been made and he has returned. Long Live Sword Channels!(and any good content channels unjustly targeted by Youtube...)

Atomic Horizen : upload to facebook

Kendo Arasuta : Ninja fire bombs?! ... Let's face it it algorithm found it too cool for the Internet