New Orleans Gangsters Interview | Ross Kemp Extreme World

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sudoStef : did anyone hear him?

Read more : use me as a ''you hear me'' button 1 like = 1 you hear me Edit1: omg thank you so much for the like goal is 1k

Zwaxen : take a shot every time the guy with sunglasses say "you hear me"

Lil Daws : *2019 ?* *Ya hear me?*

Skull : *yOu hEaRD mEh?*

Sample Text : I don't speak this type of english but I'm sure it's just two nice gentleman talking about the health benefits of going vegan

Lamp : 95% - you hear me? 5.1% - 2019?

Sweatツ lol : 0:57 kermit the frog

the disstro boy : He could not stop saying u hear me wtf 😂😂😂😂

SejfulahKralj Razor : Like how much times he said ''you hear me''

BradDraws : Yes i can hear ye

Carlos Danger : What ? Huh?? Speak up man I can't hear you !!

Bopop : This is 100% in the top 20 most funny things ive ever seen

Joe Murray : One guy can't say a sentence without swearing no wonder he can't get a job

Nadia El Jadidi : He said ya hear me so much times that they couldn't put it in the subtitles

10,000 Subscribers without videos challenge : Did you hear him?

Dubs Graal : Lmao did anyone hear him?

General Mosquito Spray : Gang members in foreign countries are more literate and speak better English than the ones in America lmao.

Lamp : They got their producers to wear a red blanket and pull down their pants, wtf is this you hear me

Loki Lyesmyth : I wonder why no one will give these kind, articulate and intelligent men jobs? Just kidding, they are dindu's.

Torpid Deadpool : Blood: Ya heard meh Deaf person: ........

A K S U : "This cross fight here ISSA KNIFE"

Dummyyy HD : I liked it when he said “ya hear me”

FedUp : *GUYS GUYS....I think I hear him*

Late Apex : Say again, I didn't hear ya.

Monroe H. : Take a shot every time he says you hear me

Danny Fleck : I don’t hear him.

XxYOUBOUTAGETEXPOSEDXx XxCringeGodXx : for some weird reason they look kindaaa stoopid just sayin, (i mean their Stance) no offense against the Bloods.

Andrei Solomon : 90% of this video … These gangsters said ,,You hear me ?``

what? : did you hear him guys?

living life smoke grass and eat ass : Im waiting for the English version

Lil rxff : do ya'll hear somethin'?

Mortaza Noori : Who was expected «you hear me» at the last sec of the video

dwight swan : The filth of looks like some comedy act... what are the things Im seeing. ??

Sector 7 : 0:57 wtf boi stop shaking your head

GG E : I bet he won’t do this in Chicago

Lord X : The real question is You hear me?

DWN Islands : I think I heard him, did you ?

benito martínez : Ya hear me😂😂

Young Money God : Legend says he is still saying ya hear me Ya hear me?

Cbandz_13 : I can't here him dang it



Oh yeah yeah : idi nahui blyat cant hear u

Hoody : Ya hear me?

theoochan : anyone saw the thumbnail and thought it was Deji

ZombieKiller RBLX : *YoU hEAr mE*

Hans Peterson : Ya heard? Ya heard? Ya heard? 😂 lmao

XxYOUBOUTAGETEXPOSEDXx XxCringeGodXx : that bloo said about 18-19 YAAAAAAAAAA EAR ME Like damn boi chill out.

Tyler Durden : If He kill me Ill kill him lol thats hilarious