Jack Black Reacts to MUSE

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its Aria : omg I thought I was the only one who made these gestures during solos hahaha Jack? YOU'RE AMAZING

Steph October : I didn't know I needed this.

The Great Sloth Lord : I wish I had a friend that reacts to Muse, the same way that Jack Black reacts to Muse.

Haralabospap : He has to listen to Invincible.

aunthau MV : This is confirmation that muse is really as good as we all believe they are. Now jack black is a guy who knows rock n roll thtough and through. And If he gets a kick out of this, thats says a lot about em. Its a shame that they are overlooked in todays music industry.

Giulia98 : "gets me every time" ahahahahahahhaha my exact reaction. Love this man.

Raphael Dela Cruz : You can see how Jack Black is just passionate about music. How can you hate the guy, man? The answer is you can't, you just can't, I tried, trust me, but I just can't.

VEGA4554 : Jack you think that was good you'd love the Hysteria Solo for sure!!!!!! 🤘🏼😎 MUSE IS LOVE, MUSE IS LIFE.

A Perdana Putra : Madness is my favourite song on Muse, it still on my playlist.

Maiar The dreamer : Jack Black's love for music gives me chils seriously ❤

Aarón M. : "matt bellameme"

Dekar V. : Thought this would be an edit. Pleasant surprise.

Old channel i still use for some reason... : this is why jack black is amazing

Capital S : I wasn't sure how he was gonna go with this but yeah awesome, something in me is so glad Jack black likes muse

Mark : Best reaction on the interweb 🤘

B-Thrash : You right Jack, they are so under-rated. Every song is just a pumpkin'!!!

e : just wait until he hears reapers

Jacob Pizi : Finally a reaction that isn't *fake*


Matt Runyon : Is Muse a Brian May tribute band? Discuss.

Josh Triplett : Thank you Jack, not just your many hilarious films, but also tenacious D and your passion for music!

MuseAbsolution 03 : Yes he needs to listen to older muse though sorry I know I’m one of them I know but you just cannot 😂

Tom : You hit the nail on the head jack!

JordanRants : Saw them live last year and they were incredible.

Julia's Playlists : He's so cute

Simsy : God I love jack black and his reactions as much as I love muse xD

kyra lindsey : I love Jack Black so much

mat Assange : Fucking ayy¡!¡ this solo is literal madness!!! It is just. If madness had a sound or was to be arranged into anything it would be what Matt plays as the solo for this song!!!! Solo get in ma ears!!!! 😁😁😁🤯🤯🤯🤯❤️❤️❤️

Tyia Kyles : This dude has rescued me from my worst days...😂👍💯

Games with Rambo : Jack black the actual son of two Rocket Scientists. His mad genius and love for music is a wondrous treat to humanity.

Pippa Rob : The video you didn't realise you needed in your life until you see it

Katie Cheshire : I need to see Jack react to more things ❤️

PungiMungi bungi : Duuude. MUSE is my fave band!!!!!!! Jack black is a legend also!

Liliana Jaqueline Contreras : I love you man ❤ and like Madness I love Muse💖

CrzyMan : Jack black is all of us. Can't help but move my mouth a bit.

Robert Lynn : It is one bad ass solo!

Leslie Allison : This is my new favorite thing!

B-r-a-v : he needs to listen to stockholme syndrome!

Connor Clarke : Best guitar solo on a pop song. Besides beat it

bang bang : I love jack so much ahah

Knights Of Cydonia : me whenever i listen to muse

Joe Hmingsanga : "im starting this too early" hahahaa we had all done this

Roberto Esquivel : It sucks that he didn't react to the coming best part of the song!

Fotus Zephyr : Thanks Kung Fu Panda!

carpalway : AMEN

Joel Barcala : que grande jack black

Muser4Life : Well now we know Jack Black's orgasm face

Josefine Bliss : OMG jack black is amazing XD

the artist formally known as craig lastname : A muse ing

Mando Di Natale : Grande Jack