Jason Voorhees statue in Lake Pleasant has been removed by the Arizona Parks Department after being deemed litter

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Jason Voorhees Statue Compilation. 150 Divers were sent by the Arizona Parks and Recreation Department to retrieve Jason Voorhees from the bottom of a lake but were unsuccessful in finding him. This is a Jason Voorhees Statue Compilation. Jason was currently being considered for removal by the Parks Department after being deemed litter and decided to send 150 of it's best divers to retrieve him. I had a feeling he would be the victor... Jason from Friday the 13th still lives on in the lake to this day! If you enjoy the video, please subscribe to our channel for more videos like this and other Scuba adventures. You can subscribe to our channel at https://www.youtube.com/steelescubadiving and don't forget to hit the bell icon to receive notifications of new videos and more!! "This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To license this video go to: https://www.newsflare.com/video/268086/other/jason-voorhees-statue-still-in-arizona-lake or email licensing@newsflare.com or call: +44 (0) 203 937 6280" #JasonVoorhees#submechanophobia#Fridaythe13th


Moralltach : Yh. Its all fun and games until you hear 'Ki, Ki, Ki. Ma, Ma, Ma'

Holly McLean : Just imagine diving in lake and suddenly see this shit, I know it's just a statue and all. But holy shit that must been frightening.

TRYHARD KIDZ : Bruh that’s tuff I swam in there before😱😱😱

Sabrina Savic : That’s just wicked🤯!! You guys are awesome. I can’t believe it was deemed litter. I’m still laughing.

Paige Dodd : Damn that was cool

Malai Jacklick : is it real

Tien Minh : Brilliant.

Paul J. V.P. : What is this???

JOURNEY EXPRESS : wonderful presentation..loved it..underwater shooting is great...

Beach [DeathGripper] [OC] [HTTYD] : *chokes on a carrot* ITS MINNISOTA-

Proud Saiyan Prince : The one in Minnesota is better. It's darker, deeper and way more eerie.

ツSpare : What about the one in Minnesota?

Caleb White : I'm serious he Is acting like that And Is Waiting Until The Chains Fall off I'm serous He is Immoral Don't Go Near him

Thuongskv Bambooflute : Omg 💕

Alexander James : I'm with the NY Post. I sent you an email about getting your permission to use this video on our website and social media. Let me know! Thanks

Demedi Deme : Cool :O

Jo Jo : Song name?

Jazmille Marie Glumalid : Jason Voorhees is fake