How Tyson Fury Became The Champion of the World

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Sickshot1213 : I hope he makes a spectacular comeback respect

Motivedia - Boxing : Jesus, brilliant work.

haNZAgod : Very inspiring I love it!

videoschmo : 3:37 How's that for sportsmanship

dtothez187 : 115-111. This was a robbery worse than GGG vs Canelo 1, more like Bradley vs Pacquiao 1. It is a big shame they taken away one of the biggest comebacks in boxing. Shame on you WBC! Boycot fighting in America from now on non-American fighters. Boxing in America is poisoned!

blipco5 : I'm not afraid of the man that says they're gonna 'knock my block off', or they're 'gonna knock me out'. I'm afraid of the man that says 'I love getting punched in the face'.

Martin Gastanaga : Reznick I admire you very much, you do an excellent job, you have come far, you are an excellent person, you have motivated me to do my channel, I train watching your videos, you are the best.

Ant Price : I have Gypsy blood & loved to fight, unfortunately it got me locked up more than once, wish I’d put my blood to good use in the ring, I might have been shite or great who knows, join a boxing club kids, don’t make the same mistake as me, I’m 65 now & love the sport passionately 🥊🥊

AKhan : wow, I knew he was born prematurely, but I didn’t know his dad planned for him from birth to become the heavyweight champion of the world and named him after Mike Tyson. Thats actually so crazy, great video Reznick! I love it 👍

Martin Gastanaga : It is very emotional your tribute I do not stop seeing it excellent work reznick enchant me

stoney renegade : I find boxing has the most grand personalities among the sports. This channel has the best boxing tributes to these fellas. Great shit man

Chicano Kid : You deserve way more sub's man

Alexander Angelkov : Wow many fighters would have killed the guy at 3.38 but we see fury has a good heart

Greatest Ever : THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP

abdikadir hashi : In my eyes he's still the champ until someone beats him

xyla aqsa : Let’s not forget he is the TRUE undefeated undisputed heavyweight champion of the world,, got to beat him in ring to take his crown.. without him boxing is deadish... very controversial very out spoken , however he is a great champion,,

It's the fight that makes sense. : I don't care what anybody says. The way this man did what nobody believed he could and not only that, made it look EASY. The first and only to defeat Klitchsko on points and the only one to back up everything he's said. I hope he comes back and puts AJ to shame as the sloppy and heavy hitting man that he is. I hope he shows them all why his name is Tyson Fury.

Brandon Hudson : Tyson Fury is one of the funniest people of HW division

Smokin' Drew : Dayum, Rez, your videos are gold

Matson Ruddell : I hope he shocks the world again. Wish him all the best, I admire his ability to fight depression and come back to fight again

Jack Bean : He can beat Wilder and Joshua no doubt.

STREKY : This video is one of the best of you did.. Very well. And Fury's story is awesome.

James Celts : The editing is top class. This is brilliant. Long live the Gypsy King!

SpyroGyro : Great video of my least favorite boxer.

jabara83 : Im surprised ESPN hasn't tried to hire you

Danny O Meara : Top lad Tyson The people's champ

Erikk Mendez : mannn you are the best, long live to boxing sport. cheersss from Panama

berisha10 : They robbed this man of the greatest comeback in sports history, smh

Corey Redmon : Fantastic inspiring video, Reznick

Martin Gastanaga : Fury <3

Tolu : Top video rez👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

Joseph JoeJoe : If he's in shape, he confuses and embarrasses Joshua in a wide points victory. Not sure if he gets KO'd by Wilder.

ducky4 : Reznick on another level with these videos, best boxing highlight channel on YT hands down !

Danibo Gizmo : Havent seen it yet, but i already gave it a like, cus i know its gonna be great. Thanks for these Reznick

Ray Songz : Thank you, tthank you , thank you Rez'...i do not like this boxer but you make me respect him ;)

rodney day : It's is written in the Stars.. treasure this time it will it'll be a long time before we see a story like this again 🙏

Matthew Stephens : The like button isn't big enough for this video. I could press it a thousand times.

Nicholas Sans Pasty : I've always been put off boxing because it can cause brain damage but that's not such a worry when there's not much to lose.

James Blanton : I dont like tysons boxing style at all.. but respect and love furys story.. god bless.. and he has the love of a proud dad..

Brent Cruz : Dude... You are spoiling us for uploading twice... XD

Nadeem Hussain : Tyson fury THE gypsy king

Scott Campbell : He is the best. All his comments in the past don’t matter. You’ve gotta respect someone that speak their mind. This is coming from a gay guy

Ana laura trejo : reznick another thing i always want to ask you, why dont make more tribute videos of latinoamerican legends i will love to see that!

The Laughing Pro : One of the best ever

Bradyn Bates : Best boxing channel on YouTube. Amazing as always.

videoschmo : Really enjoyed that, you are talented. You should do a video showing Fury's comeback journey

Mighty Marouane Fellaini : Sounds just like his dad

Ronald cochrane : Great video good luck Tyson what a guy !

Faisal Faisal : " He is just a white " holyfield said

Sweet Science : Respect, what an amazing edit.