12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!
What a goal by Messi at the age of 19

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12 occasions where Lionel Messi Stunned the world of football throughout his career, winning Ballon d'Or, scoring crucial goals, impossible dribbling skills & more. 🔔TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO NEVER MISS AN UPLOAD!🔔 ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- FIND ME AT: 📸 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/javiernathaniel 👍 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JavierNathanielHD 👥 Twitter: https://twitter.com/JavierNathaniel ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- #Messi #LionelMessi


Fred Pearson : As great as Messi is, I'm pretty sure none of this "surprised the world."

Masihullah Ahmadi : Just incredible !!! Who else is with me?

Marcus Clementz : July 2019... still watching this

F65 Masters : Best player : Like=Messi Comment=Ronaldo Edit:thanks for the likes

Cloud star : 3:03 I love how nobody in his team cares about following him cuz they just know he is the boss

Zaheen Hadi : Who is more better Messi = like Ronaldo = comment

Ian Dog : I think he is the greatest Footballer who ever lived.

Manchester United Fan : Honestly, I dont think anyone understands what we're seeing in front of our eyes is inhumane, we need to appreciate what this man did for the sport of football, truly a genius on and off the ball

Novici Squad : Sometimes I watch Messi video to make me feel happy when I'm sad

Dominating Prince : Who is watching on 2030? Maybe I'm dead but still Messi is the best player in the world. -DOMINATING 7/12/2019

SQUISH poo : So Messi is like Micheal Jordan... but for football?

Anpeo : 3:03 Look at his teammates. They are like: " Nah, we don't have to help him, he got this." 😂

It’s da memey boi : Honestly just a great video. Haven’t really liked soccer but this was enjoyable

Neil : *I Can't Even Do This on FiFa*

TOP RANKING : I just made his stats on my youtube channel and it's impressive...

Vishal Shrivastava : Ronaldo is a good player but seeing Messi playing is delightful. I don't understand why people even compare.

Alex Parker : Editor be like *struggling to squeeze thos 10 min out of it*

Germi Lopez : 12?, deberían ser más de 100 veces que ese crack sorprendió al mundo

andy tonne : Speculations are that Messi will be leaving next season to either the Avengers or Justice League.

david luiz : we all know that messi is the best player in the world.we didn't need to watch this video

One Hour - Weekly : I swear to god, when I finished the video I got up from the sofa, went get a cup of water. And when I got my water I spilt a bit of it on my shirt, and I realised just then I was wearing an “F.C.B” (Barcelona) shirt. That coincidence 😳

ramesh S¡ngh : Anyone before, on and after messi birthday.... Happy bday leo *GOAT*

Kevin Kash : Me gustaría en algún momento presenciar un partido de Messi seria extraordinario.

Clinton Besa : That's fabulous from Messi How good is messi Now with Griezman

Lionel Messi : God Of football. Greatest of all time. The Man Not human. Extraordinary talent...

Rakesh Kumar : Sachin Tendulkar - GOD OF CRICKET Lionel Messi - GOD OF FOOTBALL And the fun fact is both of them has 10 as their jersey number.

Janet Miller : The other teams' solution is obvious. Just stay between Messi and the goal. How fast can he run, anyway? Watching this gave me chills in a warm room.

Down Beat Entertainment : 4 different skill levels -Rookie -Pro -Advanced -*MESSI*

Meme Potato : When we beat Barca 4-0 then won the champions league 🖕🖕🖕

Ja'acob Losov : Comparing Messi with Ronaldo is out of sense. Messi is pure born talent. Sometimes got less efficiency but his style of playing is just a pure gold. Ronaldo, is good player who work above human strength, what made him a goal-scoring machine. Great efficiency, imho not that great style. Messi just born with talent. Great one. and dont need that much work to be great. Ronaldo works for it 24/7 for last 20 years. I prefer messi and his talent but I really respect the enormity of Ronaldos work he put into his achievements.

Mark Redrick : Do u want to know the secret behind Messi's ctrl over the ball..... Ders an INVISIBLE STRING attached to messi's leg n the ball!!<3

Jack Wildplay : Happy July 4th everyone I’m from Australia and I’m saying dis

Sanjay Pawar : never see football Came in my recommendation Just here for messi

CORRUPÇÃO Ñ É ROUBO : Kkk ainda existem Nutella que diz que cr7 é Melhor.... cr7 faz um drible e perde a bola... Messi sai driblando o estádio inteiro e ainda faz o gol!

Rakesh Kumar : I don't like football But I LOVE MESSI

Taiyyib_A : Make it 13 Bottling a 3-0 lead against LFC

Thomas Flores Peñafiel : Años atras la fifa daba premios a los mejores jugadores como pele Maradona ronaldiño etc Ahora da a cualquier boludo cómo Messi y otros

Quasar Sword : We need aliens to play ⚽️ so we can make a team of the best players

Alex Lim : For a guy named Messi, he's very tidy in how he executes his plan.

Batakkk Takk : Bawa barca bisa ..bawa argentina membleh.....,, itulah messi !!! Payah !!!!!...no good player....argentina just for maradona !!!!!!

FriedChicken4000 : Other players be like, “Get outta here, before things get Messi...”

Justin Stergar : They forgot to include the one time he passed the ball

XPanda-C : Messi is about to take his title of the best player from Ronaldo this year

shefikabc : Doesn’t he impress the world every game he plays

Pog Vex : English commentary at Messi’s goal: Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Arabic commentary at Messi’s goal: (Literally gets excited and starts screaming)

Javier Pereira : Lo más sorprendente de leo es lo realmente inútil ante su selección ;)

Nisham Nisunsm : Messi is greatest footballer for ever

Vincen : The more you look at Messi The more you realize there's no one like him in football history

Rezha rashaq : This is Lionel Messi,The Best Football p Player In The Word