12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!

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Alejandro Miranda : cristiano ronaldo is great, but messi is...just...legendary.

Ginna kilong : He surprise the world not only in this 12 matches..... he impress the world in every of his matches and prove who is the greatest.

zagemello : great video not to much repeat, just enough! loved it

Akash Naskar : Messi is the best in the world..Love Messi!!

MS TECH : Messi fans put a like

Brandon Sanelli : Some are born to play football, he was born to be the greatest.

King Skills : Messi and his magic haha, incredible how this genius plays on the field!

KrispyChiquen : El gol 4 en el 2:32 es muy fifa

Earth Wind : I think of Christiano as the best in this world but Messi is out of this world

alfredo Orozco : Messi el mejor jugador de la pvta historia

Rubens Lins : Messi forever!!!!

RaimaNd : Very sad that Ronaldinho and Messi only played a short period of time together. :(

Sayan Das : Messi messi messi

Nabil exo : Lionel Andre Messi its the best

ŠHØŸŪB HĘRØ : Messi is hero of Football

MM9 PRO HDI : Absolute genius!! No words to explain this legendary player... Just enjoy him!!


wendy kmc : Indonesia....like messi

OreoGamesRBLX : This world cup was really bad for him...

Sn4PT3cK : when he is playing football it`s looking so easy

Exel Tymoty10 : In my town. If you say football, everybody say messi

Aaron Hernandez : Messi always surprised the world

Finn D Music : Can't understand how people can doubt his place as the best player of all time.

Alejandro axm : símplemente.... Messi🙌🙌🙌

Nabil exo : Leo king

Down Beat Entertainment : 4 different skill levels -Rookie -Pro -Advanced -*MESSI*

Vartika Rai : Grand salute heads down towards the universal best footballer ""MESSI""

saz nu : Only Messi fans put a like


d0mstE : Is there any player that's more better, more passionate, more humble? There are just no words to describe this player, just amazing, amazing and amazing, and don't ever say there's someone out there that's better

Mehmet Yılmaz : I am not surprising because he is not human. He is Leo Messi

AMPJ : Mas cadê o nascimento dele ?

For You : Messi is The World The best

everything you want : messi is only the best..........

Senabou Sow : Messi is Amazing

M4L : Te amo, Lionel Messi

Adrián Hernández : Simplemente el mejor jugador de todos los tiempos 🐐❤️💙❤️💙

Mane Ousmane : Messi today tomorrow always

Jimenez Martin : #MESSI 4 LIFE SQUAD

Ceiling Soup : Soccer Is better than football

Skillzie 01 : To score a hat trick against Madrid when you’re 19 is something which can’t be recreated only Something Messi can do👑

Ma. Daniela Cornejo Rugel : Just legendary

jonathan twd : el juego de leo messi y ronaldhino es mas similar a la fantasia a lo que se ve en los video juegos o en animes como super campeones 🤩x eso ellos dos son los mejores de toda la historia..... a su contraparte el portugues cr7 es solo un buen jugador al estilo europeo sin gracia alguna 😒

BR4VE : Messi!

B G : No messing Messi!

LEOCRI : Amazing Video Bro (Chad)

bagus bernard : apek..tenan.. i am ... from.. Jakarta Indonesia.....GOOOOLLLLLLL

René Glez : Messi, el mejor jugador de la historia.

AllThe RiseThing : cocksuckers cessi

Hawa : Amazing