12 Times Lionel Messi Surprised the World!

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Alejandro Miranda : cristiano ronaldo is great, but messi is...just...legendary.

Shibin Shibin : Messi kick the ball you can't see the ball .my fan oh no all of fans respect

CancionesEnDirecto : Messi best player of all time. Messi Ballon d'Or 2018.

Patrik Zgodic : His abilities are insane... you can see clearly..what LOVE and PASSION to the football can do.. it made the greatest player of all time... one and only Messi

Larei Umoru : Messi is not only a player, he is a little magician

Rubens Lins : Messi forever!!!!

Universa VD : great player great person great heart .. legend messi

Mr 410 omega : Messi en ese tiempo fuiste el mejor Quisiera volver el tiempo ataras Eras insuperable Corrías vomo el vorre caminos Pero ahora Ahora estas viejo Y eso hace que nuestros corazones se rrompan porque dentro de poco te iras del fútbol Y nadie quiere eso supongo Siempre seras mi favorito Y no me importa lo que los demas me digan Eres y siempre seras el mejor Te amo messi 💖 #fanmessiforever

Παναγιωτης Αθανασίου : The football not run,not ......the football is tactical

Sahil Bhayan : MAGICAL lionel messi

Brandon Sanelli : Some are born to play football, he was born to be the greatest.

tung tang : Leonel messi all time the greatest legend in worldwide history.


Isaac Ds : 1:10 from you mbappe, Messi is not human

Ranjit Singh : What to say, What to do, I can't believe it too.

MM9 PRO HDI : Absolute genius!! No words to explain this legendary player... Just enjoy him!!

sarahfarah : your videos are awesome! great editing! keep it up <3

Björn Zastrow : U can't stop this guy....NEVER!

Adrián Hernández : Y aún así lo comparan con el penaldo JAJAJAJA Messi es el mejor jugador de la historia ❤️

luuis black : EL mejor del mundo es un extraterreste

Hfzr 04 : He is great , but i really hate messi being playmaker , he should back to be a real striker his biggest potential

Aristotn : You should add Messi's goal during the world cup in 2018 against Nigeria. He had 2 touches without the ball touching the ground on a 50 yard pass. Watching the replay gave me goosebumps.

myroom isverydirty : 9:09 además de ser el jugador #1 en el mundo, camina sobre los carteles, sin duda, messi, es dios en persona.

luuis black : Solo puedo decir,EL MEJOR

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai : This is the best of lionel messi i have ever seen......i always supported ronaldo but after watching this my heart changed. ...so thank u

Mehmet Yılmaz : I am not surprising because he is not human. He is Leo Messi

Ranjit Singh : He has scored hundreds of goals in his life but always celebrates like its his First. Never the world will compensate If he leaves

cap augusto : Simplemente Messi

Laxesi 53 : Legend ⚽🥇🏅😘

Facu Nieto : Yo le enseñe a jugar fútbol a Lionel Messi. :v

Skillzie 01 : To score a hat trick against Madrid when you’re 19 is something which can’t be recreated only Something Messi can do👑

magic view : Messi is the best!!

Ca t : Its messi magic...Ooooh yeah!!!!! ❤

kike castro : lastima que no tiene webos

Sam Gowman : Legendary

Down Beat Entertainment : 4 different skill levels -Rookie -Pro -Advanced -*MESSI*

BlockChainDP : 1vs11 Messi

Jorge Cruz : Una palabra leyenda

Adid Pratama : Messi., he is from MARS.

SAYAK DASH : Kolkata the Brazil and Argentina of India

Exel Tymoty10 : In my town. If you say football, everybody say messi

Street Brothers : Esto demuestra quién es el mejor jugador del mundo

Dmlx 24 : Patatas fritas

Dark : can someone pls tell me the name of the song ??


Its_Me _Zidan : WOW!This video is great as Lionel messi..

Facu Gore : Messi es la bestia 🔥

Vivek Samui : This video how many time's I seeing I don't count.. bt if thousands tym i see..never bor

Aaron Stanley : I like when he does that chip shot over the keepers head

Anthony Canizalez : Messi es el mejor jugador de la historia