How I Painted This Dramatic Oil Portrait with Back lighting
How I painted my gf in 4 hours A super quick timelapse of the process

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A timelapse of my latest 4 hour painting. I paint some exciting back lighting, which was very fun. Hey, me and some friends started an art podcast called Creative Mastermind designed to bring self development content to artists. If you would like to see what we are about, check out our channel: Creative Mastermind:


Ez _87 : 👌🏽♥️You are special continue

pajera queen : Por alguna razón me transmite tranquilidad, dibujas h e r m o s o 😍💞

The Art Adventure : Nice.. Highlight was too good...

Emilee Watson : Damn you deserve way more subs!!

ki hyunion : Great job as always. Beautiful painting and subject. Backlight is awesome. It makes everyone look so ethereal

Ghost : That's actually fantastic, you have an amazing natural talent

MetroxSC2 : Song name?

Mark Davies Art : Amazing!!! Great stuff

Daemus_TV : the light really sells it. well done

infinit finites : what is that music?

Raphael de Saint Remy : dramatic and very fun hmm !!

Burak Akbas : PIN ME DADDY!

гей скин : можно жить продавая только картины??

David Stephens : How?

Draw Paint Repeat : Beautifully handled Pavel. It's always such a joy to watch you paint. Thank you for sharing it!

The Art Adventure : Make the timelapse little bit slower from next time.. ☺ And zoom in to show the detailed brush work

jack : My wife? She's asian

LFP Gaming : Very good

piggy66 : great, you have yellow fever.