How I Painted This Dramatic Oil Portrait with Back lighting

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MetroxSC2 : Song name?

ALEX GAMER : like si vienes de un poco de todo

Burak Akbas : PIN ME DADDY!

Ez _87 : 👌🏽♥️You are special continue

Emilee Watson : Damn you deserve way more subs!!

Draw Paint Repeat : Beautifully handled Pavel. It's always such a joy to watch you paint. Thank you for sharing it!

David Stephens : How?

ki hyunion : Great job as always. Beautiful painting and subject. Backlight is awesome. It makes everyone look so ethereal

infinit finites : what is that music?

Mark Davies Art : Amazing!!! Great stuff

гей скин : можно жить продавая только картины??

piggy66 : great, you have yellow fever.

pajera queen : Por alguna razón me transmite tranquilidad, dibujas h e r m o s o 😍💞

Raphael de Saint Remy : dramatic and very fun hmm !!

Ghost : That's actually fantastic, you have an amazing natural talent

The Art Adventure : Nice.. Highlight was too good...

Daemus_TV : the light really sells it. well done

The Art Adventure : Make the timelapse little bit slower from next time.. ☺ And zoom in to show the detailed brush work

jack : My wife? She's asian

LFP Gaming : Very good