Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No.2 (Movement 3) of Beethoven, by Jonah Ho (age 7)
Moonlight Sonata third movement played by 7 year old

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L. van Beethoven - Sonata Quasi Una Fantasia Op.27 No.2 Movement 3 (Moonlight Sonata). - Watch a more recent video of Jonah playing Movement 3 of Moonlight Sonata ( - Watch Jonah play Fantasie Impromptu of Chopin (


AverageHumane : Asian parents: Ok good, *Now play it backwards*

Frédéric François Chopin : Parents: nice warming up.. Now play something hard

Emily C : No one: Absolutely no one: Mom: Ling Ling practices 40 hours a day. Be like Ling Ling.

Mike H : Sure he's only 7, but he's been playing for 63 years. Or so it seems.

Erinda Lika : Awww, look at those tiny little hands! It makes me feel incredibly useless.

Ye Boi : dont be mistaken people the piano was a paid actor

Elisabeth Parker : Roses are red Violets ar blue There's even a 7 year old asian better than you

Pink Pelicans : When I pressed this vid I thought it would just be a cute little kid trying to play the piano .... I was wrong....

NovaPavlova : 90% *iS tHat ArImA KoSei??* 9% *Dad being strict* 1% ling ling


Yeti Gaming : Asian parents: Good *Now play it with your eyes closed and then you can eat dinner*

Monica Mills : Two Set Violin where you at??

Stefamart7 : *Is this Your Lie in April?*

Epic Miner : Oh hi little boy you are really good at piano how old are you! *Seven* Sooo how many years have you been playing piano for? *Seven*

brontox095 : He was later grounded for playing one note wrong.

The Life of Leo : *scrolls down to see all the your lie in april comments*

Sylvia Hua : And I’m over here struggling to play Happy Birthday

3than46 : I thought this video was gonna make me feel bad about myself.. *But it's alright cause he's Asian*

The Newbie Sniper : "Wow, he turned the white keys to black keys." -Asian Girl

Augusto Lopes Itaplan : He started to play piano with 0 year. Or he is the reincarnation of Beethoven. Kkk

Emily Haygood : Is that freakin Kousei?

thePeziie : When I was seven, I was Ugh I can't even remember myself at that age 😂😂😂

Yeti Gaming : When I was his age I atesand

IXxKitxXI 123 : Kousei Arima? (I think that’s how it’s spelt)

ExertKarma : As impressive as this is, I somewhat feel bad for the kid as he likely spends exhausting amounts of hours practicing, especially for a kid his age.

Zachary Anderson : Roses are red Violets are blue There will always be an asian better than you

Seyoung Park : Parents: Now you are ready for La campanella^^

efe plevneli : His hands are smaller then mine.:( i have nothing left to blame,but He is asiannn

xoxo xoxo : I cant even play yoyo at age 8 and he's 7?!

Itss Aaronn : After seeing these Asian kids playing like this. I question myself: Am I really Asian?

Leah Thing 1 : when i was 7, i poked one key with my index finger continuously

Riq : Prodigy Kousei Arima in live action now -Walt disney

Drowning_glitch 187 : This is Kosei in real life ( your lie in April)

Sherry SUN : He needs a grand piano

gold banana : Arima kousei

Panhavuth Kong : There Is Always An Asian Better Than You

scenicsupernova : dude I can barely reach octaves and I'm nearly twice his age, feels bad man.

TDFodZ : Don’t be mistaken, the kids hands is a paid actor *i ended this whole mans career*

I love controversy : kid: If I don't play this correctly my dad will Beat me

lhaicstyle : level 1: beginner level 100: asian

Abhishek Sathe : Did he start practicing in womb or something?

DerpyLlama s : *But can you play hot cross buns?* 🤔

Sheela Wate : I am an asian . . . . An useless Asian

Dominique Schenck : Really outstanding and beautiful. I cannot imagine how much hard work goes into this outstanding performance.

Alexis Mandelias : In the end he is like: "can I stop playing now please?"

Oreotuylubamya : there is a slight possibility that asians can pass their muscle memory, skills and such on to their child via genetics

Imane Boulmane : Wow 🤩 he choked me machaallah 💪👏 hope we see him wen he grow up and become a big star 💫 😍

Dat Pixel : Woah Also I love how he has to roll the 9-note chords bc his hands are too small

Xxx_Noobmaster_420_xxX : if you see the description the programme is crazy.. 1. Mozart Sonata K331 2. Chopin Fantaisie Impromptu 3. Beethoven Moonlight Sonata But it doesn't matter cuz he's asian.