Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No.2 (Movement 3) of Beethoven, by Jonah Ho (ATCL Distinction) (age 7)

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Anime Pro - Anime on Piano : I feel ashamed of myself when watching the these Asian kids

Fonzi M - Melodies on Piano : Skills I only dream of having in this lifetime :/ Ok but seriously, at some parts it looks like he's really feeling and enjoying the music like at 3:50 with his RH. That's awesome to see!

!小浓神 : No matter what you do, there's always an asian who does it better than you😐 Even if you're asian yourself😭😭😭😭

Frank Gonzo : When you can’t use the excuse of “my hands are too small” anymore

Elizabete Elizabete : I bet this boy plays 40 hours per day

matthias ? : glasses + asian = unbeatable

Stefamart7 : *Is this Your Lie in April?*

bgl : Asian mom: alright good warm up, now play it backwards.

Gregory López : At 7 I was struggling with Lego blocks

ROCK SOLID : when I was 7 I would play outside and eat dirt *I still do*

Luis Ramirez : You can tell that this kid’s parents probably forced him to play piano

Patrick : 5:10 that "get me out of here, save me!" look in the end

lhaicstyle : level 1: beginner level 100: asian

Crie : Skill level= Asian

Penis : Asian Dad: Nice warm-up. Now play something *hard*

Mr. Blue : The new kousei Arima...

Holden Hathcock : Just when you thought you were good

Fran Belmar Rios : 😧 Un niño tan pequeñito puede hacer eso y yo aun no puedo tocar una canción completa.

Olebole anderssonsa : He has to wait 10 years to play this kind of Sonatas

Ms. Lilly : Roses are red Violets are blue There’s always an Asian Better than you

10ksubs 0videos : At that age i ate sand

꧁ღуѕт꧂ wee : *he somewhat reminds me of little kousei from your lie in april anime*

I KNOW HER FACE IDK HER NAME : THIS KID IS AMAZING😍although I hope he doesn’t lose his childhood 😔

Average Human : I don't want to be the one judging but here I am... but it's just not right... he's too young to be playing this, he can't reach the notes, and he doesn't understand how to play beethoven, I think he's just to young to understand beethoven. I want more power, more emotion, more rage. Being only seven doesn't excuse him from playing it wrong. Beethoven didn't play this when he was seven, and he wrote the piece exactly the way he wanted it to be.

Moonlight6292 ._. : He's asian so I'm not surprised

akaJRob : He’s gonna get all the girls

Sharik Luna Di : Y aquí es cuando uno se empieza a sentir mal consigo mismo :'v.

ROCK SOLID : I've been practicing this for a year now and I still can't play it as smoothly as he did

Colin G : Dude I swear this kid looks 3, but hey, I'm high, what do I know?

Arya Zandi : Bravo. I wish I could play like you. You play like the piano is a toy. I can see a a great future for you. By the way I think there is a wrong note at 0:18 and 2:52. I think the right note is A which you play A# instead and makes a Major scale sense instead of Minor. You can check that in your scores. Bravo again.

manuel jeronimo yaya bueno : ¿que clase de entrenamiento sobrehumano recibió este niño?

Purple Maniac : I’m better than you!!! *plays G note* “WHEN I WAS A YOUNG BOYYYY”

Nicole Ann Asistio : he doesn’t sleep

Danger Noodle : I can play *all of this* in piano tiles.

Emily Haygood : Is that freakin Kousei?

Priyanshu Thakkar : Why do I hate myself? I could have easily not clicked on this video

Sticky Glue : Arima?

josh langley : YAMAHA PIANO........ YAMAHA CYBORG ROBOT BOY..... technically good 🤖

Monica Mills : Yet another 4 year old who is better then me at playing piano

matcha mellow : poor little kiddo..i feel bad for him :'(

Nightcore_ Dragon Slayer : This kid is amazing but might not be happy

Iamxtwo Fhatman : A lot of time and effort put in! Glad I can play like this. Started off young and practised soo many hours every day to a point where my parents got sick of me playing the piano in the lounge. Now I teach and pass on my skills to the next generation 😊 Ps anyone can play like this if you put in the time and effort everyday 👍

gold banana : Arima kousei

Monica Mills : Two Set Violin where you at??

The Critic : sigh. im so dissapointed at this comment section. As a professional musician myself i've seen soo many times this opinion- let me adress it. Music ISN'T moving your fingers fast. if you wanna do that become a secretary. Music is about pouring your soul and recreating the extraordinary. So , this , in my opinion is nothing but a cool party trick. Of course im amazed that a little kid can play this extremely demanding piece BUT that doesn't make him a good MUSICIAN . It's his responsibility to take advantage of his talent in order to actully become a musician.

Blah Blah : Lol I love how everyone is talking about the fact that he’s Asian😂🤣 I’m Asian and older myself but he did it better.-. It’s just how life goes nowadays...

Nitroc Official : Roses are red Violets are blue There is always an asian Thats better then you

hsbd paez : ni mames, tengo 15 años al pedo ahre

Corentin Michaëlis : Poor child, he is so small, imagine how long he had to work to get there at his age. He can not have decided himself to work so much ... The parents of this child have no heart ... he could spend a normal childhood having fun with other children his age ... if not in the cheek is great ... French : Pauvre enfant, il est si petit, imaginez combien de temps il a du travailler pour en arriver à là a son âge. Il ne peut pas avoir décider lui même de travailler autant... Les parents de cet enfant n'ont pas de coeur... il pourrait passer une enfance normal a s'amuser avec des autres enfants de son âge... sinon in la joue super bien ...

Sktzzz : vladimir horowitz would just pick this boy up