Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No.2 (Movement 3) of Beethoven, by Jonah Ho Yan Ho (age 7)

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gold banana : Arima kousei

Walid Guinet : Amazing at this age, one of the hardest pieces ever composed by Beethoven. He is promise to a great future. Keep going kid !!

Bozhi Yang : A seven year old playing like a 🎹 piano master.

Titan Eilabouni : Did it reach her? sorry I had to do it :P

Randy Rosales : There Is no words Arima kousei

Smedley Butler : Must be witchcraft

Moonlight6292 ._. : He's asian so I'm not surprised

Madison Kim : Edit 1: Arima Kousei the 2nd!! :0 OMG what the h-heck---did it reach her? (Sorry I said that) But still :O Edit 2: the robot (Arima Kousei) (In a good way to me)

Mcflurry 043 : Arima Kosei 2nd

Maggie Parente : Your really good keep going you have a bright future ahead of you 😭

Alan Runner : im so jealous

Richard Christopher : Kousei it's that you? :v

QRS3C273 : OK I will hide now under my bed and cry

ed : This kid is a beast. I just learned how to ride my three-whelled bike at this age. Leave me alone.

skyfrost2030 : Wtf

Pani Harnoldzik : THAT'S INSANE 😍😱😱

Hamor : WOW Arima Kousei V2? 0_0

Anon Anonun : not bad, but need practice

Lezan Khayatt : What the hell is going on here😂😂😂😂

Aida Tananyan : Wow!!!! Fantastic!!!!! I want to play as you 😍😍😍😍😍

[GD] DBBYT FAN : I AM ONLY 10 AND I CAN PLAY THIS! I should be ashamed

Clave de Luz : Asians...

Yunah Kwon : He’s rushing, his right hand and left hand aren’t aligned. Nevertheless, that kid has a pianist’s hand, I couldn’t reach octaves until like 10 lol and I was barely playing fur Elise by 7. Not arima kousei, though.

Someone you don't know xd : Why tf is his hand bigger than mine? Im 12...

Dreu Austin : 5 disgruntled 7 year olds disliked this video because they haven't accomplished more with their life.

manuel rosales : exellent. boy

JTK MODOK : Impresionante

Addison Papers : WOAHHH OMG

Neo Me :

Eliot Anderson : Pfft! I had mastered potty training at that age.

robson andrades : Amazing!!!!!

Adinda Amalia : Amazing 👏👏

Grim Reaper : This kid kid going somewhere

Ryan Alharby : That’s insane 😨🖤

Démineur Inc : Bravo petit gars

Lika Gumbaridze : ❤️❤️❤️

M B : Assurdo!

音乐钢琴 : Great job

yw.vaniza Lam : Omg!!! How amazing he is

Sea Tel : I like This song

Gianna Giavelli : and in 3 more years he will actually be able to play it ...

Alessandro Pelizzoli : Quanti errori!

Coolumns : Tons of mistakes! But impressive for a seven year old.

Rudel Andrade : wtffff

Darken LeanLeanBackDC : No offense but like if it’s always Chinese or Asian or jape nées people playing at young age or any age it’s always them there so smart congrats.