Doberman DAD meets his 7 puppies for the first time!

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Richard Jones : Dad is very proud!

Jacqie Miles : Daddy saying let me smell your little but, hold still....yeah you my

Mike Wasko : Dobermans are almost human like! We take in dobys that are labeled to aggressive to adopt ,I can't save everyone by myself though, so many are put to sleep .we recently got Bella, abused and beaten and little human contact. They said she was to far gone !how wrong they were ! She has become my best friend and better half ! All Dobermans have there own silly and serious side but they all have one thing in common and that's they just want to be part of the family and are dedicated to you for life! ..please contact Doberman rescue if you are looking for not only a pet but a partner!

Pets Crafts and Wonderful Things : Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my doberman family :) And for those who are questioning their tails... I must say I'd rather keep them long. If I were to keep them, I'd leave them natural. But that's what all the buyers want. At least I saved their ears and dewclaws. Even that alone made them harder to sell. Puppy buyers are vain; it's sad :/ Docked tails look kind of silly to be honest. Oh well...

RealBeautiful Beauty : How adorable..

Tide Pods : He's surprised because he thought he used a condom😂


Josh Lanier : Wow mom let him come close? What is this

Diemme : Gorgeous Dobie family.

Stewart Cleesen : DobermanS are the BEST DOGS IMO

Raymond Guerin : he checks all the gingers first

Skyz Playz : This is so heartwarming to see this just brightend my day :)

jaderaptor : The music needs to be even louder and more ear piercing.

jusme671 : Nice video, nice background music, suiting...

Hydra Inarms : What's the going rate for those now a days. When I had picked up Mathias. He was going for 2gees.. But that was 17 years ago.

Alokik Singh : Never ever cut tail and ears of Doberman dogs it's a very very cruel thing to do . 🐕

WIZI WiZi : Awww the babies r their parents colour

Elena Gonzalez : These Doberman and their puppies remind me of my pet Dobermans

Archie The Husky : congrats daddy!! you have a cute little playful should be glad looking at your pups with your wife😊😊

Robert Strong : You can tell that old boy he is actually proud that's the way Dobermans are he's happy you can see it

BLACK PANTHER 1 : I'm going to get a puppy for my wife for her birthday she's been bugging for a doberman

Jason Hineline : You can see the extreme stress in his doggy eyes. "How the hell am I gonna pay for college"

Carl Roberts : Top dad mr doberman

Cuck Master : *When you get custody of the kids...*

Sagar Joseph : Family of lovely dogs😂🎊

je je : So happy DAD DOG

HariKrishnan VK : good song

mahammed sanuor : They are so cute!!!!!

Katie Manuel : Do you live on a farm

phillip james : That was so cool!😄

murshida refai : Nice family


Willie Carter : Tons of fun.....

Nupur Dasgupta : Lovely

yolanda mckenzie : Aww how sweet

davidson2004fatboy : AWESOME STORY

Pamela Davis : Proud Papa,lol

Abhi Telefilms : Lovely daberman

aaubrey Wallace : The only dog that looks dangerous while docile 😎 those 😁 teeth

Danny Elrod : Just a big ol happy family

Robert Strong : God love him he is a good boy and them precious little butterball's I could love them all up too many people not enough Dobermans😆

jayson biggs : I used to have a Dobie as a kid. Great dogs. Do all male dogs know that they are his puppies?

Ramiro Aguilar : I miss my Doberman. Nina

Joanna Bonilla : Awwww I love you all Doberman 🐾🐾🐾🐾💞💞💞💞💞

Ajayagosh Kollara : 😇🐺🐺

Mr C : Awwww sweet...who are those ppl who disliked this video.

Brian Bassett : Looked like papa was smiling there.

Alexandra : i love doberman and malinoa

Usman Mughal : Baby nice

madhu patil : they r so cute