Cool Guy has Chill Day

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Flashlight : This is why I wish it was still 2009

pink alexx : This is the kind of video you'd find on a VHS tape on the floor of an abandoned hospital.

Jordan Foshee : The woman who pointed back is cool af

Ahmed Srass : Back when youtube was for fun and not money

BoogProductions : You know those videos that make you unexplainably happy?

RumRunner Airsoft : Who else is here because RT said something about it?

Samuel Woody : The Physical Return of Christ

Dinesh Shinde : This reminds me of Cool Peter Parker Scene from Spiderman 3

Wesker JHG : This is why I miss the good old youtube days

mrcreepercraft48 : The water is aggressive.

imachicken : I have been diagnosed with meme.

mindofmarisa : The drama behind the cup dropping lol

MysticOceanDollies : The dude who was cool guy now has a 3D printing channel

Deccadeo Youtube : Am I the only one who thinks Cool Guy looks hecking terrifying?

Beth : happy birthday cool guy :3

bruh : when people ask me what gender i identify as i show them this video

Skepticalbones : it's cooga

Cinereo : I can't believe comedy was perfected 2009 and all we have now is succ™

JackHP : God is that you?

johnjacop : Lmao Love the subtle racism with the watermelon and grape soda

slimthugmoney : Here to commemorate the nine year anniversary of this masterpiece.

Inna Attic Crookz Beats : My friend's cousin's uncle's brother's baby mom's nephew's grandma's dog makes $100 an hour working home online#humanshatehim

Jude Xavier : Top ten overpowered anime characters

kind of a goku-get em attitude : my entire childhood was built on the foundation of this video and now, 6 years later, i've realized that it's vaguely racist and i think i'm going to have a stroke

Not Me ok? : Some memes never die

Thekattin : COOOOOL GUUUYYYYYY. I can't believe I still watch this.

Lauren Toth : Can I join this religion

J0ttem : I think Cool Guy is a pretty cool guy, eh has chill day and doesnt afraid of anything.

Pewdiepie Shopping : Those kids are probably teenagers by now

Izabela Traczyk : GUYS, today is the 10th anniversary of this masterpiece

lol gay, bye : wow 2009 was wild

- Forest - : I'm so happy this exists.

Lesbian Axolotl : body goals

alexis 009 : happy 9 year anniversary

Metaleuge : I FOUND IT! My favorite internet video from my teenage years !!! Damn right

attattx : as I watch this playlist comments about it being a playlist begin to become rare.

Joanie Tristine : What a classic. All hail the meme that started it all.

ZiRR : WraxuGlare

PumpkinLicorice : It's been nearly 9 years, and I still wake up some days with this song stuck in my head.

Tyler Rogers : This video is now a decade old

Sewer Boy : I hate all the recent facebook videos of people doing mannequin head without paying any respect to the one true cool guy

Bel-Shamharoth : One day I hope to have a day this chill.

Trinity Barson : l e g e n d a r y


PrincessJirachi : whenever civilization collapses in thousands of years and rebuilds itself I want this video to be the only history of prior life

Trevor Luebbert : what happened to this golden era of the internet

Dr. Duck : It’s been 10 years and I still watch this

DavAnime : Cool Guy For Smash

Shadow Sabbath : This video is a national treasure