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Andy .T : shouldn't this be the reaction every time you resolve something against a control player lol 


Johnson Wong : C'mon, what really set this moment up was the commentary; Mike Flores going through every play to not lose the game, while Randy Buehler calling the winning, all-or-nothing (and correct) play.

The Corner Case Man : Believe in the heart of the cards!

Farzin : Does anyone else notice how much he looks like Dwight Shroot?

Mac Workman : Randy buehler forever knowing the play


deathpresent101 : He can't even triple red zone here

Andrew Turner : Play to your outs! Craig realized his only chance of winning was drawing a burn spell that turn. If he had used his Char to kill a creature, the Lightning Helix wouldn't have won the game!

Eli Allison : Good for Dwight Schrute

Samuel T.O. Branch : I love how even the judge went nuts.

Derek aka Derek : can someone edit this to have the guy on the left cast some crazy spell when he stands up.

Byron Stump : *Takes a seat "Craig Jones is jumping up and down!!!"  *Still sitting

shocknova16 : Praise Helix

Ian Weber : Way status: Unlost.

lanman saksajskjd : i dont get it. did he draw exodia or seomthing 

Heitor Rodrigues : Just watched it again. Yep. Still awesome.

claypqa : No guts, no glory.

BEairsoftTV : Damn, nostalgia .. I remember seeing this LIVE ! Great memories!

Crimson Vulpes : If chess can be considered a sport, then why can't Magic? It requires just as much training, forethought, and practice as any other sport.

Sheriff K : I was losing a match of Duel Deck: Speed vs Cunning HORRIBLY, and topdecked a Lightning Helix killing enemy Zurgo, and many turns later, secured the win... Intense stuff.

Tulio : Makihito Mihara over Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa in 2006 Magic Worlds was even better...  Playing a Dragonstorm Deck vs. Boros Deck Wins, tied 2-2, down to 12 life points and potentially facing death next turn, Makihito started his Storm counting, to set the winner Dragonstorm, but when he realizes that he misscounted the mana for the win, after thinking a lot, Makihito 'Repeal's the Savannah Lions and draw a Rite of Flame that set the combo for the win.

palisage : Dwight wins!

Derpiocy : What happened? he drew Exodia?

nick bio : the heart of the cards guides him

Black Red10 : so what happened in this fight?

GoreBag Le Mort : Well he was dressed like a magician.

Noah Bunis : I always top deck the thing I need after I lose a game. Happened with avacyn

cardflopper : beets, bears, lightning helix


Xenaisthebusiness : Char youkin

littlenooby : i nutted

Matteo Mazzola : I'll char you

#TeddyBH20 #steadyteddy #teddy2gloves #5Hunnit : This video was posted 10 years ago lol

James Jacobs : "If had of attacked with all creatures, this play would've been impossible." Uh, no. As long as he held onto that char, chump blocked 1 damage, went to 1. Draws helix, casts helix first then char. The only thing that would've made Craig lose in this position would've been if he wasted his char. But considering that was essentially his *ONLY* possible path to victory, that was not going to happen.

The Memorgia : why is getting lucky and drawing a burn spell so impressive 

MithosFall : A bit of an overreaction by the commentators, but still, that was amazing.

정종혁 : Char deals 4damage to player or creature and two damge to self which he choose to deal to player Lightning hellix 3 damage to player or creature witch makes 7damage

Kim : Do the rules allow you to just reveal your hand in the game?

ultrapaladin : Old school Zoo!

player for life : who is the speaker?

Josue Olguin : Do you have some more of those..... pixels? *nervous scratching*

Kyle Bashkir : Rare footage of Dwight Schrute top decking in Magic.....

Pineapplemoonshine : This was recommended to me in 2017

Crossing Pacific : This is what happens when you have an awesome commentator and an anchor.

XanderXereus : Had a moment like this a couple of weeks ago top decking a Pyrotechnics with my opponent at 4 life after my only line of play was to race my opponent. Instantly thought of this.

Spiderhaz : Just saying these announcers are great.

mr hansen : Where is this black lotus i hear about

Ned Zukoski : I love how the announcer goes nuts.

18Davies18 : When Craig Jones plays in your playgroup 😄