Big Bill Hell's

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Someone made this commercial in Maryland back in the 80's. Before YouTube, we actually copied stupid videos like this onto VHS tapes and traded them around. We were idiots.

Comments from Youtube

FlyingOverTr0ut : I would legitimately shop with companies that made commercials directly threatening me.

ivailo stoychev : This video is the purest definition of reverse psychology

Icee2222 : I went to big bill hell's the other week, and I'm very dissapointed with the service. I'm still waiting on them to have intercourse with my wife.

Sigmund Freud : If 4chan ran a car dealership, this would be their advertisement.

Hm : These ads need to be more common.

Post-Modern Czechoslovakian War Factory : *" Before YouTube, we actually copied stupid videos like this onto VHS tapes and traded them around."* That's like...dank meming before the internet came around! XD

SnoggyTheBear : This VHS tape must've been so valuable.

Canadaball : if this was the only ad on YT i'd turn off adblocker

0 : Baltimore riots must've happened because they failed challenge pissing.

Mason Methot : I mean, they sound like honest salesman.

FusDy : *H O M E O F C H A L L E N G E P I S S I N G*

JacktheBoss15 : Even if this is fake, this is still comedy gold

Mibo65 : "And I'd better not bounce or you're a dead motherf***er!"

Trizlet : Now this is a marketing strategy that I can get behind

Justin Y. : Adult swim needs to air these types of ads more often

doge7777777777 YT : The perfect commercial doesn't exi-

Just Another Guy With A Moustache : 0/10 I won challenge pissing but still had to pay down payment

Varun Venk : Home of C H A L L E N G E. P I S S I N G

Maucking J : Now THIS is how you make a good car commercial.

Intrafacial86 : I don’t think I could ever work at a restaurant because after saying “Hi! Welcome to Chili’s.” I’d be too tempted to follow with *_HOME OF CHALLENGE PISSING!!!_*

Y0urs Truly : Way better than the Political ads

Omega Super sayn god ultra instinct bob Ross : I wish that more companies would have the balls to screw them selfs like this to sell stuff

T. V. : ASMR is at its golden age

Charles Harwood : Replace the word Baltimore with "Los Santos" and "State of Maryland" with San Andreas" and you have a GTA5 radio commercial.

Horrid Lorries123 : Everything I ever wanted in a single minute.

The Pinnacle of Mental Retardation : it’s so compelling despite being obviously bad, I want to challenge piss

Caffene : One of the tightest minutes in comedy history

Uncledanni : All 853 dislikes are people from Baltimore

Audrey WhiteShadow : i typed "very american car seller add" to get this video. i think the sixth result was that

JKerman511 : After 12 years this is finally suggested.

Virginia Machinery : I can only piss 4 ft in the air and it all goes in my mouth after

BWI Aviation : Boy am I glad to be from Baltimore!

Big 'Ol Dingus : This is honestly just how people from Baltimore are

John Doe : This is, hands down, the best TV commercial in history that never was.

vanamburgben : Doctor: You've got one minute to [Re-Experience The 80's]. Me:

Madman Morton : God bless America.

Slugger Maxman : I'm here for my daily viewing.

Berk genc : finally i found somewhere i can show my challenge pissing skills.

Jimothy Ross : I miss the 80s when the FCC wasn't breathing down everyone's neck.

CREEPER 125 / TehVegasSpartan HD : 2 seconds in and I already find this going to be a good ad. Play this in the next Super Bowl.

Sharath M : Is this directed by Deadpool?

Mastermike8200 : If Eminem, Jacksepticeye, and Jimmy Fallon had a car company.

Space Monkey : this is why I studied marketing

John Bruh : The FCC would’ve had a field day with this

hardlybreathe93 : My father definitely bought a car from Bill

Chives5150 : When you realize that your life is empty and has no meaning because you've never experienced challenge pissing.

Dr Hospsa : I’ll rip your balls of GUARANTEED!!!

Dozenspeed : Also...don't think 80s is accurate...that Caprice didn't come out til 91

MitosDoNebulous : Oh, so this is why Trump was talking about making America great again?