Big Bill Hell's

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Justin Y. : Adult swim needs to air these types of ads more often

CheeseInc : seriously thinking of buying ad space on a vid and filling it with this

DUNT : The description is great.

Henry Black : Is it just me or does it sound like two different voices narrating the entire commercial?

Hm : These ads need to be more common.

Post-Modern Czechoslovakian War Factory : *" Before YouTube, we actually copied stupid videos like this onto VHS tapes and traded them around."* That's like...dank meming before the internet came around! XD

Icee2222 : I went to big bill hell's the other week, and I'm very dissapointed with the service. I'm still waiting on them to have intercourse with my wife.

FlyingOverTr0ut : I would legitimately shop with companies that made commercials directly threatening me.

Skull boi : Y O U C A N K I S S M Y A S S

SpongeCrumb Alert 2.0 : if filthy frank started a car company

SnoggyTheBear : This VHS tape must've been so valuable.

Nerd Tuber : If this was an add on YouTube I would not skip it

0 : Baltimore riots must've happened because they failed challenge pissing.

InfinitaSalo : Who else clicked on it because it said 11 years ago?

FusDy : *H O M E O F C H A L L E N G E P I S S I N G*

Tyler St. John : Oh no! My wife?!?! RUN BODY PILLOW RUN FOR YOUR LIFE

Aquila Superbia : sounds like a commercial on a radio station in gta

JacktheBoss15 : Even if this is fake, this is still comedy gold

Slugger Maxman : I'm here for my daily viewing.

Trizlet : Now this is a marketing strategy that I can get behind

Canadaball : if this was the only ad on YT i'd turn off adblocker

Maucking J : Now THIS is how you make a good car commercial.

Just Another Guy With A Moustache : 0/10 I won challenge pissing but still had to pay down payment

Bad Goy : This is how you sell a car.

Upper Midwestern Storm Vlogs/ Live Streams/ More : This should be on Nick Jr

1996 Toyota Camry LE 4-Speed Automatic 2.2L : I have a ritual where I watch this video on June 13 at 1:38 AM, I’m 0 years in

Varun Venk : Home of C H A L L E N G E. P I S S I N G

The Pinnacle of Mental Retardation : it’s so compelling despite being obviously bad, I want to challenge piss

Audrey WhiteShadow : i typed "very american car seller add" to get this video. i think the sixth result was that

doge7777777777 YT : The perfect commercial doesn't exi-

Virginia Machinery : I can only piss 4 ft in the air and it all goes in my mouth after

S U C C : I wish that more companies would have the balls to screw them selfs like this to sell stuff

BWI Aviation : Boy am I glad to be from Baltimore!

Big 'Ol Dingus : This is honestly just how people from Baltimore are

Wilkwolf : I miss the 80s when the FCC wasn't breathing down everyone's neck.

MMetelli : Bill must've pissed off his advertising agency during negotiations.

Madman Morton : God bless America.

Gewel ✔ : 480p in 2006??

Sigmund Freud : If 4chan ran a car dealership, this would be their advertisement.

Caffene : One of the tightest minutes in comedy history

Charles Harwood : Replace the word Baltimore with "Los Santos" and "State of Maryland" with San Andreas" and you have a GTA5 radio commercial.

H3AD HUNT3D : Way better than the Political ads

Mr.WeebFanboy01 : I laughed so hard my throat hurts and I AM CRYING!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😃😃😃

80s milk : Came from Markiplier.

Mibo65 : "And I'd better not bounce or you're a dead motherf***er!"

Chives5150 : When you realize that your life is empty and has no meaning because you've never experienced challenge pissing.

Horrid Lorries123 : Everything I ever wanted in a single minute.

JKerman511 : After 12 years this is finally suggested.


Space Monkey : this is why I studied marketing