Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Alexa Meets Alexios | Ubisoft [NA]

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Maniac Magge : All right ubisoft, you did good

Huang Yan Nguyễn : Where can I buy that guy ?

Marlind : "It's gentle and mild, LIKE AN ATHENIAN IN BATTLE" lmao...

zach williams : girl: "what the actual fu-" alexios: "HUSH THY FORKED TONGUE!!!" *smashes a thing!* XD

blake murray : Kid: "High Five!" Alexios: *gives kid a dagger* Take my money

Shawn Marino : Ubisoft did something good for once.

DrunkenLupus : Alright, *this* is a trailer.

Helios _ : The accent makes it a hundred times better.

태선우TaeSunWoo : He’s intimidating and comforting at the same time

Darryl Jack : Alexios, Order Hidden blades form Amazon using two day shipping of Hermes.

BuckyBoi : Yo Ubisoft you basically created a meme with that thumbnail

GGA Ω : Girl: Akexios, what's the wether? Alexios: It's gentle and mild, like an Athenian in battle hahaha! Me: HAHAHAHA! Everyone else: I don't get it... Me: (Opens up greek history books)

Hoovy 2.0 : This is so sad -Alexa- *_Alexios_* play Assassin's Creed Odyssey Main theme

I Kira Yoshikage want 1000 subscribers : As a greek man, I am proud.

Jennessa Sample : Is Alexios on eBay yet? I need to get me one of those.

Adolf Hitler : *_Alexios, fight in the shade and bring me the head of xerxes to avenge the death of Leonidas._*

FoxSin : 0:47 I’m dying 😂

NEKO CHII : I sure need Aλεξιος to help me with ancient Greek odyssey >υ<

lyricsbyglenn : _I'm liking the new Assassins Creed._

THE.LAST.JAGUAR : Me: Oh this is so sad Alexios play Despacito 2 Alexios:There is no time for sadness , playng spartan anthem

Sora Okamichi : The one rare time I didn't click skip ad. GG

Faris Zurub : *Roman Empire invades Sparta* This is so sad, Alexios play Despacaesar

Hollywood Hawkins : Alexios.. Do you love them hoes?

yeathisiskenny : European history is always good

Ternary Zahry : Me:"Alexios play despacito." Alexios: "There is no room for weak in Sparta."

Omega0035 : This is amazing. I'm glad gameranx sent me here xD

Evan S : If only CD Projekt Red had beaten them to the punch with a Ciri/Siri crossover.

FaZe YOUR MOM : Is this real because I would totally buy it lol.


Gage Edwards : About time companies started having fun with their commercials again

MisterMaster117 : So THIS is where that meme came from

ImAn Apple : Alexios play Greekspacito 2

Nic holas : Alexios is really just for mum.. if you know what I mean

Wologda : Coolest thing i ever seen.

Angel V : *is about to leave home* Me: Alexios, turn on security Alexios: *takes out sword and shield* You have my word...

HanniModjo : how many daggers does he have?

Curry sauce : I saw a meme get born in there

IvanGoldBit : I like Alexios more than Alexa btw more microphones always hearing us -__-

Fredric Utter : Oh god what have Ubisoft done with this franchise!?

Grampachampa #-# : This is so sad. Alexios counter the Persian invasion

xXimSxvageXx ⁿ : Kanenas apo 2J ?

lazerbeams2 : This ad was going well until they went into actual features

SZYMON Majchrowicz : This is so sad alexios please sell my assassin credd origins

amazingm 1 lol : I am greek. Το ονομα μου ειναι αλεξης τσιπρας

Andrew Sadek : This is one of the best advertisements I've seen for a video game in a long time

Volmaer Plays : 5 of these spartan themed amazon akexa's will be given away to random US citizens that posts the video on Facebook (Keep in mind that these are just skins for the alexa device), other than that u just need to *ask alexa to open the spartan skill*

Mr Queenie : Why is this not also for EU??

Aman Alchemist : I love the bed time story that alexious tell alex.. *GOOD* *JOB* *UBISOFT*

SZYMON Majchrowicz : 1:51 did i Spot a gamer girl

Paskids : this is probably the funniest ad i've watched in a minute good job Ubi <3