Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Alexa Meets Alexios | Ubisoft [NA]

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Maniac Magge : All right ubisoft, you did good

zach williams : girl: "what the actual fu-" alexios: "HUSH THY FORKED TONGUE!!!" *smashes a thing!* XD

blake murray : Kid: "High Five!" Alexios: *gives kid a dagger* Take my money

Marlind : "It's gentle and mild, LIKE AN ATHENIAN IN BATTLE" lmao...

Faris Zurub : *Roman Empire invades Sparta* This is so sad, Alexios play Despacaesar

Shawn Marino : Ubisoft did something good for once.

Helios _ : The accent makes it a hundred times better.

태선우TaeSunWoo : He’s intimidating and comforting at the same time

Hoovy 2.0 : This is so sad -Alexa- *_Alexios_* play Assassin's Creed Odyssey Main theme

GGA Ω : Girl: Akexios, what's the wether? Alexios: It's gentle and mild, like an Athenian in battle hahaha! Me: HAHAHAHA! Everyone else: I don't get it... Me: (Opens up greek history books)

Jennessa Sample : Is Alexios on eBay yet? I need to get me one of those.

NameLmao : Me: Alexios play despacit... Alexios: Malaka (Despacito plays)

Adolf Hitler : *_Alexios, fight in the shade and bring me the head of xerxes to avenge the death of Leonidas._*

NEKO CHII : I sure need Aλεξιος to help me with ancient Greek odyssey >υ<

Evan S : If only CD Projekt Red had beaten them to the punch with a Ciri/Siri crossover.

Gage Edwards : About time companies started having fun with their commercials again

Cahit Eren Can : The perfect bedtime story doesn't exi-

ImAn Apple : Alexios play Greekspacito 2

HanniModjo : how many daggers does he have?


Ternary Zahry : Me:"Alexios play despacito." Alexios: "There is no room for weak in Sparta."

MisterMaster117 : So THIS is where that meme came from

DarkSouul : *THIS* *IS* *ALEXIOOOOOOS* 😂🇬🇷

Bronze Player Shenanigans : Kassandra might be the canon protagonist, but this video makes me favour Alexios more

resq2 : lol, this seems more like a comedy short than a real commercial

THE.LAST.JAGUAR : Me: Oh this is so sad Alexios play Despacito 2 Alexios:There is no time for sadness , playng spartan anthem

SZYMON Majchrowicz : This is so sad alexios please sell my assassin credd origins

Omega0035 : This is amazing. I'm glad gameranx sent me here xD

DisguiseOfValentine : Some people believe that the mighty eagle bearer could stand on a table answering questions more preposterous than those of Sokrates without tire. A legend indeed, some might even say Godly...

Glitchy Glitch : I'll buy your whole stock and attack Troja.

Grampachampa #-# : This is so sad. Alexios counter the Persian invasion

James A. Meadow : The video is great, but what really got me was that the PARENTS were playing the game and not the kids. I mean, WTF? That never happens

Aman Alchemist : I love the bed time story that alexious tell alex.. *GOOD* *JOB* *UBISOFT*

Curry sauce : I saw a meme get born in there

lazerbeams2 : This ad was going well until they went into actual features

salty boy Romania : This is how marketing should be done.

Đức cfm : I love how he just stands everywhere in the house

Drivertilldeath : A dressed up goverment spy device is a spy device.

Raleigh Villanueva : First Skyrim, now this? This is the reason why the CEO of Amazon is the richest man in the world.

Phantom Eye Luis : They should make his voice deeper

Angel V : *is about to leave home* Me: Alexios, turn on security Alexios: *takes out sword and shield* You have my word...

xXimSxvageXx ⁿ : Kanenas apo 2J ?

[MD] Marcus : I prefer Slav-exa.

Dat Ashe : 10/10 would buy

Assassins Bleed AC Walkthroughs Cutscenes : "teach people what its like... draw blood or bleed" assassins creed odyssey -assassins bleed

justis 83 : 1:48 Okay... Assassin's creed odyssey only exists on ps4, xbox one and PC and she's using a ps3 controller... So... Illuminati confirmed?

Tombstone is the perk you need To survive : A W A K E A P O L L O S S T E E D S A P E A R O N T H E H O R I Z O N

Andrea Tayaba : Is this telling Ubisoft they got a promotion 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💜💜💜💜💜💜 I would promote them for the farcry games and the assassins creed games

Daniel N : This is so sad, Alexios play Zorba the Greek

vivo vivi : I love this