Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Alexa Meets Alexios | Ubisoft [NA]

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Maniac Magge : All right ubisoft, you did good

Cahit Eren Can : The perfect bedtime story doesn't exi-

Bronze Player Shenanigans : Kassandra might be the canon protagonist, but this video makes me favour Alexios more

CCronos : Assassin’s Creed Vikings would be the coolest game ever!

Alex Zhou : Google Assistant left the chat.

Shawn Marino : Ubisoft did something good for once.

Tanukikage : Not an A.C. fan but I really like this game. Dunno why it was so hated.

ben taka : i want a kassandra one you malaka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399370 : Some people believe that the mighty eagle bearer could stand on a table answering questions more preposterous than those of Sokrates without tire. A legend indeed, some might even say Godly...

justis 83 : 1:48 Okay... Assassin's creed odyssey only exists on ps4, xbox one and PC and she's using a ps3 controller... So... Illuminati confirmed?

Jennessa Sample : Is Alexios on eBay yet? I need to get me one of those.

Sheo Albornoz : -Alexios, what year is it? > 2019 AC ... Wait who tf is Christ

YB™ : Wished they had the actual voice actor

BountyHunterGirl • : Ok but am I the only one likes Alexios more than Kassandra? He fits the part more imo!

isaac Ramirez : 0:49 when you cuss on a Christian server

THE.LAST.JAGUAR : Me: Oh this is so sad Alexios play Despacito 2 Alexios:There is no time for sadness , playng spartan anthem

Shane Fagan : This is actually brilliant

Andy Wang : i want that cute kassandra girl

Unholy CoffeeGod : Why is this age restricted?

gabino hernandez : Love this guys now do it with ezio

Gage Edwards : About time companies started having fun with their commercials again

Eddy blogs Salinas : Ubisoft is amazing I’ve played every assassins creed game since the first

Nick Codianni : am i the only one who wants to have the Alexios voice in my amazon Alexa

Abner the Pig : Assassins Creed is the best. I've been a fan since day one ! Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

D.A Silver : MALAKA

The Lone Traveller : *Roman Empire invades Sparta* This is so sad, Alexios play Despacaesar

Crisium HD : I love the fact that in this video parents play Assassin's creed, when reality is that average Ac player age is 14 xD (They did it probably, because game is M rated)

Edward Crown : 1:50 so, she is playing with the cotroller off... amazing

Wyatt Johnston : Why does he sound Russian

Ruan 90 : Ok ubsoft, I think you have gone too far this time

blake murray : Kid: "High Five!" Alexios: *gives kid a dagger* Take my money

gabino hernandez : Do it with CONNER GIVE ME LEE

DERPY : Damn Ubisoft nailed it

Sarah Y. : Even better than the original voice actor

nothing 182 : Im 13 and I need that

Ternary Zahry : Me:"Alexios play despacito." Alexios: "There is no room for weak in Sparta."

Adam Durado : Am I the only one that knows that’s not his voice? 🤔one in a trillion here

blex : 1:24 1:30 ok i'm done

Matthias Mueller : "*shocked and silent Málaka?!*" But where is the voice of Kassandra?

Aleksandar be together not the same : greek origin from africa 😂

Grampachampa #-# : This is so sad. Alexios counter the Persian invasion

TVF The Vicious Fox -Foxy : _Several people are typing..._

Tony Liu : This alexios could have done a better job than the va in game, god the voice of the game made me quit. Along with other things

Blitz - : Fix siege

American football kid uk : I swear he's to young for assassin creed

Linus Reid : *HI FIVE* 😂😂

Anonymous Fallen Angel : I wanted a kassandra smart speaker

SOJA : Alexios wheres my mum in my chambers waiting for my coming this is sparta

TheSheepOfDeath : Ubi, you did great job!

J. Novak : I thougt this was one of those memes again. Lol