It's Finally Time for 8K

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Between 8K and Rollable OLED LG has some really cool stuff at CES 2019. LG SIGNATURE TV R (AKA Rollable OLED TV): LG OLED TV 8K, model Z9: LG NanoCell TV 8K, Model SM9900:   LG Sound Bar, model SL9Y: LG gram, 14’’: LG gram, 17”: LG Projector HU85L: XBOOM – portable speakers PK 3: PK 5: PK 7: LG AI first-home UX of LG TV webOS 4.5 Platform : Check out our new channel! Subscribe! Instagram: Twitter:

Comments from Youtube

George Alazar : 2019: 8k 2030: real life

Kai Ruffin : who here has a 4k tv but has nothing that supports 4k

The jg guy : Um only me that still has 1080 tv?

Sudesh Mahapatra : If 8k tv has come to market, Then 4k tv will be cheaper, If 4k tv will be cheaper , Then 1080p tv will be more cheaper, If 1080p tv will be cheaper.......... Then 720p tv......................... If 720p tv............ Then 480p tv......... If 480p tv......... Then 360p tv ............. If 360p tv........... Then 144p tv will be cheapest... If 144p tv will be cheapest..... SO I CAN FINALLY HAVE CATHODE RAY TV FOR FREE!!😆😆😆

Angel Gonzalez : 8K coming out? Now I can finally upgrade to 4k

JPL Toy Experience : When Linus jumped into the scene I was afraid they'd crash straight onto the TVs

Louis Luckett : 8K tvs are great and all but I think we should focus on getting more shows/movies in at least 4k first

ItzMikePlayz : Wow and Im over here watching this vid at 480p

48Hz : We don't even have full quality 1080P yet. We are not even ready for 4k yet.

Austin Evans : And that's how 8K works

Lexi A : It's not when you only have £5 in your bank *Cries in broke*

Games Online : Him: its finally time for 8k tv Me: its finally time for 4k tv

Wavvy : I hate the part when he says "Hey guys this is Austin."

Crazy dopeo : Imagine watching 8k Porn on this.. aw

GamingWithKen : And that’s how mafia works

Jaydon Carmody : I thought the TVs at Costco looked cool

French Fry : Watching this on my Nokia 3310.

gabriel rivera : It’s only “666MB...that’s insane” Did anyone catch that towards then end ... Invite only to what 🤔

TheSilentOne : A few years from now... 69K TV

Wooden Spoon : Unfortunately 8K stands for the resolution *and* the price

EGaMe RZ : Watchig this in 144p... Cuz my internet are slow, 😭

Jeffrey Johnson : Lol mainstream 480P year 2000 Mainstream 1080P 2010 Mainstream 4K 2020 Mainstream 8K 2030 Mainstream equals Gaming Movies TV Shows And Broadcast TV channels ALL HAVE THIS RESOLUTION

Ryan Mcdonald : I mean 4K so mind blowing them o see an 8k and I don’t notice any difference........

Brandon Smith : Oh yeah yeah

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : Buys 8k TV Films are barely 4k *Thats how mafia works*

8D music : *This tv sucks, it's only 144 p!*

Saberwing : Why have 8K? WheN yOu cAN loOk OuTside

Cameron Briggs : Sub tome YEET

VgS MU_rixZ : oh yeah oh yeah

Pewdiepie is God : 8k tv lol I don’t even have a tv rip

dublife 99 : It's time for 8k???? 4k is out years and there's still no 4k receivers hahaha

Brittish Muselk : OH YEAH YEAH

Dark Legend : What's the use of 8K when you cannot differentiate between 4K and 8K

IMA SAVAGE : Wtf I don’t think the TV’s have ports, cause they’re all so slim.. rip; now I can’t play my PS1

Santiago Andres Vizcarra Ama : I’ll stick to my 144p moniter thank you very much

serendipityuk : “Finally time for 8K”. Even though there’s hardly any 4K content! Yehhh

Energy Flows : yay!!! lets get a 60 inches 8k display so we can sit 50cm from TV to percieve the extra resolution! sounds like a smart choice!

blackhawk2429 : Wow! 8K big screen. What is next LG?

MaverickMedia100 : Can the rollable tv be mounted on a ceiling

I hate Guardians of the galaxy and marvel : That Linus entry is like Thors in Wakanda

Frag Blackout : I might get that in 2070

F.B.I : Oh yeah yeah

tom welling : small the better nice laptops nice small TV too big

HitzCritz : 2:42 I legit thought some guy attacked you, but nah, just Linus.

Lucky : Lvl 1 crook: 720p Lvl 15 hitman: 1080p Lvl 35 boss: 4k Lvl 100 mafia boss: 8k

Anup Shrestha : I don't watch TV but display are disaster on phones of lg I ve pixel 2 xl 😡😡

Escanor : While I'm over here watching in 480p

baysikecho : It’s going to be $30,000 :) I work with a place that will sell them

TTV_Miigal : I dont want to sale my other lugn