It's Finally Time for 8K

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GamingWithKen : And that’s how mafia works

Voltage * : 8k tv lol I don’t even have a tv rip

Angel Gonzalez : 8K coming out? Now I can finally upgrade to 4k

Lucky Boi : Lvl 1 crook: 720p Lvl 15 hitman: 1080p Lvl 35 boss: 4k Lvl 100 mafia boss: 8k

Sammy62613 : 2:42 .... A Wild Linus appears.... IT used TACKLE.. It Was Super Effective

Austin Evans : And that's how 8K works

CrabbierBull 391 : me: 720p tv lg: 8k me: lg: me: lg: wanna buy?

Ozzy Safa : I turn my volume all the way up at the beginning of your videos just to hear "HEY GUYS THIS IS AUSTIN" in full fidelity :)

Geoff George : 2019: wow, 4k is so clean and sharp 2040:ugh, 4k is so pixley. The world, man😒

Ali107 : Me watching an 8k TV on a 1080p monitor and in Youtube 4k resolution: *It is truly glorious...*

Simon Vriesema : Wow 8k!!! I still got a 1080p TV...

GetOutNubs : *shows 8k in a 1080p video*

IMA SAVAGE : Wtf I don’t think the TV’s have ports, cause they’re all so slim.. rip; now I can’t play my PS1

jello klotz : 8k is a scam. The human eye can't distinguish pixels at a reasonable distance at 4k resolution.

Restia Ashdoll : I stopped time to watch this

Awkward_Cat321 : 4:53 The Nintendo Speaker

Ggaming Gavin : Thank you linus for your interjection.

Anay Patel : There’s only 666 megabytes t h a t’ s i n s a n e

Gran Daddie : 2:42 at least linus didnt drop austin

xVenom _ : Our eyes can only see in about 5.7k so you would be only seeing 5.7k not 8k.... just sayin

MM Aviation : Jeez my tv is 720p still

Malik Walters : Marvel: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover Me: *Linus cameo on a Austin Evans vid*

Ahmed Issack : OMG that’s expensive!! I wonder if Xbox two is 8k HDR resolution!!

IndiCoder : I still have a CRT TV only. 😏 Anyways I don't watch TV anymore.

AntonioKowatsch : 88 inch.... hmm.... Must be the Hitler-signature model or something. p.s. JK, I am fully aware that the number 8 is considered a lucky number in most Asian countries (numerical superstition). That's probably why they went with the 88.

Keisuke Mito : While I'm over here watching in 480p

MoneyMaker : Those TV are not for gaming and can get burn

Kilur Mods : Me watching 8k tv on 720p:(

The jg guy : Um only me that still has 1080 tv?

MrZombie : Almost dropped by Linus :D

Jaydon Carmody : I thought the TVs at Costco looked cool

lv Prevail vl : Lg: new 8k tv Soulja boy: 8kayyyyyyyyy

Wooden Spoon : Unfortunately 8K stands for the resolution *and* the price

Stealth Pro : 8K? Can we even process this?

ItzMikePlayz : Wow and Im over here watching this vid at 480p

Mr Frazzles : guys Hey austin this is

VgS MU_rixZ : oh yeah oh yeah

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : Buys 8k TV Films are barely 4k *Thats how mafia works*

CreateTech : Literally just bought a 4k tv... Bad timing?

100 Subscribers Without Videos! : Sub tome YEET

Brittish Muselk : OH YEAH YEAH

Phoenixster YT : So that means 4k is now common?

the.passenger : Only for $1300 I thought it’s gonna be like for $5k

PsychoTheGamer : I think samsungs implementation for 8k is better because it can upscale lower resolution content to 8k with the help of AI❤😍

Dv? Crack20072004 : So I can watch por in 8K xD 😝

Infinity Master : That 8K TV picture quality didn't look all that great on my 144p monitor.....

Santiago Andres Vizcarra Ama : I’ll stick to my 144p moniter thank you very much

Jose Mozo : MKBHD uploads in 8K, so you can watch marques doing tech reviews in those 8K TV'S

AnonymousNoName : I don’t even have a 1080p tv...

YoungWavy : Can you ask a smart home device to take out the tv?